NoFap Rules: The 10 Commandments of completing the NoFap Challenge

There’s no perfect NoFap rule anywhere. No one can give that to you.

Because the thing about NoFap is that experiences will differ from person to person.

So, when it comes to NoFap, no one rule fits all.

My NoFap rules might not apply to you.

And just because I list these things as ‘rules’ doesn’t mean you must abide by them when you’re on NoFap.

NoFap rules
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Again, they might not apply to your situation.

But who knows, you might end up agreeing with everything I list as ‘rules’ and learn something from them.

So, if I were to compile a set of rules, based on my many years of NoFap experience, it’ll look like the following:

NoFap Rule #1: Thou shall not underestimate thy addiction to porn

This is the first mistake a lot of people make.

And I’ll advise you not to fall into this pit also.

Porn addiction is a severe addiction that, once you get hooked, it’s challenging to get out of.

Hence the so-called NoFap challenge. It’s an occasion that you have to rise to.

You might be thinking, “but I was a porn addict, and I was able to do the 3-month NoFap challenge without relapsing”.

Achieving this remarkable feat is only possible if you are not that addicted to PMO.

Even if you were that addicted, it meant you weren’t what I’ll call a hardcore PMO addict.

How do you know if you are a hardcore PMO addict? You can take a comprehensive porn addiction test here!

If you’re a hardcore PMO addict, then don’t underestimate your addiction.

What under-estimating your addiction does is it engineers quick relapses. And very soon, you’ll quit doing NoFap altogether.

A person that knows the extent of his addiction will be extra-prepared for NoFap.

He will learn everything there is to know about NoFap.

He’ll learn the withdrawal symptoms and the side effects of relapsing on NoFap. He’ll also have a strategic approach to doing NoFap.

And this leads us to the next rule;

NoFap Rule #2: Thou shall get help on NoFap!

I’m sorry to tell you, but effort alone won’t guarantee your success with NoFap.NoFap rules

You’ve been applying sheer effort all these while—how is it working out for you?

If you’re struggling to get to 3 months of NoFap, then you’re a hardcore PMO addict.

And as a rule of thumb, you need to get help (because you need it).

Think of it this way; if you want to have a killer body, you’ll probably hit the gym, get a personal trainer, and start grinding.

Getting a personal trainer to work with isn’t compulsory. But it’ll save you a lot of time, money, and effort to get your desired result.

You can try and figure it all out by yourself. But it’ll take time.

And here’s the kicker; you might not achieve your goal in the end.

But getting a personal trainer will save you a lot of hassle and speed up your progress in a remarkable way.

In my experience, people who don’t seek help are often stuck and won’t move past one month of NoFap.

You’ll never get to experience what your life can be like without your PMO addiction.

And I’m here to tell you that life is sweet and beautiful without this addiction.

And for you to start NoFap the right way, over the years, the only help that I’ve seen that’s quite efficient is AWWP.

The AWWP course will be your personal trainer in getting that killer body.

You can get the course here.

NoFap Rule #3: Thou shall know the relapse requirements of NoFap

Depending on the circle you are in, the requirements for a relapse on NoFap differ from place to place.

But no matter how different opinions are on what constitutes a NoFap relapse, you still need to establish a baseline of what will be a NoFap relapse for you.

The only logical place to start when you want to establish this rule is to start from the mode of NoFap you’re doing.

The mode of NoFap you’re doing will (primarily) determine what will count as a relapse.

The three popular modes of NoFap are the normal mode, hard mode, and monk/God mode.

The mode of NoFap you’re on will determine the rules you’ll set for relapse.

  • Hard mode: Since the rule of this mode is No PMO, any orgasm through partnered sex or masturbation will be a relapse.
  • Normal mode: the rule of this mode is simply No PM. So, if you have partnered sex (or anything sexual like a blow job), it isn’t a relapse. In this mode, orgasming through masturbation (with or without porn) is the only way you’ve relapsed.
  • Monk/God mode: this mode is you doing hard mode and simultaneously paying attention to dopamine. You do a lot of other dopamine receptor-building activities, and you also remove other dopamine-triggering activities from your life. If you’re doing this mode, if you watch porn, you’ve relapsed—irrespective of whether you orgasm or not.

Again, you might not agree with any of these relapse rules.

Because these rules are from my own perspective.

Because in my book, edging is not a NoFap relapse for both the hard and normal modes.

But I don’t advise you to go near edging when you’re on NoFap. And this leads us to my next rule.

NoFap Rule #4: Thou shall not edge on NoFap

Edging is when you get yourself to the brim, but you don’t fall over.

It’s when you watch porn or masturbate without orgasming.

Edging does much more harm than good to your NoFap.

Because in the 99 times out of a 100 that you edge, you’ll end up relapsing.

So, if you want to guarantee your failure on NoFap as soon as you start, one thing you can do is to be edging yourself.

Another bad thing that edging will do for your NoFap is that it takes away from your NoFap benefits.

NoFap Rule #5: Thou shall block porn on all your devices

A lot of people think this is negotiable, but it isn’t.

The argument for not having porn blockers on your devices while doing NoFap is that filters reinforce the idea that you’re a porn addict.

That if you remove porn filters, you’re telling your brain that you can handle porn.

Again, this is another classic example of underestimating your addiction.

Even if you’re going to remove filters from all your devices, it should be at a stage where you’ve already completed 3 months of the hard mode of NoFap.

After that, you might not need filters anymore.

But, if you’re just starting NoFap, or you’re struggling with NoFap, then you ABSOLUTELY need to install filters across all your devices.

Not installing porn filters when you’re doing NoFap can be likened to an alcoholic trying to quit.

After this resolution to quit drinking, he has this bright idea that he wants to be visiting a bar every night.

Or someone that wants to quit drinking but stocks his refrigerator with alcohol.

When you’re just starting NoFap, you need to give yourself a chance to succeed.

And part of that is restricting your own access to porn.

The AWWP course teaches you how to effectively block porn on all your devices for FREE OF CHARGE.

NoFap Rule #6: Be your brother’s keeper on NoFap

NoFap strategies rule

Don’t do NoFap without an accountability partner.

That’s another rule for you.

We all need accountability to be successful with NoFap. I never really had lasting success with NoFap till I found an accountability partner.

Where can you get an accountability partner?

You can go to No Fap forums. You can reach out to friends you trust and confide in them.

Chances are that your friends are also addicted to PMOING, and you can both be accountable to each other.

Or, you can click here and learn my secret way of finding an unlimited number of accountability partners. Here, anyone you want can be your accountability partner. So check it out for yourself.

Finding accountability partners works both ways.

As you look for who would hold you accountable on NoFap, you should also be willing to be an accountability partner for other people on NoFap.

So, if anyone approaches you (online or offline) to be their accountability partner, be willing to accept.

It’s an opportunity to change someone’s life for the better.

Be your brother’s keeper.

NoFap Rule #7: Thou shall not compare himself with others on NoFap

This is one of the most important rules that you shouldn’t break on NoFap.

I see a lot of people break this rule with reckless abandonment.

Don’t compare yourself with others when you’re on NoFap!

NoFap experiences will undoubtedly differ from person to person. NoFap benefits, withdrawals, withdrawal’s duration, NoFap mode, recovery time will vary from person to person.


Because no two person’s level of addiction to PMO is the same. Also, no two person’s NoFap journey will ever be the same.

So, it makes no sense to compare your NoFap results with another person.

Doing this will result in you putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.

And when you start putting pressure on yourself, and you start expecting too much of yourself, then you’ll surely fail at doing NoFap.

NoFap Rule #8: Always keep your door open

NoFap rules

This is a funny rule on NoFap that I invented myself.

I always keep my door open (except when I’m in the shitter, of course).

Leaving the door to your room open is you telling your subconscious mind that you have no reason to lock your door.

This is you starting to live like a normal person instead of living like a porn addict.

This applies to your office doors, dorm rooms, laptops, and mobile phones (if you can).

NoFap Rule #9: Withdrawals will go away when they want

NoFap withdrawals ranging from fatigue to porn cravings will go away when they want.

You can’t push them away. You can only soften the withdrawal’s blows when they land.

People get complacent when they think they’ve been on NoFap for 2 months, and they shouldn’t be having porn withdrawals and cravings anymore.

And they think they can handle porn cravings now.

So, they uninstall all filters, they stop getting in touch with their accountability partners, they dump all their NoFap strategies.

And before they know it, they’re already relapsing on NoFap.

NoFap Rule #10: Have a porn urge rules list

These are the things that you’ll do once porn cravings hit.

The benefit of this rules list is that it becomes automatic when you do it enough times.

Urges are the nastiest withdrawal symptoms. So, you need to be prepared for them to have NoFap success.

My NoFap urge rules list looks something like this:

  • When you get porn cravings, get a cold shower
  • While showering, remind myself why I’m doing NoFap in the first place,
  • After that, leave the scene of the porn craving or change my environment in one form or the other

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