Does NoFap make you Happier?

Does NoFap make you happier? I can’t give you a straightforward answer to this frequently asked question. Why? Firstly, the NoFap journey isn’t a straightforward one. Secondly, happiness—just like any other emotion—is transient. It’s impossible for you to be happy all the time. Life’s filled with both negative and positive experiences. And if you think … Read more

10 Famous people on NoFap and semen retention that will inspire you

Although, it was a Pittsburgh web developer; Alexander Rhodes (and his friends) that pioneered the new-age NoFap online movement, make no mistake, the concept of harnessing sexual energy for a purpose has been part of ancient practices throughout our history. As you’ll soon learn, famous people across our history have tried a form of NoFap … Read more

The best NoFap Porn Blockers and accountability software for NoFap success

Doing the NoFap reboot without installing NoFap porn blockers or filters (on all your devices) is like driving a car with blindfolds on. You either get lucky—get to your destination, or, end up in a ditch somewhere. You shouldn’t leave your NoFap success to chance—because the mere ease of accessibility to porn can sabotage you … Read more

NoFap and Law of Attraction: How to use NoFap to 10x your manifestation powers

The law of attraction is a real law of nature. And whether you believe in its validity or not, it’s working in your life anyway. If you look at your life, everything in it—the people, the job, the career, the things you like, the things you don’t like, the device you’re reading this post on … Read more

NoFap Intermittent Fasting: 8 reasons why you should fast on NoFap

NoFap intermittent fasting is a very interesting topic that needs to be understood. When I learned about the health benefits of Intermittent Fasting (IF), I wondered what would happen if I combined it with my NoFap practice. As I searched online for anybody that would help me piece the Intermittent Fasting and NoFap puzzles together, … Read more

NoFap with Girlfriend or partner: you need to read this if you’re in a relationship on NoFap.

You might have believed that if you’re doing NoFap while you’re in a relationship, nothing can go wrong. After all, you can have sex whenever you want—and that would make your NoFap reboot easier. Contrary to this belief, doing NoFap with a girlfriend, or while in a sexual relationship, or as a married man is … Read more

NoFap Urges: 5 ways to deal with urges in a NoFap emergency

If you’ve ever been down the NoFap alley, then you aren’t a stranger to NoFap urges. A NoFap urge is simply the compulsion to watch porn after you’ve started NoFap for a while. Urges are a signal that indicates a compulsive addiction. An urge to drink is how the alcoholic finally admits that he’s an … Read more

NoFap hair loss: The only way you can use NoFap to cure your hair loss

NoFap hair loss is one of the most controversial topics you can come across in the NoFap community. This controversy is down to the fact that some people claim that NoFap helped them reverse—and re-generate—a receding hairline. And, of course, there are pictures of these people making these claims as physical evidence. And if you … Read more