NoFap help, tools, and resources for NoFap beginners and NoFap Veterans

As a beginner on NoFap, there’s a need for NoFap help—so your reboot is successful.

Because at the end of the day, the only thing standing in your way to self-mastery is the NoFap relapse.

NoFap can be difficult to do for beginners.

So, make no mistake, you need NoFap help, tools, and NoFap resources to have a successful reboot.

And if there’s a place you can go for NoFap help—to find all the NoFap tools and resources you’ll ever need, this is the page to be.

I believe that this page can help you avoid a lot of NoFap relapses.

I give you all the tools and NoFap help I wish I had when I first started doing NoFap all those years ago.

Nofap help

NoFap help, tools, and resources for NoFap beginners and veterans: the ultimate checklists and tools to avoid relapsing

As you’ll soon find out with time on NoFap, NoFap is much more than what you can just dive into and get on with.

It requires knowledge of some of the things that can cause a NoFap relapse. It requires planning.

And most importantly, as a NoFap beginner, you need to build a strong NoFap foundation.

The Best NoFap help articles

  1. Why do you want to do NoFap?

This is the first question you should ask yourself.

I can’t over-emphasize the importance of figuring this out first.

You need to know what your BIG why is—to know what you want to use NoFap to cure, or what you want to gain from NoFap.

Figuring this out from the start gives you the knowledge of how important NoFap will be to you.

And it’s how important NoFap is to you that determines how long you’ll stay on NoFap.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the benefits of completing the NoFap challenge.

  1. What mode of NoFap will you do?

There are three modes of NoFap.

The easy mode (P-mode)—when you only abstain from porn.

The normal mode (PM-mode)—abstaining from both porn and masturbation.

And there’s the hard mode (PMO-mode)—when you don’t watch porn, masturbate, and don’t orgasm for some time.

The most advanced mode that people also do is the monk mode—which includes other dopamine rewiring activities aside from NoFap.

The mode you’ll choose will HUGELY depend on what you want to achieve with NoFap.

Hence, the need to answer the first question of why you want to do NoFap in the first place.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best mode for your NoFap based on your NoFap goals.

  1. The best mindset to approach the NoFap challenge

NoFap has had a bad rep over the years because of the hype surrounding it.

The most popular hype around NoFap is that it turns you into superman.

So, a lot of NoFap beginners relapse on NoFap because of a crisis of this superman expectation.

They expect NoFap to singlehandedly solve all the problems in their lives.

What I want you to accept right at the start of your NoFap is that NoFap won’t single-handedly turn you into superman.

Sure, NoFap has some direct benefits on your health, but the rest of the (superhuman) benefits are what you have to work for.

What NoFap does so well is it gives you the platform—the energy, the motivation, the focus, and the time to master your habits to transform your life.

So, approaching NoFap with this mindset helps to reap the FULL benefits of NoFap—faster.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that speaks extensively on how to manage your expectations, and your mindset as each day passes on NoFap.

And this is a post on why you need to take up these NoFap keystone habits for a more than successful NoFap reboot.

  1. How to prepare for NoFap urges

NoFap isn’t all smooth-sailing. That’s why I wrote this NoFap help guide.

Your brain will test you. And you’ll get urges to watch porn.

Porn urges are the principal reason why most NoFap beginners relapse.

But as real as these NoFap urges might feel, know that they’re nothing but false messages from your brain.

And their lifespan is usually short.

So when these urges arise, you should know exactly what to do so that it doesn’t lead to a NoFap relapse.

Here’s a comprehensive NoFap Urges guide to help you with that.

  1. How to prepare for the NoFap Flatline

Another difficulty that you’ll encounter on your NoFap journey is the NoFap flatline.

The flatline is when your libido goes to zero after some time on your NoFap.

Some people owe their NoFap relapse to the flatline. So, you should prepare for it.

Here’s a comprehensive post on NoFap Flatline: where you’ll learn when flatline happens, what to do to beat it, and when to expect it to be gone.

  1. How to handle a NoFap Relapse

After it’s all said and done, when you encounter your first relapse on NoFap, what you do next is very important.

How you move on and how you mitigate the side-effects of the relapse are some of the things you’ll learn in this NoFap relapse guide.

  1. Learn about the chaser effect

The chaser effect is the reason why people stop doing NoFap.

After a relapse, the chaser effect is a binge that people go on—which makes getting back on the NoFap wagon very difficult.

To learn about the NoFap chaser effect, and how to avoid it, read this NoFap chaser effect guide.

  1. Best books to read on NoFap

Reading hits different when you’re on NoFap.

Some books will help make your NoFap journey easier while some of the books will help you become a better version of yourself.

Here’s a list of the best NoFap books to read when you’re on NoFap.

  1. The timeline of NoFap recovery

The aim of doing a NoFap reboot is to rewire the brain and heal the body.

When these goals are achieved, you can say that you’ve completed the NoFap reboot.

How long will this take?

Well, it depends on factors like your level of addiction, the mode of NoFap you’re doing, and so on.

Here’s a map on the timeline of NoFap recovery—so you’ll know what to expect.

Best NoFap help tools, websites, and resources for a successful reboot

  1. AWWP: How to prevent a NoFap Relapse

This is the only NoFap course on the internet worth getting.

If you need NoFap help, this is the NoFap course for you.

In this course, you’ll get;

  • The #1 Amazon bestseller NoFap manual that’s helped thousands of Fapstronaut complete their NoFap challenge,
  • Simple neurological techniques that’ll instantly help you get out of a HUGE craving for porn,
  • Willpower techniques that will transform your NoFap experience into a joyful one.
  • Willpower techniques that help you go about your day as world leaders and achievers do.
  • All the tools you’ll need for your reboot; porn blockers for ALL devices (both mobile and desktop devices), habit planner, habit tracker, NoFap journal, accountability partner, the best NoFap diet plan on earth, a reading companion, a powerful premium neurological-based porn-rewiring MP3, 10 other powerful premium neurological-based brain training MP3s, and MUCH MORE all for FREE.

You can access the NoFap course by clicking here!!

  1. NoFap Porn blockers

If you’re looking for other porn blockers that you’ll pay for, this is my review of the NoFap porn blockers in the market.

  1. Other NoFap websites

Apart from my website, here are other websites that you’ll find helpful during your reboot;

Finally on NoFap Help

To become a NoFap veteran, you need to not give up.

Your brain and your body will test you, but you need to keep the faith and keep doing NoFap.

When you relapse, don’t beat yourself up and just get back on the NoFap wagon.

Only those that persevere succeed at NoFap.

Please share this NoFap help page with others and you’d have helped somebody somewhere.

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