NoFap Fatigue: 6 effective ways to defeat fatigue on NoFap

The NoFap fatigue is a tricky topic to discuss. Because it doesn’t always happen to everybody on NoFap.

But it does happen a lot. And it does happen to a lot of people.

I know you’re probably thinking, “am I not supposed to be more energetic when I’m on NoFap?”

You’re supposed to be!

But the initial energy burst you get on NoFap usually lasts for the first one week.

It’s after the first week that a lot of people start reporting that they are feeling fatigued.

NoFap Fatigue
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How you can get Fatigued when you’re on NoFap

Fatigue is a common thing that happens in life.

Fatigue comes about as a result of one of the following:

  • When you’ve physically exhausted yourself,
  • When you’re sick, or
  • When you have the psychological type of fatigue.

The psychological type of fatigue is when you’re not physically tired. Still, your brain keeps sending fatigue signals to the rest of your body.


So, if you’re having a feeling of tiredness, if it’s not after a long day’s work, or you’re not coming down with a sickness, it’s highly likely that you’re experiencing NoFap fatigue.

The fatigue you experience on NoFap is (mostly) psychological.

On NoFap, you’ve starved your brain of its usual dose of dopamine hits. As a result, your brain will revolt.

The excitement you used to get from the dopamine will be replaced with a feeling of nausea, tiredness, and boredom.

The NoFap fatigue is a withdrawal symptom you’re getting because you’re trying to stay away from porn.

The NoFap fatigue usually comes hand-in-hand with the NoFap flatline.

The Effects of NoFap Fatigue

  1. NoFap Fatigue can cause a relapse

Since the fatigue you experience on NoFap is a withdrawal symptom and (mainly) psychological, it aims to get you to relapse on NoFap.

And it does achieve its goal some of the time.

A lot of people relapse on NoFap because they’re feeling tired for no reason.

They feel that if they PMO, they’ll get the excitement from dopamine and feel rejuvenated again.

Relapsing this way leaves you with a feeling of shame and the realization that you’ve failed to keep a promise you made to yourself.

  1. NoFap Fatigue can hinder your NoFap benefits

To get the most out of NoFap, you’re supposed to incorporate it with other positive habits.

Habits like exercising, meditating, eating healthy, reading, and so on.

But when you’re too tired to get off the couch, this significantly limits what you can achieve with your NoFap challenge.

And because the NoFap fatigue is (mostly) psychological, it’s much worse.

This leads me to another effect of NoFap fatigue.

  1. NoFap Fatigue leads to procrastination

NoFap Fatigue

Because the NoFap fatigue is (mostly) psychological, it isn’t that the energy to get off your a$$ (and get things done) isn’t there. It’s just that your brain’s tricking you that you’re exhausted.

If you let it, this mental chatter will eventually spill into every nook and cranny of your life.

And this is when you employ the mother of all evils: procrastination!

Not only will you start procrastinating on the better habits you’re supposed to be building on NoFap, but you’ll also start procrastinating on the important things you actually need to do.

When you start procrastinating, one thing suffers the most: your life’s goals.

  1. NoFap Fatigue can affect your life goals

Whether it’s acing that exam coming up or completing that school (or work) project, NoFap fatigue can affect them all.

When you start procrastinating, you’ll begin to put even the important things off.

  1. NoFap Fatigue can make you depressed and bored

NoFap Fatigue
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NoFap fatigue can create a vicious cycle.

You’re tired, you don’t want to do sh!t.

So, you sit on the couch all day and binge-watch Netflix.

But after a while, you get bored of binge-watching movies.

Before you know it, thoughts after thoughts start telling you what a screw-up you are and how you’ve managed to restrict yourself to the walls of your room instead of going out to conquer the world.

On cue, you’ll start feeling like a screw-up. And you start feeling depressed.

One thing about feeling depressed is that it’s a shitty feeling that no one wants to feel.

One other thing about feeling depressed is that it sucks the energy out of your body and soul.

So, you feel more fatigued.

And the cycle continues.

6 Ways to stop the NoFap fatigue in its track

  1. Be aware that the fatigue is only a false message

You need to know right off the bat that the NoFap fatigue is a false message from your brain.

You shouldn’t let it affect your goals and other things you need to do for the day.

If you decide to stand up and get things done, you’ll notice that the energy is there all along.

Not only is the energy there, but it’s also present in abundant quantity.


Because you’re on NoFap, and you have a reservoir of sexual energy to call upon when you need it.

  1. Start exercising for five minutes every day

NoFap tirednessYou indeed get exhausted when you exercise.

But when you exercise, you get an energy payback. After your workout session, instead of feeling fatigued, you become more energetic.

It’s as if your body understands that it needs to step up (in producing more energy) after the stress you just put it through with your workout.

If you exercise every day, your body gets stronger. You become more energetic.

Also, if you’re exercising, that means you’re already on your feet—you’re already off your couch.

So, nothing stops you from taking advantage of the situation and doing what needs to get done for the day.

If you do this every day, you’ll find that you have more and more productive days in succession.

Mentally, you also feel stronger because studies have shown exercising regularly boost mental resilience.

This helps keep mental fatigue or the physical fatigue you might experience on NoFap at bay.

  1. Take deep breaths

Taking deep breathes is another way to get an INSTANT energy boost.

When you’re on NoFap and feel fatigued, just take five (or more) deep breaths.

You INSTANTLY feel more awake and more energetic.

When you take deep breathes, you send oxygen to your brain, which makes the brain more active and this, in turn, sends active signals to the rest of your body.

If you don’t believe what you’re reading right now (about taking deep breathes), you can test the theory by taking deep breathes right now.

  1. What you eat is what you get

The diet we eat plays a massive role in our energy levels.

Some foods make us feel sleepy and weak when we consume them.

Some foods give us energy spikes and a much longer fatigue come-down.

Also, if you’re deficient in some nutrients like vitamin D, vitamin B12, Iron, Potassium, or Magnesium, you’ll feel fatigued more often.1

Apart from what you eat, of importance is when and how much you eat.

If you’re skipping meals, your body might not get the needed nutrients to make you feel energetic.

Also, eat each meal in ridiculously large or ridiculously small quantities—both will impact your energy levels.

You should find a balance in the quantity of food you eat that makes you the most optimal in carrying out your day-to-day activities.

  1. Set deadlines on tasks

NoFap weaknessEmploying the use of deadlines is a neat psychological trick you can play on your mind.

Deadlines can get you off the couch.

You’d have noticed that when a deadline is approaching, you magically start doing (and finish) the tasks you’ve been procrastinating on.

You suddenly find the energy to do those things that you didn’t have the energy to do before.

The surge in energy and motivation you suddenly get when a deadline is approaching is due to the fight or flight response mechanism in your limbic system.

To your brain, a deadline means there’ll be a consequence (of pain) for not completing the task on time.

So, a little bit of dopamine is secreted in your brain to get you up and do what needs to be done.

To utilize deadlines when you’re on NoFap, all you need to do is attach reasonable deadlines to the tasks you have to do for the day.

With this, there’s a sense of urgency to your day.

And the last thing your brain will want to do is send fatigue signals to your body.

But as much as deadlines work, there’s one cardinal rule you must not break.

Breaking this rule renders your deadlines ineffective. And the rule is;

  1. Don’t push deadlines

People tend to do this if there’s nobody to hold them accountable for failing to meet a deadline.

Pushing deadlines is the easiest way to undermine your deadline.

If you push it the first time, nothing’s stopping you from pushing it a second time.

After a while, pushing deadlines becomes a habit. And subsequent deadlines become ineffective.

Pushing deadlines reinforces procrastination habits. And it also supports the idea that you’re fatigued when you’re on NoFap.

If you’re already in the habit of pushing deadlines, you should stop doing it.

Start with the less complicated tasks. Set a deadline for its completion and follow through.

No matter how hard it is, try to resist the urge to push the deadline.

With time and consistent practice, you become more efficient in keeping deadlines.

Conclusion: The NoFap Fatigue doesn’t last forever

Ultimately, I want you to take from this post that even if you have fatigue as a withdrawal symptom of NoFap, it’s not something that lasts forever.

It usually lasts from the 2nd week of NoFap till the 5th or 6th week. And some people don’t have fatigue that lasts that long.

While some people don’t even get fatigued at all on NoFap.

Even if you’re getting fatigued on NoFap, know that it’s nothing but false messages that your brain sends to your body to get you back to your PMOing ways.

So, what’s been your experience with fatigue on your NoFap journey?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. Thank you for this. My fatigue DID infact start in the 2nd week. Scrolled reels all day, barely got off the bed. 20 Deep Breaths & I feel the NoFap Energy, just like the 7th Day.



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