Tired of masturbating again and again and again?

Do you feel guilty, shameful, and awful every time you pleasure yourself using porn and masturbation?…

Have you tried to quit countless times but you always give in to your strong urges?

Have you tried using willpower or self-discipline techniques, and still not able to overcome it?…

Do you keep your habit a secret from everyone fearing that it could end your friendships, relationship, or marriage?…

Is your addiction wreaking havoc in other areas of your life? Your relationships, your sex life, your health, your work, your business, your productivity, your spirituality, your happiness?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, then the AWWP program is for you.

Read this….

“Amazing Sexual Health Discovery by an Atmospheric Physicist that Works For Every Porn Addict Who Tries It”

Dear friend,

If you want to stop watching porn and masturbating (forever), I can show you exactly how to do it, without ever going back again.

And the best part is, I can show you how to do it fast (very fast).

No matter how long you’ve been masturbating to porn, what I’m about to reveal won’t just free you from this almost incurable addiction, you’ll find yourself instantly introduced to a world of absolute self-mastery, super confidence, laser-focus, creativity, abundant motivation, charming masculinity, and maximum productivity that you could only previously dream of.

What’s more, you’ll be learning things that will totally transform your life, and…..

Change The Way You Walk The Earth Forever!

The methods are framed around simple tricks you can play on your brain to regain 110% control over your life.

Each one of them is broken down into easy steps that will work for any porn and masturbation addict who follows the ridiculously simple instructions.

Listen, I know you may have tried hundreds of materials and strategies that promised to help you quit porn, but if you want to stop masturbating for good and never go back again, I urge you to hear me out.

Here’s my story:

My name is Frank Daemon and I’m the owner of

I was a porn and masturbation addict for thirteen years.

At the age of twelve, I embarked on a tricky adventure that would cost me the better part of my formative years.

As you might guess, I was barely a teenager when I started masturbating to porn. And like most porn addicts who get trapped in this habit, I didn’t even realize just how serious my problem was until years later when I started noticing changes in my attitude, behavior, my energy levels, the way I think, my ability to get and keep girls, and my sexual health.

I became tired all the time, nauseated, depressed, emotionally distant, socially anxious, and to top it all, I couldn’t maintain an erection long enough to satisfy a woman in bed.

Women and friends walked out of my life–frequently!

I was always physically fatigued and I no longer enjoyed sex.

I was even…

Afraid Of Having Sex!

Because deep down, I knew I’d always mess things up.

This cycle of vicious porn and masturbation made me become very depressed.

The more depressed I became about my life, the more porn I watched and the more I masturbated. That made me even more depressed and I masturbated even more.

I was absolutely miserable.

Countless times, I’d resolve to banish porn from my life, stop masturbating, and get my life back.

But it wouldn’t be long (sometimes that very day) before I was jerking off again to my favorite porn-star(s).

I felt helpless and as you might guess, I became desperate!

You see my friend; deep-deep down, I knew there was a fun guy who wanted to enjoy life and experience life, who was fed up and really wanted to stop masturbating to porn for good, but I just couldn’t find a long-lasting solution.

That’s when I started reading all the No Fap, porn-addiction quitting materials I could lay my hands on.

I studied every book ever written on the subject. I tried every method, I even saw a therapist, and nothing worked.

Truth be told, sometimes, it would seem like I was finally quitting for good, but eventually, after a couple of days, things went from bad to worse.

Until one Tuesday evening in April, I thought about all the strategies I had tried that didn’t work. I looked at what was good about them, and what was bad. Then I drew up a list of the good ones and mapped out an ultimate No Fap strategy for myself.

Except, I followed my instincts and added what I now believe are the missing steps that all porn addicts who seriously want to quit porn and masturbation have been searching for.

Then I embarked on pain-staking research and trial, the results of which didn’t just help me quit porn (and stop masturbating) for good, but changed my life forever!!

The amazing thing, of course, was the electrifying speed with which my new discovery worked:

–in the first five days alone, I had regained complete control of my willpower and by the first six weeks after that, I was beginning to develop a whole new level of confidence plus a mysterious strong-man sex appeal that…

Made me Super-Confident!!!

I started having crazy motivation, creativity, and focus and I was achieving all the goals I was setting.

The financial goals I’ve had for years started coming together, my social life was improving, and after another month, I got myself the girl of my dreams.

But I wasn’t satisfied.

And here’s why:

I wanted to make absolutely certain that my system would work for other porn-addicts too, especially men like myself who had struggled to stop masturbating for a long time without success, and people that were on a long No Fap streak and never want to relapse to porn ever and ever again.

I wanted other addicts like me to also experience what life was like without the googles of porn. I want them to see that life can be beautiful no matter the situation they’re in.

The first thing I did was document every step I had taken: all the simple techniques and strategies I used and put them into an information product that would be easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand for anyone who needed it.

Then the second thing I did, was approached a number of (at first 10, and much later 30 more) porn-addicts on a “Reddit NoFap Forum” –frustrated, almost eager to try anything, and desperate for a simple long-lasting solution to a problem they considered nearly impossible to solve.

I told them my story (without changing a word), then I explained how my system works, the instantly effective changes I experienced, and why I wanted them to be part of my little experiment.

They Agreed to Take The Test!

I say test because, at the time, the only proof I had was myself, and I couldn’t make any guarantees for any other porn addict who tried my new discovery.

But you know what?

It worked for them!! It worked even much more than I anticipated!!!

Here’s what some of them said about my method of breaking their porn and masturbation addiction;

“Just wanted to let you know that today marks two months of my No Fap journey, and I can’t tell you how happy and healthy I am right now and I’m hoping for the best, one moment at a time.

So I don’t want to miss the opportunity to thank you for your presence and your precious book in my life, it has really made a big impact on me and my behaviour and my thinking patterns and how I see life. Again thank you so much and God bless. I remember 60 days ago I had relapsed so many times and then I was surfing through the Internet to find some motivation to stay sober and ways to quit this habit, and then I found your Web site and it was a life changing magical book that I found.

I hope that you are well and happy and joyful

You are always in my prayers and my heart, stay blessed. Thanks.

– Avito Pereira

This is the ultimate guide to stop the world’s biggest addiction. Everyone should read this book at least once in their lifetime. A must read book to achieve your No Fap goals. And even your life goals.

– Vineet Chauan


So what does all this have to do with you?


I got to thinking…..

“If what I’ve written works for porn-addicts who use it, then it should be made available to as many porn-addicts who need it and who will use it”

Therefore, I set up this web page to tell my story, and to make my strategies easily accessible to you.

And the good news is…

You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune to Quit Porn and Banish Masturbation From Your Life!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn…

  • The 10-minute neuro-science technique that’ll help you crush watching porn and masturbation completely.
  • Hands-on tools that you can use to identify and eliminate the hidden emotions making it impossible for you to quit porn.
  • How the early men did it, what they knew, and how you can prove it in your own life
  • The most deadly consequences of porn-addiction (self-image, social anxiety, and others) and simple steps to free yourself from them all
  • How to supercharge your willpower (by up to 400%)–and put the odds of success of overcoming your porn and masturbation addiction firmly in your favor. And I guarantee that you’ve NEVER seen this technique ANYWHERE ELSE before.
  • How to survive the cravings on the hard days and make your No Fap journey super-easy.
  • The little-known breathing strategy that has helped more porn-addicts than any sane person could ever imagine –it’s so simple, even a 10-year-old can do it without any hassles.
  • You’ll learn how porn makes you numb to life and turns you into a miserable brain-dead zombie–and how to free yourself completely.
  • [AS A BONUS] Lifestyle choices and in-built techniques that shows you what to do with your new-found supercharged willpower and confidence (you’re a different person now, all that energy and enthusiasm cannot go to waste. See how to channel your superpowers for a life of guaranteed success).
  • At the end of this program, you’ll be a more masculine man, Laser-Focused With Unlimited Confidence, Motivated, full of Energy, Passion, and Creativity…And you’ll be able to Unlock your Ultimate Potential In your Love Life, Business, Work, Relationships, Fitness, Health, Spirituality, and Happiness!

AND FOR A LIMITED TIME, if you buy your copy of this book now, you INSTANTLY get the following bonuses FREE OF CHARGE;

  • A Companion Reading Guide: This is a series that systematically walks you through the book and deliver extra content for understanding the main ideas. It’s something you’ve never seen anywhere else before!! ($5 value)
  • A No Fap Habit Planner and Tracker: This beautiful Neuroscience-based No Fap habit tracker template makes it easy to plan and track your No Fap habits and stick with good routines. (It also offers a sneak peek inside the FD Undated Goal Planner) ($5 value)
  • My No Fap Diet-Plan: This simple but sure-fire diet-plan allows you to easily beat the porn cravings all through the day. ($10 value)
  • A Custom-made No Fap Journal: This daily No Fap journal is based on Emotional Behavioral Techniques (EBT). A technique that top psychologists use to unravel damaging and limiting beliefs of their patients. This journal is tailored to help you unravel the underlying emotions causing your failure on No Fap. ($7 value)
  • Premium subliminal affirmation MP3s: These brainwave training MP3s help you become a well-rounded masculine man as you’re doing your No Fap challenge. Several premium MP3s you’ll receive are; MP3 that rewires your brain away from porn, MP3 for financial success, success at work, more self-confidence, better self-esteem, for better decision making, for better physical health, for better mental health, for mindfulness, to defeat sadness, and attracting love. ($50 value)
  • Little-known technological innovations that will help you banish porn from your desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets foreverwithout spending a single penny. It’s more safe and convenient than services that charge you monthly. Once you implement them, even the best hacker in Russia can’t find a way through it. ($10 VALUE)

That means you get $87 worth of materials totally for FREE!!


FOR A LIMITED TIME, the cost of purchasing the manual RIGHT NOW is $17.





This isn’t everything I can tell you about the very practical information that this book offers to porn addicts.


Those Who Are Afraid to take a peek at porn and Masturbate Again after a very long time of abstinence!

You know, it’s not enough to go for a couple of days without jerking off to porn. The real problem often lies in going back to the very habit you swore never to indulge in again.

In short, what you really want is to quit and develop a no-bullshit mindset that guarantees you never watch porn or masturbate again!

That’s exactly what this book gives you:

It takes you by hand, and walks you through a time-tested fail-proof three-step system that helps you reboot your brain, and rewire it as you damn well please.

You will be learning little-known secrets that will 110% ensure your recovery is…

As Guaranteed as Sunrise Tomorrow.

Are you worried that you’ll never again have a super-exciting life filled with people that can’t get enough of you?

Do you feel that any woman you have sex with will never look forward to the next time because the first few rounds of sex with you were awful?

Have you lost confidence in yourself?

Are you suffering from social anxiety? (Do you struggle to socialize and mix with people? Even those you really want to be friends with?)

Do you feel like your life is wasting away?

Are you drained of energy, and tired all the time?

Are you depressed?

And do you feel helpless?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, then I urge you to get this book, read it, use it and experience the relief and sudden transformation that myself and several other former porn-addicts enjoyed (and are still enjoying): Here’s what some of them are saying:

This is a good book. Well researched book and it could help a lot of people. You’ve been nothing but perfect when it comes to the support you also offer. Answering emails and helping people like me. I’ve personally recommended it to my friends.

– Nikola M.

So i have been addicted to PMO since i was a child. I never really watched porn all these years, it was just hot girls who appear in movies or TV but about 2 years ago i came to realize that the girls that i watch in movies or TV don’t excite me anymore. That’s when i turned to porn and it ruined my life further. 

I thought about quitting every now and then during all these years and tried a thousand times but failed. A few days back i realized that i am going to turn 25 this year and i have spent almost 15 years doing it. That’s when i thought to myself that enough is enough if i don’t break free from this habit now it is going to ruin all my life and i will have this regret on my death bed that i probably could have tried harder to leave this addiction and my life could have been a lot better. 

That’s when i searched about how to quit PMO online. I was actually looking for a personal experience of a person who was himself an addict and managed to somehow break free. That’s when i found your website and your book. I have been a part of No Fap community, but you get really conflicting advice over there about how to quit this habit although it helps to be among people who are fighting for the same cause. I was looking for a systematic plan to quit this habit which i got in your book.

The best thing is that i can relate to the whole process you have described because you went through it. I would like to congratulate you on the work that you have done because its the need of the society right now especially when no one is writing about it. Thanks again.

– Danial A.

“Hey i have been reading your book. Its brilliant!! You have done a great job.” 

— Harry

“Thanks for sharing such a wonderful way of quitting this addiction…..I was addicted to it for past 4-5 years but fortunately, after reading your book, I have started my way away from it from the past few months….”


“Dude, really congrats for an amazing publication. Goes really profound for someone who has really comprehend all the scientific information about No Fap to the experience of what living it in flesh is like.”


Just a few messages from the thousands of emails I’ve received since putting my discovery out there.

But I don’t ask you to take their word for it. I don’t even ask you to believe me, all I’m asking is that you….

Prove it to yourself, At My Own Risk.

Let me make you a small promise.

Give me a few days.

Study this manual I’m sending to you.

You will never be the same again.

Inside this information product, you’ll find whole chapters, even paragraphs, and little trigger words that I have never revealed on this scale and they will subconsciously rewire your brain (as they have helped me and several other men) to quit masturbation to porn forever –as quickly as tomorrow.

You know, this book was written by an atmospheric physicist who was a porn-addict for 13 good years.

Why should it matter?

Because not a single sentence in this book was written by an arm-chair theorist who doesn’t know what it feels like to masturbate for years, stay away from porn for some days, and then almost mysteriously, start masturbating again with reckless abandonment of all previous vows.

Neither was it written by some university professor, sex therapist, or psychologist who never had to struggle with the constant shame and frustration that seem to…

Follow the Porn-addict Everywhere He Goes.

My point is:

This book was written by a guy who has been there, enjoyed porn, loved it, hated it (still went back to it), but through painstaking research, and extensive experimentation, found the perfect solution that helped him break the cycle of masturbation and has continued to help several porn-addicts do the same.

I guarantee that this book will show you step-by-step how to quit porn forever –and if you follow the steps as they are outlined, you should never again be overcome by the irresistible urge to masturbate (with or without porn).

This information-product is titled…A World Without Porn

If you take action now, these are the things you get;

 A book that has helped thousands break their porn and masturbation addiction ($20 VALUE).

 A way to completely block porn on your laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, FREE OF CHARGE, on as many device as you want ($10 VALUE). Even you can’t get around these filters. CSI can’t get around these filters.

 A Companion Reading Guide ($5 value)

 A No Fap Habit Planner and Tracker ($5 value)

My No Fap Diet-Plan ($10 value)

A Custom-made No Fap Journal ($7 value)

 A custom professionally made neuro-based brain training mp3 for breaking porn addiction ($5 VALUE). This is a porn addiction mp3 that automatically reverses the porn addiction pathways in your brain and kick-starts your brain rewiring process

 You’ll also get my premium brain training mp3 for financial success ($5 VALUE), success at work ($5 VALUE), more self-confidence ($5 VALUE), better self-esteem ($5 VALUE), for better decision making ($5 VALUE), for better physical health ($5 VALUE), for better mental health ($5 VALUE), for mindfulness ($5 VALUE), to defeat sadness ($5 VALUE), and attracting love ($5 VALUE).

That makes everything you’ll get right now worth $112.

But for a LIMITED time, you get this valuable course, with all its extras for an affordable price.

And I won’t lie to you, you might come back to this page tomorrow and not have access to this very generous price ever again.

So, if you act now, you pay $112  $17 for the whole course and all the bonuses and extras that come with it.

The cost of purchasing the manual RIGHT NOW is $17.




awwp image

And it’s easy to download the course. Just click on the buy now with PayPal button below;

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You’ll be taken straight to the order page where you can download the manual after making payment.

If for any reason or no reason at all, after applying the strategies in the manual and you don’t experience absolute self-mastery and a radical transformation in your porn and masturbation habits, you have till 31 days after the date of purchase to ask for a refund. And you’ll get every cent of your money back…

Guaranteed, No Excuses!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

I want you to think of your last three relapses and think of how devastating they were.

Believe me, I know how you feel; the depression, the fatigue, the shame within, the brain fog, but I’m telling you, your problem is probably little or nothing compared to mine.

Imagine you can learn the techniques that will make you more psychologically powerful than your porn and masturbation addiction. And that’s exactly what I’m offering you.

Please let me help you.

For close to three years now I’ve neither looked at porn nor masturbated. Not once. And if I could do it after thirteen years of non-stop masturbation, if several others like you could do it, I guarantee you can do it too.

Think about what is already happening in your life. Think about what will continue to happen if you don’t act now.

What would you lose if you continued down this PMO addiction path?

Your Wife or girlfriend…?

Your Family…?

But it’s deeper than that.

Do you want to have kids someday?

If you don’t stop NOW…

Full-Blown PIED could set in leaving you in a permanent and irreversible state of “Sexual Death”…

Ultimately causing you shame, embarrassment, and destroying your confidence as a man.

Worse still…

Do you have kids? What are their names?

How will their lives be affected if you don’t change now?

How will they look at you 5 years from now…

10 years…

or on your death bed? How are they going to remember you?

Even worse…

If you allow your risky sexual behaviors to escalate and get out of control, you could end up not achieving your goals, you could end up losing your job, your marriage, and the respect of your family and friends!

Remember, now more than ever, you have a real fight on your hands, and it is only going to get worse if you don’t take action now and fight it with all you can.

Download the book now.

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If you need to reach me personally for any reason at all, you’ll find my personal email details below


#PS: Listen: It took me over five years (of frustration, bitterness, and hard work) to finally make the discovery that helped me stop masturbating to porn for good, but you have the luxury of knowing everything now. Knowing everything I wish I knew all those (dark) years in the past.

If you really want to make a change, if you really want to regain control of your life, if you want to regain your sexual powers, become super-confident, and put the odds of success firmly in your favor, this book will get you there faster than anything else ever written on this subject.

Will you prove it to yourself?

And will you start now?