NoFap Flatline: Everything you should know and How to beat the Flatline

The NoFap flatline, as the name suggests, is a phase of flatness during your NoFap journey.

This period comes with a feeling of emptiness, apathy, and boredom that takes away the excitement in everything you try to do.

It tries everything possible to take your NoFap progress away from you. But don’t let it.

NoFap flatline a man looking bored and unhappy

The Flatline period is also that stage during your NoFap reboot that you have zero libidos.

Other things will happen to you during the Flatline period. Still, the primary identifier of this period is the zero libidos.

Why does the flatline occur on NoFap?

Dopamine and its receptors are the neurotransmitters that help you feel pleasure.

When you perceive an act as pleasurable, your brain secrets dopamine, which makes you feel good.

This secreted dopamine motivates you to engage in that pleasurable act over and over again in search of more pleasure.

But this isn’t the only purpose of dopamine—as it’s also tied to your arousal (and erection) pathway.

Over the years, you’ve been ingesting high doses of dopamine from watching porn.

These high doses of dopamine have, in time, rewired your dopamine pathways. Your brain has reduced the number of D2 dopamine receptors to compensate for the over-stimulation from porn.

As a result, your brain won’t classify any other dopamine-producing activity that isn’t porn as fun/pleasurable/arousing.

So, when you stop PMOing, you don’t get these high doses of dopamine anymore. It becomes difficult for the little D2 receptors left to pick up dopamine messages.

And for a period on your NoFap (which is different for everybody), everything else doesn’t seem arousing or exciting.

Nothing you do during this Flatline period can live up to the dopamine levels you used to get from porn.

All these contribute to the zero libidos that often characterizes the flatline period.

The symptoms that signify the flatline period on NoFap

  1. Zero sex drive/libido

As I said earlier, this is the primary identifier of the flatline period.

The flatline zero libidos come from the fact that you’ve been stimulating yourself to get an erection for a long time.

Your brain can’t give you a natural erection when you suddenly cut off its stimulation sources.

It takes a while for the brain to re-calibrate itself to natural stimuli.

So, for a certain period on your NoFap, no morning boner! And when you see a beautiful girl, nothing!

If you want to instantly increase your sexual libido, try this product.

  1. Excessive boredom and depression

Although boredom and depression are two different things, the two are intimately linked.

From a neurological and dopamine standpoint, boredom and depression have the same root.

When you’ve gone a long time on a dopamine high, every other activity that isn’t porn will seem boring.

In comes the boredom that most fapstronaut report during the flatline period.

And when you get bored, negative thoughts can start popping into your head.

The whole process can degenerate into depression episodes.

  1. Brain fog

Brain fog is when your mind gets muddled up, and you can’t focus or concentrate on anything.

It doesn’t always happen to everybody as a symptom of flatline. Still, a handful of people complain of this when they’re flatlining.

The Timeline of the NoFap Flatline

While many factors can affect the Flatline timeline, it usually starts around day 7 or day 8 of NoFap.

But the time it goes away can’t be pinpointed.

It’s different for everybody. Because as I said, several factors affect the flatline timeline.

These factors can include the level of addiction, the addiction starter (is it porn magazines or high-speed internet porn), the mode of NoFap, and so on.

On average, people report that the flatline starts subsiding after 2-3 weeks. And after a month, it’s gone.

But some people have a flatline that lasts as long as 3 months to 1 year 1

The negative side-effects of the NoFap flatline

  1. It can lead to a relapse.

I owe my first relapse on NoFap to the flatline.

After the first week of my NoFap, the rush of the NoFap benefits I was getting subsided. And the zero libidos and boredom of the flatline replaced that rush of benefits.

So, I turned to porn to test if my john john was still working.

In the past, the Flatline period has orchestrated my NoFap edging moments—all to get some excitement and pleasure going.

The solution to the flatline problem is in the awareness that it’s all part of the process. I’ll speak elaborately on this in the coming sections.

  1. It can hurt your goals in life.

If you aren’t careful, the flatline period can start affecting your life’s goals.

Because of the low energy, zero drive, and boredom that’s associated with this period, you’re prone to searching for that dopamine joy-ride in time-wasting arenas.

These arenas can be Netflix, excessive video gaming, social media, and all those other time-zapping alleys.

The thing with time-wasting endeavors is that they can prevent you from working on your life’s goals and your NoFap goals.

Suppose you truly understand the principle of NoFap or semen retention. In that case, you’ll know that they’re platforms that you can utilize to work on yourself to make a radical change in your life.

But I’ve seen a lot of people that the flatline has robbed of this positive opportunity.

That’s why at this NoFap flatline period, people complain of not getting the benefits they should be getting on NoFap.

And if you aren’t careful, apart from slacking on your goals, you might find that you’ve substituted a dopamine addiction—in the form of porn watching—with another dopamine addiction in some other way.

  1. It can affect your romantic relationships.

With the zero libidos and no erection that comes with the NoFap Flatline, it’s understandable how this can pose a problem for people that are in an intimate relationship.

Especially if you’re the type of person that’ll have a more extended period of flatline.

When it’s time to do the horizontal boogie, and you can’t get it up, it’s hard for your partner not to think they’re the reason for your off-day.

And things like, “you don’t love me anymore,” or “you’ve got someone else,” or “you don’t find me attractive anymore” can start coming out of your partner’s mouth.

I know you’ve probably heard it somewhere before that honesty is the best policy.’

So, before your relationship rolls down the drain, the best way to salvage the situation is to apply the honesty policy.

If you find yourself in this pickle, communication with your partner is critical.

Educate him/her on why you’re flatlining. And let him/her know it’s temporary. This way, everybody can get on the same page.

The bright side to the NoFap Flatline

As scary as the NoFap Flatline is, there are some advantages to its occurrence.

Think of these advantages as silver linings amidst the gloom;

  1. It’s an effective PMO withdrawal symptom that signals progress.

My thinking on NoFap is this; whenever I hit the flatline, I get proud of myself.

It signals that my reboot is working.

So, if you adopt this mindset, you should know that anytime you start getting this NoFap withdrawal symptom, it’s a signal that your brain is dumping the old porn pathways.

And that when you come out of the other side of it, your NoFap reboot is almost complete.

  1. The NoFap flatline provides bliss if you can ride the wave.

The zero libidos and zero interest in sex that comes with the NoFap flatline leave you with extra mental resources that you can divert inward or to a more worthwhile goal.

Suppose you can get over the cravings to search for something exciting. In that case, you can use the flatline period to immerse yourself in the boring things you’ve been putting off.

Such boring activities can include keeping a regular meditation practice, reading ten pages of a book every day, doubling down on that school project, writing the first draft of that book, learning how to be a better writer, learning how to play the guitar, connecting with a longtime friend, and other things you usually find boring.

Sexual transmutation is the act of re-directing sexual energy/thoughts/emotions into something else—that’s worthwhile.

The flatline period provides you with a break from these sexual energy/thoughts/emotions. All you need is to channel yourself into some of the positive dopamine-producing activities I just listed above.

The flatline period provides you with a blank canvas to re-paint a positive course for your brain.

7 Sure-fire tips that can help you beat the NoFap Flatline

Speaking of re-painting your dopamine pathways, the key ways to beat the NoFap Flatline as soon as possible is to focus your attention on boosting two things;

  • Your testosterone levels, and
  • Your D2 dopamine receptors.

If I’m honest, it isn’t cool to have low libido and no erection for an extended period.

So, it would be best if you found ways to speed up the flatline and make sure you get out of it as soon as possible.

In the next sections, I’ll delve into how to boost your testosterone levels and your D2 dopamine receptors as fast as possible.

  1. Shoot up your testosterone level in two days

Your testosterone levels directly impact your libido levels and the rate at which you get rock-hard erections.

And numerous scientific studies have linked high testosterone levels with confidence, focus, and happiness in men. These are all the things that you lack during the NoFap Flatline.

Boosting your testosterone levels is the most natural way to beat the zero libidos and no erection associated with the NoFap Flatline.

To boost your testosterone (or tell your body to release testosterone), you need more of these vital nutrients in your body;

  • Zinc,
  • Magnesium Aspartate,
  • Vitamin B6.

All three nutrients are collectively known as ZMA.

In the past, when I want to boost my testosterone levels for my gym goals, or for more energy, or to get out of the flatline funk, I always turn to a tested and trusted all-natural product.

This product is the best natural product that naturally boosts testosterone levels. It has the best ZMA component you’ll ever get. You can check out the product here.

Also, if you want to instantly increase your sexual libido, try this product.

  1. Regular compound exercise

Compound exercises work multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Squatting with weights is an example of a compound exercise.

The mere exercise of lifting weights has been shown by several kinds of research to boost testosterone levels.

Supplementing with the ZMA product I mentioned above will increase your energy and fast-track your weight-lifting experience. In no time, you would’ve built lean muscles, and consequently, your testosterone levels will shoot through the roof.

Very soon, you should get your mojo back—both in bed and your day-to-day activities.

  1. A consistent mindfulness meditation practice

Research has shown that a consistent mindfulness meditation practice builds the brain’s dopamine and D2 receptors by more than 60%.

Fixing a dedicated time in your day to meditate is a sure-fire way to get yourself out of the flatline funk.

As you meditate, you start building healthy dopamine and D2 receptors, which automatically speeds up your reboot from PMO addiction.

As I always say, meditation practice doesn’t have to be something elaborate. Five minutes is enough for meditation. But you have to keep it consistent. That’s the key to meditation.

  1. Improve the quality of your diet

Some food can help you boost your testosterone. An example of such a food group is healthy fats.

Foods in this category include; red meat, avocado, egg yolks, and almonds.

Also, there’s a vitamin that can lift your mood, clear brain fog, and help your body synthesize testosterone.

Unfortunately, half of the world is deficient in this vitamin. This vital vitamin is Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also crucial to your body’s ability to synthesize testosterone.

Vitamin D is gotten directly from sunlight, and this is why most people are deficient in it.

Most countries of the world don’t have year-round sunlight. So, if you’re living in these regions—where there isn’t year-round sunlight, you’re automatically deficient in this vitamin.

The only way to make up for this vital vitamin D is to use supplements.

I recommend you try this all-natural product because you get your much-needed dose of vitamin D from it.

  1. Find things that’ll engage you and keep you busy.

The flatline itself doesn’t have much power.

It’s the level of importance you attach to it that determines how much sway it has over you.

It’s when you start dedicating so much—mental—attention to it that it can lead to your relapse.

That said, if you can find a way to go about your day without attaching so much importance to your penis, your NoFap will be easier during this period.

So, how do you go about your day as if you don’t have a limp-d**ck?

The best answer; you occupy your day (and subsequently, mind) with activities to do.

And not just any activity, you should fill your days with engaging activities.

It would be best if you stayed immersed in whatever you choose to focus on throughout your day.

The immersion will ultimately take your mind off the flatline you’re going through.

  1. Hang out with people more

Aside from keeping yourself busy, spending time with people is another way to keep the NoFap flatline at bay.

When you’re on NoFap, it’s good to socialize more so that you rewire your brain faster.

Hanging out with people will take your mind off of the flatline you’re going through.

And aside from that, when you hang out with people in a social setting, your brain releases endorphins and serotonin.

These endorphins and serotonin lift your mood and also help speed along the rewiring process in your brain.

So, if you’re the type that doesn’t socialize before you started NoFap, try and make a conscious effort to improve your social life when you’re on NoFap.

Ways to do this include;

  • Making the effort to say hi to strangers and engage them in conversation. At least more than you do before,
  • Dedicate a day in your week to hang out with your friends,
  • Join a charity or cause that you care about that has meet-ups. Or, take on more active roles in the causes or groups that you’re already a part of, and so on.
  1. Get more Tyrosine from natural foods

Tyrosine improves communication between nerve cells.

Tyrosine supplements have been found to also increase dopamine availability and the number of D2 receptors in the brain.

A study found that merely increasing the dietary intake of tyrosine significantly improved the dopamine functioning of 1383 older adults and 341 younger adults.2

When your dopamine pathway is quickly rewired, this can help you to quickly get out of the zero libido NoFap flatline zone.

Foods that are highly rich in Tyrosine include; salmon fish, Sesame Seeds, bananas, nuts, and so on.

Conclusion: The NoFap Flatline

Make no mistake; if porn has rewired your brain, the NoFap Flatline will come calling.

It’s natural.

But it’s temporary.

I can’t tell you how long the flatline will last for you. That’s dependent on how long it’ll take your brain to dump the porn pathway and build new ones.

But if your flatline is taking too long, follow the steps outlined, and you are in an excellent position to speed up the flatline period.

Thank you for reading.

And if you found this post helpful in any way, share it. You never know who it might help.

Till the next time we speak,

Your fellow Fapstronaut.


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9 thoughts on “NoFap Flatline: Everything you should know and How to beat the Flatline”

    • Hello Todd,

      I want you to know that it takes time for some people to stop flatlining as I said in the post. So, be patient!!

      Wish you the best of luck on your NoFap journey.

  1. Frank I need serious help I’ve been in the flatline for over a year and I have a girlfriend so I don’t know what to do. I’m seriously depressed and freaking out. My life sucks because of pied and I don’t know what to do anymore.

    • Hello J,

      I’m sorry you’re going through a very intense and longer flatline. As I always say, patience and continuation with NoFap is quite important.

      As I said in the post, to speed the flatline along, I would recommend trying out the supplements recommended in the post for three months and witness a miraculous change in your flatline.
      I’ve tried them in the past and they worked wonders for my flatline and erection problems.

        • Hello,

          A 5-day flatline is quite common and wet dreams are also common on NoFap.
          The nightfalls and (natural) morning wood are signals that your body is recalibrating.

          I have a post here on nightfalls. You’ll find it helpful.
          Have a great day!!

  2. Thanks for all that information. Im shure it will help me a lot. Im currently on day 4 of nofap or semen retention. Call it however you wanna call it. And I’m wondering if I’m in the flatline. Im now pretty sure I am in it. Thanks again, have a good one.

  3. 4 years is possible? Sport, meditation, food ect .. I did everything except reduce the use of the phone and 4 years later I came back to tinder just to watch my brain woke up. Understood

    • Hello Benji,

      How do you know you’re flatlining after 4 years of NoFap?
      Which of the symptoms listed above are you still experiencing?
      Also, hope you know that flatlining is different from erectile dysfunction?

      Let me know.


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  1. this guy had flatline for 2 months, and although it seemed like a doomed project at the time, he finally broke free.
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