Will NoFap help me get a girlfriend? 5 Things you must do

It’s important to know the answer to the question: will NoFap help me get a girlfriend?

It’s important to get the correct and unbiased answer to this question when you’re on NoFap and single.

will nofap help me get a girlfriend

Because using NoFap to get a girlfriend might be what’s motivating you to continue NoFap—as it is for over 70% of people that go for NoFap.

So, will NoFap help me get a girlfriend?

The answer: A resounding YES, and a resounding NO!


Well, stick with me till the end of this post, and all your confusions and doubts—of if NoFap will help you get a girlfriend—will dissipate.

4 Ways NoFap will help you get a girlfriend

When you’re on NoFap, you enjoy a lot of benefits to your body and your psyche.

Some of those benefits directly improve your attractiveness which increases your odds of getting a girlfriend.

Some of those benefits are listed below;

  1. NoFap will increase your testosterone levels

NoFap help me get a girlfriend
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

It’s been proven by several studies that NoFap increases testosterone levels in men.

But it isn’t just enough to have high testosterone levels.

Your body needs to be able to make efficient use of the high testosterone in your body.

This is where androgen receptors come in.

Studies have found that not only does NoFap increases your testosterone, but it also increases your androgen receptors.

And when you’re filled with high levels of (functioning) testosterone, you’re automatically more attractive to the feminine.

Learn more about NoFap and your testosterone levels here!!

  1. Your masculine qualities get accentuated when you’re on NoFap

Maybe it’s the surge in testosterone, or the fact that you’re building better habits, when you’re on NoFap, your masculine traits get tuned up.

So tuned up that the people around you start noticing.

will NoFap help me get a girlfriend
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This is nature’s way of helping you fill the void that porn has left behind.

When you do the NoFap challenge, you’re telling nature that you’ll not use porn as an outlet for your sexual energy anymore.

And since this masculine (sexual) energy is always seeking expression, nature tunes up your masculine features to attract the feminine—as a new outlet for this energy surging through your body.

  1. NoFap makes you a more energetic person

NoFap get girlfriend
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Primitively, females are programmed to be attracted to energetic, strong men.

Females instinctively look for this trait in men because they need a mate that can protect their offspring.

When you stop PMOing every day, you notice a HUGE increase in your energy levels.

When you’re on NoFap, you’ll notice that you have the energy to hook up.

The energy to go out and meet potential mates and the energy to follow through on your plans.

  1. NoFap makes you desperate to hook up (in a good way)

using NoFap to get a girlfriend
Image Credit: Flickr

When you’re no longer using porn and masturbation as an outlet for your sexual energy, you don’t have many options other than to put yourself out there.

Because you’ll know that getting off your a$$ and hooking up is the only way you’ll get off (if you’re practicing the normal mode of NoFap).

This extra push is what PMOing takes from you when you were doing it religiously.

And on NoFap, you get that push back.


At this point in this post, I want you to forget everything you’ve read so far.

Assume that everything I just told you is a lie.

Assume that it’s all unfounded ‘bro science’ I cooked up to convince you to continue doing NoFap.


Why NoFap WON’T help you get a girlfriend

When you see people on the forums who claim that NoFap made them more attractive and helped them get a girlfriend, I want you to know that’s not the truth.

Here is the truth about NoFap and getting a girlfriend;

The Red Pill

Think of yourself as Neo from the movie matrix.

NoFap can be likened to the red pill.

The red pill that turned Neo’s life upside down and challenged everything he thought he knew about life.

Yeah! That red pill!

Think of NoFap as your path to enlightenment.

NoFap will open you up to a world that you didn’t know existed. It will wake you from your PMO addiction slumber.

NoFap will show you a path filled with energy, potential, and creativity you didn’t know you had access to before.

But, it’s up to you if you’ll walk the path or not.

And this is the mistake that most people make when trying to use NoFap to get a girlfriend.

They think that if they can complete the NoFap challenge, girlfriends will magically appear in their lives.

They forget the walking the path part of the equation.

After Neo took the red pill, he didn’t just sit on his a$$ and expected to be the chosen one.

will NoFap help me get a girlfriend
Image Credit: Flickr

He went through rigorous training to become the fighter he became.

He pushed himself.

He was brave.

He walked the path that the red pill showed him.

Will NoFap help me get a girlfriend: 5 things you must do to use NoFap to get a girlfriend

Getting a girlfriend when you’re on NoFap isn’t rocket science.

Dating is cause and effect that can be easily systemized.

Systemized in the sense that you’ll know where to start, what you need to do, practice over and over again until you get good at it.

Below is a list of systems and steps you can follow to get a girlfriend when you’re on NoFap.

NB: If you do NoFap for 10 years, but don’t do any of the things in the list below, you won’t get a girlfriend.

Think of the following list as your training.

As the walk, you need to walk to become the chosen one like Neo.

  1. NoFap will help the guy that works on his sh*t get a girlfriend

This is the first thing you need to sort when you’re on NoFap.

If your life’s situation right now is that of a person who doesn’t have his sh*t together, you don’t have any business looking for a girlfriend in the first place.

When I say having your sh*t together, I mean having the following sorted:

  • Your purpose in life:

The counter-intuitive nature of getting a girlfriend is such that the more you NEED to get a girlfriend, the less likely you are to get one.

When you reek of neediness, you repel females.

The needy guy is a nice guy. The needy guy is a yes man. The needy guy doesn’t have confidence in himself.

The best way to reduce neediness is to get a purpose in life. Find something you’re put in this world to do—and fall madly in love with it.

When you’re on NoFap, you’re able to think clearly and able to zone in on the things you’re really good at.

So, take your time to figure this out first.

  • Your financial situation:

I’m not saying you should wait till you’re a millionaire before you get a girlfriend.

But, you should have a stable financial situation.

Having your finances under control makes you confident. And this confidence makes you attractive.

Apart from being more confident, you’ll need to go out on dates if you want to get a girlfriend. And dates will cost you money; no matter how little.

What NoFap offers you is the energy, the zeal, and the creativity to work on your financial goals.

  • Your living situation:

It’s really difficult to get a girlfriend if you’re a man-child still living with your parents.

Maybe you disagree with this. Maybe you think that if you have enough game, you can still land a girl while living in your parents’ house.

You can.

But it will be extremely difficult!

Having your own place makes dating a lot easier. It makes girls comfortable to want to hang out with you.

Having your living situation under control sends a message that you’re mature and in control of your life.

  1. NoFap will help the guy that’s fashionable get a girlfriend

NoFap and getting a girlfriend

Most men are guilty of not paying attention to their looks.

I used to be guilty of this in the past.

But the truth is that the first impression lasts the longest.

When it comes to dating—meeting people that have never seen you before, they judge you as attractive or not based on your appearance.

How kept you are. How fashionable you are.

Your belt, your wristwatch, your shoes, your cloth, your hair, are all sending subliminal messages to your potential mate.

Telling her a story of the type of person you are.

Now, being fashionable isn’t about buying expensive things.

It’s much more about buying things that fit your body type, your complexion, and your personality.

If you pay attention and groom yourself, you’re telling people that you prioritize yourself.

And the person that prioritizes himself is not NEEDY.

  1. NoFap will help the guy that hits the gym get a girlfriend

will NoFap help me get a girlfriend
Image Credit: Depositphotos

If there was a shortcut (fastest way) to getting good at dating when you’re on NoFap, it would be;

Getting in shape is also crucial to your looks.

It increases your attractiveness by ten folds.

And luckily for you, with NoFap, you get the energy, the testosterone, and the androgen receptors to quickly build your body and get in shape.

Hitting the gym is not only beneficial in helping you get a girlfriend. It also;

  • increases your energy levels,
  • it increases your confidence, and
  • it works wonders for your health.
  1. NoFap will help the guy that learns the game get a girlfriend

Picking up girls is a game that you can learn how to play and get better at with time.

If you’re the shy type that can’t look a girl in the eye, I can assure you that if you start learning the game, and practice what you learn, you will get better with time.

If you’re consistent, and you keep at it, you’ll find that game isn’t difficult to learn.

And you’ll look back one day at your old shy self and won’t believe you used to be that timid.

To start learning game, you should start with the book called The Game by Neil Strauss.

After reading the game, you should also read Models by Mark Manson.

  1. NoFap will help the guy that gets off his a$$ get a girlfriend

After reading Models by Mark Manson, there are some action steps laid out in the book for you to practice.

Don’t just read the book and not take action.

Because the truth is after you’ve read all the books in the world on dating, built a body like Dwayne Johnson’s, gotten a life’s purpose like Elon Musk, become a billionaire like Jeff Bezos, girls won’t magically appear in your room ready to be your girlfriend.

You have to physically make the effort to approach girls.

And not only approach, make your intentions known to them.

Granted it helps to have a body like Dwayne Johnson’s, but you still have to get off you’re a$$ and date.

Without this effort on your part, I don’t care how long you go on NoFap for, it’ll be difficult for you to get a girlfriend.

You have to go to where the type of girls you want are. You have to meet them, say hello, and ask them out on a date.

And have the courage to follow through on what comes after that.

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