Stages of NoFap: The 7 incredible stages the porn addict passes through to recovery

In this post, we’ll explore the various stages of NoFap you’ll pass through as a PMO addict.

Make no mistake, to achieve long-lasting and meaningful success with NoFap, you need to pass through these stages of NoFap.

Some of these stages won’t be pleasant. But that’s life, right?

The most important part of a challenge is the journey.

Going through the stages listed below, you’ll be able to quickly identify the stage you’re currently at on your NoFap journey.

The 7 stages of NoFap that PMO addicts pass through on their journey to recovery

  1. The porn heaven stage

stages of nofap
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This was the stage you entered when you had your first orgasm through porn and masturbation.

You’ve just discovered heaven, and it felt so damn good!

Most porn addicts are usually 11 to 15 years at this stage. And porn is usually their introduction (and education) to their sexuality.

Everything you know about sex, you learned from porn at this porn heaven stage.

So, at this stage, you watched porn with reckless abandon.

You kept watching more hardcore porn. And you kept flooding your brain with dopamine.

And gradually, without your knowledge (or permission), you developed an addiction to porn.

Porn subtly wreaked havoc on your well-being without your knowledge.

You developed erectile dysfunction. Because sex wasn’t fun anymore.

You’re tired all the time. As a result, you become more socially awkward.

You became depressed, and life was becoming foggy and bleak.

Two things can happen from here;

  • Either you went to a doctor, and he gave you a Viagra prescription for your erectile dysfunction, and you chuck your depression up to life and its unpredictability, or
  • You’re one of the lucky few that get to know the root cause of your problem and get to advance to the next stage;
  1. The Eureka Stage of NoFap

stages of nofap

In the previous stage, you didn’t know you were seriously addicted to porn.

Heck, you didn’t even know that watching porn was bad for you.

But at this stage, a life-changing event happens. Something changes.

You’re already noticing some of the side effects of your addiction—but you can’t quite put a finger on it.

You’ve started noticing that watching porn isn’t fun anymore. But, of course, you’re just watching it now out of a compulsive necessity.

You’ve also noticed that you don’t go out of the house to meet new people anymore.

And if you’re lucky, you’ve noticed your erectile dysfunction.

So, through luck or happenstance, it’s at this time that the NoFap movement will cross your path.

What usually gets most people to their Eureka moment is either;

  • Reading the chapter on sexual transmutation from Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich. Or reading any other book that talks about male sexual energy. Or someone mentioning it on TV or something. Then you’d want to know more. Then you browse the in-depth meaning of the chapter you just read, and you land on the NoFap forum.
  • Browsing for why you have erectile dysfunction, or chronic fatigue, or lack of confidence, then someone mentions porn addiction,
  • One random person or an influencer on social media mentions NoFap (or something related), and you start pulling the NoFap thread till you finally land on the NoFap forum.

The funny thing about this Eureka stage of NoFap is that everything you hear (or read) will stick. It’ll fit your life’s situation perfectly.

The article you read or the YouTube video you watched will be as if it was made specifically for you.

  1. The cocky stage of NoFap

Now that you know what the problem is and what to do to solve it, you’ll want to conquer the world in the next 3 months.NoFap stages

It’s a piece of cake!

So, you start NoFap hard mode. You stay on it for a week, and you’ll feel like a king.

Oh my God!

Why haven’t I known about NoFap all this while! You’d think to yourself.

But then, you start craving porn in a way you never expected you would.

After all, why would you want to go back to something so bad for you?

But against all your willpower, just like a mindless zombie, you’ll relapse.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, will be your real introduction to the NoFap challenge.

Your first relapse is when you actually confirm that you’re a porn addict.

Another lesson you’ll learn from your first relapse is that the NoFap challenge is tough for a hardcore porn addict.

Those with these vital lessons and knowledge get lost on can spend years at this cocky stage.

Cockiness on NoFap is when you’re so invested in the superpower benefits you stand to gain with NoFap.

Cockiness is when you refuse to learn everything you need to know about your PMO addiction cycle. When you refuse to get the help you need—which will help you complete your NoFap challenge.

  1. The Flatline Stage of NoFap

As the name of this stage suggests, this stage is characterized by apathy and stagnancy.

Flatline as a stage of NoFap is similar to the flatline as a withdrawal symptom of NoFap.

But they’re not necessarily the same. I’m just employing this name to make my point clear.

The flatline stage of NoFap is that stage where you’re not able to go past 1-2 weeks of NoFap without relapsing.

I spent more than 5 years at this stage. I wouldn’t do NoFap for more than 5 days before I relapsed. And I would go on a porn and masturbation binge for the next 2 months.

At this stage, you’d want to give up on doing NoFap altogether. Because there’s no progress and growth.

It’s at this stage that the majority of people give up on NoFap. Because they think they can never complete the NoFap challenge.

But if you’re lucky, and the lessons of your flatline and your relapses are not lost on you, the knowledge transforms your initial cockiness into humility.

And this knowledge helps you to successfully transition to the next stage of NoFap.

  1. The Education stage of NoFap

Stages of NoFap
Image Credit: Flickr

If you’re willing to learn from your mistakes, then you get to enter this vital education stage of NoFap.

This is when you learn all you need to know about NoFap.

You scour forums, books, YouTube videos, and you learn things.

This is the stage that you discover this website that you’re currently on.

The truth is that NoFap is much more than just deciding to go on NoFap and doing it. There are different elements to NoFap.

Elements like the withdrawal symptoms, what constitutes a NoFap relapse, NoFap wet dreams, the NoFap chaser effects, and so on.

Another thing that you usually learn at this stage is your addiction cycle; what environments trigger you to watch porn, what emotions trigger you, etc.

It’s until you learn these things that you can start taking your NoFap challenge seriously.

And it’s until you start taking your NoFap challenge seriously that you can enter the next stage of NoFap.

  1. The breakthrough stage of NoFap

This is when you’re not only taking your NoFap challenge seriously, but you’re also strategizing on how to be successful with it.

At this stage, you’ve realized that NoFap is much easier to do when you get help on NoFap.

So, you’re getting help, and you’re now equipped with strategies and ways to beat your NoFap urges.

Getting help on NoFap can include things like;

  • Investing in the best NoFap course online: AWWP
  • Getting tips and tricks of how to gain control over your urges,
  • Getting good air-tight filters installed on all your devices,
  • Getting a reliable accountability partner that will help you solidify your NoFap, and so on.

If you are a hardcore PMO addict, it’s at this stage that you can start having longer streaks of NoFap under your belt.

  1. The recovery stage of NoFap

NoFap recoveryThis is the stage where you’ve completed your 3 months of NoFap challenge.

It’s at this stage that you assess whether your recovery from PMO addiction is complete or if your body needs more time to heal.

You finally get to experience the super NoFap benefits that you’ve been reading about all this while.

The majority of people on NoFap don’t get to this stage of NoFap.

But if you don’t give up and keep learning and getting the help you need to be successful on NoFap, you’ll definitely get to this stage.

The theme word is to never give up!

And I wish you the very best on your NoFap journey.

Which stages did you pass through on your NoFap journey?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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