How to start nofap in the best way possible: The 8 stages of powerful preparation for Hard mode nofap

If you’ve ever thought of how to start NoFap in the right way, then you’ve come to the right place.

We weren’t told that porn was bad for our health at elementary school.

But maybe you were lucky. Maybe you were told by your parents that porn was bad.

And when you asked them why it was bad, you were told it’s an immoral thing to view.

You were scared. After all, something immoral is scary.

Scary, agreed!! But how harmful could it be?

With that simple thought, you weren’t really that scared anymore.

How harmful could porn be? You kept asking yourself.

One fateful day, you were curious, you were horny, or you wanted to see what boobs looked like—you had a device, you had an internet connection, you were all alone in your room, and bam!!

Ten years later, thanks to your lucky stars, you were reading the chapter on sexual transmutation in Napoleon Hill’s book, or you were reading a tweet by one of the influencers you’re following on twitter—who mentioned something called nofap and bam!!!!

You’re here on this porn anonymous website reading this article.

Everyone has their story of how they learned about nofap.

But no matter your route to nofap, what you’ll learn after two or three relapses is that Nofap is war.

And just like a soldier going to war, you have to know what to expect and be fully prepared.

To make this post as straight-forward as possible, let’s look at a checklist of stages and phases for you to complete so as to start your nofap in the best way possible.

how to start nofap challenge a road

A checklist for you to start nofap in the best way possible

  1. The litmus test Stage/Phase

This stage is the stage I like to call the litmus test stage.

With this stage, I’m assuming you are a newbie to the nofap challenge (i.e. you’ve never done the challenge before). You want to give it a try.

I want you to know that as funny as it sounds, the majority of people out there don’t believe they are porn addicts.

In fact, when I mention nofap to most people, at first, it sounds ridiculous to them. It’s almost impossible for them to comprehend that something like porn can be posing a danger to their sex life and their well-being.

Me? Addicted to porn? Get off your high horse dude.

For argument’s sake, I’m assuming you are not yet convicted that you are a porn addict. I’m assuming you are a part of the skeptic crowd.

After seeing all you’ve seen online about nofap, you still can’t bring yourself to believe you are addicted to porn. You don’t believe your condition is as worse as those people’s accounts you’ve been reading on the nofap forum.

So, deep down, you don’t really believe that nofap could do much for you.

I sympathize with you. I’ve been in your position.

For you to be certain you are an addict that needs help, here’s a litmus test for you to take;

  • Track your porn viewing hours throughout the week. Better yet, try to recall how many hours you spent watching porn last week. If you come up with a number greater than 3 hours/week, you have a porn addiction.
  • How many times do you jerk off to porn during a week? If your number is greater than 2/week, you have a porn and masturbation addiction.
  • If you still can’t believe you are a PMO addict, this last test is the tie-breaker. Go for two weeks without watching porn, without masturbation, and without fantasizing porn. If you can do these without any stress, you don’t have a PMO addiction YET! But if your two weeks have a relapse in-between or the two weeks was like a Vietnam war battle between you, your brain and your body, you DEFINITELY have a PMO addiction.

To complete the NoFap challenge, you need to stack the odds of success in your favor as much as possible. And to do that, you need this manual that shows you how to complete the NoFap challenge in an easy and fun way!!>>>

  1. The PMO Education Phase/Stage

a pencil sharpener and paper to list side effects on PMO addiction

Your primary aim at this stage of preparation for the nofap challenge is to discover the negative side-effects that excessive porn-watching can, or might be having on your life.

Maybe you’ve tried nofap before or you’re doing it for the first time, this is the gateway step to it all.

Get educated and get convicted on the side-effects of excessive PMO on your life.

Read up on the negative effects of excessive PMO. You’ll get a lot of help online with these.

There’s the Reddit thread of nofap, there’s the nofap website itself, and there’s this website you’re reading this post on right now.

Read accounts of people like you and how their lives have been transformed when they stopped jerking off to internet porn.

Although you’ll encounter some exaggerated and ludicrous claims on these forums, you should still be able to pick one or two things that resonate with you the most.

If you need the scientific proof of most things you’ll be seeing on these forums, you can do a further search on the web for the science behind porn addiction.

I’ll recommend you start with reading your brain on porn (link at the end of post), written by Gary Wilson. In the book, you’ll learn all the studies that have been conducted on porn and masturbation addiction.

Also, there’s the yourbrainonporn website, and my website is a good source of nofap topics that are backed by scientific studies.

But if you’re hard-pressed on time, or you’re enjoying this post so much that you don’t want to leave this page, here are a few side-effects and/or symptoms that are common to most porn addicts;

  • Wasting precious hours surfing the net for porn
  • Lack of energy (Wasting of energy because of constant masturbation and ejaculation)
  • Low T-levels (wasting of zinc from constant ejaculation)
  • Hypofrontality
  • Brain fog (can’t remember dreams, can’t sustain conversation because working memory is affected, forgetfulness, lack of focus and concentration, porn thoughts always popping up in your head during the course of the day, and so on)
  • Porn-Induced Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of desire in real sex with a partner (this usually stems from porn desensitization and chronic masturbation for both men and women)
  • Objectification of women (believing that women are only created to be used as a sex object)
  • Emotional numbness
  • Depression (resulting from loneliness, the shame, the guilt, and the comedown effect after a PMO session)
  • Depression (resulting from a low number of D2 receptors in the brain)
  • Chronic lateness to important things
  • Bruised penis or bruised vagina (in cases of masturbation addiction in women)
  • Procrastination on important things
  • Acne and skin paleness in extreme cases
  • Porn-Induced Social Anxiety, and a lot more

The reason why this education stage is vital to kick-starting your nofap journey is if you’ve already formed an addiction to porn, I can guarantee you’ll see one or two things that are either symptoms or side-effects of porn addiction that’s already manifesting in your life.

You should try to write down all the things you’ve noticed as the negative side-effects or symptoms of excessive PMO you’ve been experiencing in your own life.

Addiction to porn can cost you your friendships, relationships, and make you lonely. Porn addiction is also a threat to your well-being!! Click here to download this life-changing course that shows you exactly how to quit the addiction in an easy and fun way!!>>>

  1. The cost evaluation stage/phase

Now that you’re sure you are a porn addict and have educated yourself about porn addiction and nofap, I hope you’ve written down those symptoms and side-effects of porn addiction you’ve been noticing in your life.

The next thing to do is to ask yourself some hard questions.

And those questions are;

  • The symptoms and side-effects of PMO addiction I just wrote, how problematic are they for me?
  • Are they affecting the quality of my life in any way I can think of?
  • Are they things I can continue to live with, or do I need to get rid of them?
  • In the next ten years, how will my life be with these symptoms and side-effects still around?

The answers to these questions will determine whether you’ll do what it takes to complete the nofap challenge or not.

From my personal experience with nofap, the greater the problem, the more the need for change. And as a result, the more resolved you’ll be to stick with the nofap challenge when you start.

For instance, if your PMO addiction symptoms are erectile dysfunction and emotional numbness, you’ll feel the STRONG need to correct these symptoms. Because the survival of your relationships or your marriage might depend on it.

In contrast, if your PMO addiction symptoms are lack of energy and a lack of focus, you might feel like you can live with these symptoms. And you might start using caffeine and other stimulants to stay awake and stay active through the course of your day.

You’ll obviously eventually pay the price for these shortcuts, but the NEED to sacrifice porn for energy and focus might not be pressing for you right now.

What you need to figure out at this stage is what the symptoms and the side-effects of PMO addiction will cost your future self (the next ten years you).

Until you’re clear on what this addiction will ultimately cost you, you won’t feel the NEED to stick with the challenge.

Until you’re clear on what this addiction will ultimately cost you, don’t bother starting nofap.

  1. The Environmental Sanitation Stage/Phase

Now that you’re convicted that you have a PMO addiction-related problem, and now that you’re clear on the NEED to reverse this situation, it’s time to start preparing for your 90-day nofap challenge.

For reboot changes to be seen rapidly, I usually advise people to go for the Hard-Mode. This is the mode where you stay away from PMO altogether for a minimum of 90 days.

Of course, the nofap hard mode is easier said than done. Chances are that if you’re really addicted to PMO, you’ll be having cravings for porn.

The first step to preventing a relapse on nofap is to make your environment anti-porn.

So, the first step is to delete all porn on all your devices. And after that, block all future access to porn on all of your devices.

If you want to learn how to block all access to porn on all your devices, including the devices of your kids, free of charge, click here.

  1. The withdrawal preparation stage/phase

To start your nofap challenge the right way, you should be aware that there’ll be some withdrawal symptoms in the early days of your reboot.

Cravings for porn and masturbation is an example of a withdrawal symptom you’ll experience along the lines of your nofap challenge.

To me, cravings for porn and masturbation is the king of all withdrawal symptoms.

Write down the things you’ll do to take care of these cravings when they arise.

In fighting porn cravings, some of the most effective approaches are listed below;

  • Take a walk outside, and when you get back, take a cold shower
  • If it’s in the middle of the night, you can do push-ups and then take a cold shower
  • Meditation
  • Deep breathing
  • Squeeze a tennis ball or throw a ball against the wall

If there are other things you know you can do to cope with these withdrawals, then write them all down. Plan for them beforehand.

  1. The habit-revamp stage/phase

Something led you to porn.

And No! It’s not because you were an unsupervised horny teenager.

It’s something much more profound, something much more internal, and something much deeper than that.

Until you figure it out and deal with it, chances are that you’ll still feel the need to use porn as a means of escaping that reality.

Doesn’t matter if you’re one year into nofap, if you leave these things unattended to, you might go back to using porn.

Most of these underlying issues that drive people to porn can include;

  • Childhood trauma
  • Poor self-image
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Social Anxiety, and so on

Aside from the clinical problems (which you should consult a therapist or physician for), most of these issues can be flipped by picking up empowering habits.

The good news is nofap provides you with the perfect platform to revamp your habit cycles. You’ll have that extra energy, that extra kick in your step, and you’ll have the time to work on bettering yourself.

These are some examples of new habits that people work on more when they are on nofap;

  • Exercising
  • Meditating
  • Listening to other people more
  • Cutting junks out of their diet
  • Reading more books
  • Cooking, and so on.

These new habits not only helps you become a new and better version of yourself, but they also make your nofap challenge super-easy.

You are effectively substituting your porn watching habit with empowering habits. And in more than 50 years of research on habit change, habit substitution has been found to be the most effective model.

One of the things nobody tells you is that porn and masturbation addiction will make you live a life of never-ending mediocrity—where you just can’t seem to reach your relationship, financial, health, and career goals! But you can reclaim your power by breaking the addiction. This mind-blowing course shows you how to do that! Click here to download the course NOW!!!>>>

  1. The Relapse stage/phase

Relapsing is not the end of the nofap challenge. It simply marks the beginning of another phase.

NoFap Relapse is a normal part of recovery from porn and masturbation addiction.

The only mistake you can make when you relapse is not learn the reasons why you relapsed, and be mindful of those triggers in the future.

Know that if you relapse on your nofap, you have to continue with the challenge and not get disheartened.

And also know that no matter how short your nofap spell was, your brain has already started rewiring itself. And due to this small brain change, your life will never be the same again.

  1. The tools you’ll need to start your nofap challenge properly

When you want to start your nofap challenge, here are some tools that will make your nofap journey super-easy and will make you stay off the relapse-lane as much as possible.

  • Your brain on porn; a book written by Gary Wilson, which has sold millions of copies till date
  • A World Without Porn (AWWP); A course created by me that has everything you’ll ever need to complete the nofap hard mode challenge easily. What you’ll get in this course include:

 A book that has helped thousands break their porn and masturbation addiction ($20 VALUE). Inside this book, you’ll learn:

 A way to completely block porn on your laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, FREE OF CHARGE, on as many device as you want ($10 VALUE). Even you can’t get around these filters. CSI can’t get around these filters.

 A diary where you can journal, plan your schedule, track your time, choose your habits and track them ($4 VALUE)

 A complete and easy to prepare nofap diet that will boost your willpower by up to 400% ($10 VALUE)

A custom professionally made neuro-based hypnosis/affirmations mp3 for breaking porn addiction ($5 VALUE). This is a porn addiction mp3 that automatically reverses the porn addiction pathways in your brain and kick-starts your brain rewiring process

 As a bonus for purchasing the course now, you’ll get my premium hypnosis/affirmations mp3 for financial success ($5 VALUE), success at work ($5 VALUE), more self-confidence ($5 VALUE), better self-esteem ($5 VALUE), for better decision making ($5 VALUE), for better physical health ($5 VALUE), for better mental health ($5 VALUE), for mindfulness ($5 VALUE), to defeat sadness ($5 VALUE), and attracting love ($5 VALUE).

At the end of the day, if you get the AWWP course now, because of an ongoing promo discount, you get a product of $99 VALUE for a just $17.


Because I’m nice like that. And I want you to successfully break your porn and masturbation addiction. Your well-being and happiness depends on it.

Till we speak again, STAY FAP-FREE, STAY WEALTHY.

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