NoFap Supplements: 3 best ways to enhance your NoFap experience

Doing NoFap is much more than what meets the eye.

NoFap is filled with a rollercoaster of positive and negative emotions, highs and lows of energy, bad and good days mixed in-between.

This is where NoFap supplements come in.

Supplements help you to downplay the bad days and accentuate the good days.

NoFap supplements

The NoFap journey is a much more different and better experience when you use supplements.

Benefits of using NoFap supplements

  1. NoFap supplements speed up your recovery,
  2. NoFap supplements add to your NoFap benefits, and
  3. NoFap supplements get you out of NoFap withdrawal funks faster than if you aren’t supplementing your diets and nutrients at all.


I could sit here all day and wax lyrical about using supplements when you’re on NoFap.

But, it isn’t everybody that will need to use supplements when they’re on NoFap.

And even if you end up needing to use supplements, you need to know the type of supplement you’ll need to use.

And this is entirely based on your needs when you’re on NoFap—which will be unique to you.

Factors that determine the type of supplements you’ll need for NoFap

To decide what supplements you should take on NoFap, or if you should take supplements at all, you need to consider the following:

  1. The nutrients your body lacks

NoFap nutrients

These are nutrients that your body lacks, even outside the context of NoFap.

Most people are deficient in one or two vital nutrients. This may be due to your geo-location or the type of food you consume.

Nutrient deficiency can even be due to the color of your skin—as you’ll see later.

For instance, do you know that a substantial percentage of people living in temperate regions are vitamin D deficient?

And much worse are people of color living in these temperate regions that have a hard time absorbing the vitamin D from the sun—due to the melanin on their skin.

These are popular vital nutrients that people are usually deficient in:

  • Vitamin D,
  • Vitamin B6,
  • Magnesium,
  • Iron, and so on.

Not getting enough of these nutrients can significantly affect your NoFap.

And the best way to get these nutrients is to supplement them.

  1. The intensity of withdrawal symptoms you’re getting on NoFap

When NoFap withdrawals hit, they can be pretty aggressive and nasty.

But because of anatomical differences, the intensity and duration of these NoFap withdrawals differ from one person to another.

Now, suppose you’re the type of person that has mad intense and more prolonged NoFap withdrawals. In that case, you might use NoFap supplements to ease the effects of these NoFap withdrawals.

For instance, the NoFap flatline is a very damning and crippling NoFap withdrawal that attempts to grind your life to a halt. If you let it.

The flatline is a period on your NoFap that you get zero libidos, fatigued, and every atom of your body is just a standstill.

Suppose you’re getting a very intense (and longer) flatline. In that case, you can always ease it with testosterone-boosting supplements or libido-boosting supplements.

  1. The goals you have for your NoFap

After considering the nutrient deficiency you might have, the type of withdrawals you’re getting, the next factor to consider is what goals you have for your NoFap.

Doing NoFap without setting clear goals of what you want out of your NoFap is like putting water in a basket.

You’ll be like a ship in the open sea without a navigational system. You won’t have lasting success with NoFap.

But, if you’re wise and you set clear goals of what you want to use NoFap to achieve, some of these goals can influence your decision of getting supplements or not.

Some of the goals that people use NoFap for include:

  • Getting in shape,
  • Targeting a financial goal to achieve,
  • Passing an exam,
  • Getting married,
  • Getting a girlfriend,
  • Saving a marriage,
  • Getting more spiritual, and so on

Adding supplements to your diet when you’re on NoFap will help you achieve some of these goals faster. While it will have no (direct) effect on some goals.

For instance, getting in shape can be enhanced with testosterone supplements. Likewise, passing an exam can be enhanced with brain focus supplements.

If your goal is to save a marriage as a guy suffering from Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction, using erectile and libido supplements can help. And so on.

What supplements are the best for NoFap?

The following lists of supplements are based on the most common deficiencies that most people typically have—even outside the context of NoFap.

Also, it’s based on the supplements that can help you take the sting out of the nasty withdrawal symptoms you might be getting on NoFap.

And lastly, these supplements will help you feel better, enhance your NoFap benefits, and help you achieve your goals faster.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Before we get into it, I’ll like to give you a heads up that there are some affiliate links in this list. They are products that I use and have helped me enhance and enrich my NoFap journey. I feel they’ll be beneficial for you too if you try them out. That said, if you buy through my link, you’ll be helping me out in maintaining this website. Thank you.

WARNING: Also, using any of these supplements will not replace your NoFap reboot. You still need to rewire your brain from years of conditioning yourself to Fap to porn. These supplements will only help you have a better and faster reboot.

  1. A testosterone booster

NoFap supplements

These are the reasons you might consider using a testosterone booster on NoFap:

  • When you hit a long and intense flatline

The flatline is the period of NoFap that you have zero libidos, feel fatigued, unmotivated, bored for no reason you can comprehend.

The flatline is a NoFap withdrawal symptom you can’t escape.

The only difference from person to person is that your flatline might be more intense and last much longer than another person.

Although with time on NoFap, the flatline will go away. But for some people, flatline lasts for as long as 2 years.

If you fall into this category, you can make the flatline journey easier on yourself if you supplement testosterone.

  • If you’re working out

To get better results at the gym, you should supplement your diet with testosterone boosters.

Natural testosterone boosters are the best natural alternative to steroid injections (which is quite dangerous) for those that want to build muscles.

When you’re on natural testosterone boosters, you build the muscles faster and have more energy to hit more reps.

This is the reason why I take testosterone boosters. I get better results at the gym, and I feel better as a result.

  • If you’re Zinc, Magnesium, vitamin D3, and vitamin B6 deficient

Studies had shown that you’re undoubtedly deficient in Zinc when you were PMOing like a crazy person.

And Magnesium is a nutrient that most people don’t get enough of from the food they eat.

We have Vitamins D3 (the sunshine vitamin) and B6—that many people also don’t get enough of.

These four nutrients are vital in synthesizing testosterone in the body of a man.

The unique testosterone booster I use is packed with naturally occurring ZINC, MAGNESIUM, vitamin D3 (1,140IU per serving), and vitamin B6.

This testosterone booster is known as TestRX.

It’s an all-natural product that has no side effects.

The only side effect I can think of for someone on NoFap is that your libido goes through the roof when you’re taking it.

And if you can’t handle high libido levels, you can relapse on NoFap.

You can get the supplement here.

  1. VigRX

NoFap supplements

These are the reasons why you should consider using VigRX when you’re on NoFap:

  • If you have PIED and you have a girlfriend

Though NoFap will reverse Erectile Dysfunction (if it is Porn-Induced), but it’ll take time.

PIED is hardest to cope with if you’re in a relationship.

Because not being able to perform sexually can affect your relationship in a big way.

While doing NoFap will always reverse your PIED, as I said, it’ll take time. Because the damage that porn did to your erectile system isn’t done in a week or two.

It was years of stimulation of your erectile system to hardcore porn that caused the damage.

So, it’s only reasonable to give your body time for NoFap to reverse the process.

If you’re on NoFap and you’re in a relationship, and you need to have sex with your partner, this is where the VigRX supplement comes to your rescue.

VigRX is an all-natural product that’s been on the market for the past 17 years. And not once has there been a complaint of this supplement failing to deliver on its promises.

As one of the people worldwide that’s used this supplement, I can vouch for its efficacy.

It will help you to get mind-blowing erections when you need to have sex while you’re on NoFap.

The fantastic thing about this supplement is that the work it does isn’t temporary. It contains natural herbs that improve the blood flow to your penis. Which improves the quality of your erection over time.

This is the opposite of what Viagra does. Viagra will enhance your erection just once, and that’s it! It will even affect your ability to naturally get an erection over time.

But VigRX will DEFINITELY improve your ability to naturally get an erection over time. And this will indeed, together with NoFap, aid in reversing any Erectile Dysfunction problem you have.

Click here to check it out.

  1. Vitamin D

Over 1 billion people are deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency has been deemed by experts as an ignored epidemic that nobody’s talking about.1

Suppose you’ve been on NoFap for more than a year. Instead of healing, you’re getting more depressed, you can’t think clearly (brain fog), or you’re not getting your natural erection back; you might be vitamin D deficient.

A study has linked low levels of serum vitamin D with erectile dysfunction.2

And these are other symptoms of vitamin D deficiency according to clevelandclinic.org3:

  • Depression,
  • mood swings,
  • Fatigue,
  • Muscle weakness

All these symptoms are also things you experience as withdrawals on NoFap.

So, taking the vitamin D supplement will heal you and help you deal with NoFap withdrawals better.

When you want to supplement vitamin D, it’s essential to go for the closest to natural as possible.

You can get your much-needed 1,140 IU vitamin D from this testosterone booster.

WARNING: Although many people are deficient in this vital vitamin—especially those that live in regions where there isn’t all-year sunshine—you should still get tested to confirm if you’re truly deficient in this vitamin. Please don’t start supplementing vitamin D if you haven’t ascertained that you’re deficient in it.

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