How to Succeed in NoFap: The Missing Elements to achieve 90+ days of NoFap challenge

Most PMO-addicts wonder if there’s a fail-proof strategy on How to Succeed in NoFap.

In this NoFap success guide, you’ll learn all the things you’ll need to have a successful reboot with NoFap.

But first things first;

What’s a NoFap reboot?

Rebooting is when a certain period (usually three months) of abstinence from internet porn, masturbation, and orgasm (PMO) is completed.

Your brain gets rewired to the way it was before you became gaddicted to internet porn.

Think of it as formatting your faulty computer hard drive and rebooting it.

The benefits of completing a NoFap reboot as reported all around the world has been phenomenal.1

The benefits that are reported range from NoFap curing Erectile Dysfunction, to increased happiness, more focus, more motivation to “go get it” in life, and the list goes on and on.


But you’ll realize a very significant thing after trying the NoFap challenge for the first time.

And that significant realization is that;

NoFap’s a lot more complicated than you think!

How to succeed in nofap, a man thinking in the woods

If you’re like the rest of us, you might think you can just dive in and get three months of NoFap under your belt.

But after two or three relapses, you intrinsically know that the NoFap challenge is harder to achieve than it seems.

The majority of Fapstronauts have difficulties pulling off the three months of NoFap hard mode.

Most people’s NoFap journey becomes a never-ending vicious cycle.

The cycle of starting NoFap, relapsing after four days, going on a PMO binge for four weeks, start feeling guilty and shameful, deciding to get back on the wagon, relapsing, binging, guilt, shame, usually in that order.

When NoFap conversations come up between my friends and me, I tell them that if you’re able to complete the NoFap challenge on your first try, that meant you weren’t addicted to PMO in the first place.

Here’s a video showing you why NoFap is very difficult to do and what you can do about it:

Your brain fighting for survival

nofap success Brains way of showing resistance

Why is NoFap hard to do?

Why is it so difficult to break your Porn and Masturbation addiction?

Well, for starters, the word “addiction” comes from the Latin word “addico”, which means “to devote”.

Your brain’s become devoted to PMOing.

Over the years, the repeated act of PMOing has become a part of your brain’s identity.

And to abruptly stop PMOing means requiring your brain to CHANGE in a BIG way.

One thing to know about the human brain is that it DOESN’T LIKE CHANGE.

When you want to change a pattern that had been reinforced to become a habit, your brain will fight back.

So, after three days of NoFap, the fear circuits of your brain will SWITCH ON, while the motivation circuits SWITCH OFF.

And by throwing some withdrawal symptoms of NoFap your way, your brain gets you to revert to PMOing.

The Willpower Paradox

a flagpole that says please stay on the path

To break a cycle of addiction, you need a little something called willpower.

The part of your brain that’s responsible for willpower is the prefrontal region.

From a neurological standpoint, over the years of addiction, anytime you watch porn, you’ve been giving in to compulsiveness.

And this act had been strengthening the limbic part of your brain.

Your repetitive compulsiveness has been weakening your prefrontal cortex neurologically and shrinking it physiologically.

Ergo, your ability to exercise willpower is impaired when it comes to breaking the addiction of PMOing.

The paradox in this case, if you do not see it yet, is that what’s required for you to break the addiction isn’t available. Or at the very least, not in abundant quantity.

So, how do you use something that you do not have?

The willpower paradox is the primary reason why most addiction cycles can’t be broken easily.

This condition is referred to as Hypofrontality.

It’s a condition often observed among different addicts.

The substance of abuse might be food, drugs, alcohol, TV, Pornography, or any other form of compulsive behavior.

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The Foundation for NoFap Success

Now that we’ve established that the NoFap challenge might be difficult to achieve, it’s time to build a strong foundation.

It’s on this foundation that any principle, strategy, or methodology that you’ll learn in this post will stand on.

Think of a skyscraper. You’ll agree it’s crucial to focus on its foundation before piling on the layers.

At this point, I want you to have it in mind that completing the NoFap challenge will require everything you have.

Because your brain will test you. Your libido, your body, your porn cravings will all come calling. They’ll all come to test your will.

So, you’ll need all the tools in your mental and physical arsenal to succeed in the NoFap challenge.

A Fascinating Scene from “War Dogs”

In the movie War Dogs, there was a scene where the character played by Jonah Hill wanted to buy weed from some random guys on the street.

These guys collected his money. And when he asked them where the weed was, they showed him a pistol and told him to get out of their sight!

So, the Jonah Hill Character went to his car and pulled out an automatic rifle from the trunk.

Realizing they were seriously under-gunned, the guys on the street ran for their dear lives.

This movie scene clearly depicted the definition of the words “taking a missile to a knife-fight”.

To succeed at NoFap, you also—like the Jonah Hill Character—need to get a missile and bring it along to the knife-fight NoFap will challenge you to.

(I hope you know that the missile and knife part of these statements are metaphorical, right?).

No form of addiction can be broken easily. So, it’s better to prepare yourself so that nothing’s left to chance.

How you ramp up your preparation efforts is by knowing the mechanics of the addiction like the emotional triggers, the cravings, the different highways to relapsing, and so on.

The knowledge that results from this preparation stage of NoFap will take you a long way during the cravings pitfalls, the emotional roller coaster, and the withdrawal symptoms you’ll experience along your NoFap journey.

7 things to do to GUARANTEE your success in the NoFap challenge

If you’re struggling with the NoFap challenge, to succeed in it finally, these are things that you MUST do;

  1. Figure out your BIG WHY for doing NoFap

a painter painting why in the sky

This is the first thing to check off your list.

It’s the most important thing to figure out before starting your NoFap challenge in the first place.

Everybody has their reasons for doing NoFap. But the question you should ask yourself is that are your reasons for doing NoFap BIG enough?

If you don’t have a strong reason motivating you, you would easily give in to the cravings.

Most people get this wrong right off the bat by doing NoFap to get laid more.

This is a good reason in itself, but the problem with this reason is that it isn’t sustainable.

From my experience, it doesn’t last past the first two weeks of NoFap. Or until you get into a relationship on NoFap. Or when you give in and get back together with that ex of yours—you’ve sworn not to date anymore.

So, you need a reason more profound than just doing NoFap to get laid.

You need a reason that keeps you awake at night. A reason that makes you never want to go near porn again.

So, why must you change?

If you’re observant, you would’ve noticed that the people able to go long-term with NoFap are those that ABSOLUTELY MUST stop PMOing because their lives depended on it.

For instance, guys that have developed some form of erectile dysfunction are really motivated, and they go long-term on NoFap.

I think not being able to get it up when needed to by your partner would be a big enough reason.

Don’t you?

So, I ask you, why do you want to quit watching porn and masturbating?

The answer to this question will take the struggle out of quitting. It’ll make quitting porn and masturbation a breeze, and a walk in the park.

It’s the profound reason you come up with that’ll change watching porn from something pleasurable to poison.

Yes, I said it. POISON.

It’ll turn NoFap from something that you kind of want to try because others were doing it, to something that you absolutely must do because your life depended on it.

The Type 2 twist

To illustrate what I mean, I will use my Dad as an example because his situation was a perfect scenario.

My Dad loves drinking alcohol.

In his youth, when he married my mom, he tried to quit several times. But he never really did.

When we were born, he told me he also tried to quit drinking, but he always found a way to go back to drinking.

My Grandfather was diabetic, and he always warned my Dad to stop drinking since Diabetes is hereditary. And he had a high risk of having it too.

But guess what?

That also didn’t stop him from drinking.

Fast forward to the day that my Dad was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes; that was the day he dropped his bottle.

From that fateful day to date, my Dad hasn’t had a drop of alcohol.

What Diabetes did for my Dad’s drinking was that it turned a pleasurable activity into poison.

But I don’t want you to go blind before you stop masturbating to internet porn.

What you just need to do is find a big enough WHY through some soul searching, and you are good to go.

So, what’s going to do it for you?

What reason will be BIG enough for you to quit PMOing?

Is it that your Erectile Dysfunction and your future may depend on completing NoFap?

Chances are if you’re a heavy porn user, you have one form of penile dysfunction or one form of desensitization towards real-life sex and girls.

Would that motivate you enough?

Is it having to go out there and approach girls more because that would be your only chance of getting off?

Or is it realizing that you’re a 25-year-old jobless man-child with a University degree still living with his parents while life was passing him by, whose mates are forging ahead in life while he’s busy jerking off to porn and playing video games and being too brain-dead to follow through on his plans and goals and the activities that will make real change in his life? Well, that did it for me.

Or is it visualizing where your life will be in the next ten years while you’re still enslaved to this vile habit—where you are just too shy and afraid to face the real world, and the picture you see scares the hell out of you?

Or is it knowing that all the dreams you had and still have at a point in your life might never come to fruition, and your life might amount to nothing because you just literally don’t have the energy to take action?

Do you like having more money?

Do you want to live a life of financial freedom so that you and your family would never have to worry about money ever again?

Because if you do, you are probably in your prime, and this is the time to work on those things, but you’re busy draining your life-force into the tissue.

Is it that your happiness and your confidence may depend on completing NoFap?

Do you want to be happier?

How happy would you be if you can raise your mood by 10% in this frantic world we currently live in?

Do you want your days to get brighter? Do you want a deep-seated joy and knowingness that comes from the SELF that no matter what happens, YOU will be okay? Regardless of the situation, you find yourself.

Do you want more confidence? A kind of confidence that drugs can’t buy?

Do you want back the God-intended state of health, well-being, and a sense of purpose that’s already drained by porn; Do you want it back? It’s yours!!

Do you want to go back to your natural state, where you feel connected to the world and the people around you on a much deeper level?

Do you want to live and feel again?

Does getting your family and loved ones back sound appealing to you?

Is your relationship or marriage on the rocks because of this bad habit?

Do you want your family back again?

Are you tired of always locking yourself in your room? Are you tired of always feeling a sense of shame after your porn sessions?

Would you like to break free from other addictions you have?

Do your siblings and your loved ones seem like strangers to you because you’ve turned into a walking zombie?


Those reasons should make you think for a moment. They are what’ll get you through the cravings and withdrawal symptoms you’ll experience along the way.

By now, you should have known some of the negative side-effects of PMO addiction. And you can always research the topic more. It’s not that hard for you to get more motivated for NoFap.

What I want you to do now is sit down and take an in-depth look at your life and look for the ways you think that your porn addiction is affecting you and changing you in relation to the type of person you really want to be in life.

Remember, you’ve only got this one life to live, and the clock is ticking.

After you’ve done this, I want you to list the reasons why you must change.

Find the most compelling ones that, when you think of them, it makes you want to curse the day you watched porn for the first time in your life.

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  1. Create an environment for NoFap success

a tree of the media environment we live in

This step is obvious and crucial to succeed in NoFap.

It’s similar to an alcoholic ridding his house of all alcohol when he’s trying to stay sober.

A lot of people overlook this step, and in a moment, I’ll explain why it’s a non-negotiable step to NoFap success.

The Priming Effect

Our environment influences our day to day decision making processes more than we know.

Recent scientific studies are shedding light on the effects that the nuances—that we interact with daily are having on our sub-conscious mind.

These nuances, known as cues, can lead to complex overt behavior (JA Bargh). This phenomenon is known as the priming effect.

Priming is so powerful that it made young people walk like older people.2

And as more work’s done on the priming effect, Payne and his colleagues at the University of North Carolina did a series of experiments on behavioral priming.3.

In the first experiments, Payne found that exposing volunteers to the word “gamble” for 300 milliseconds encouraged them to bet more.

Payne and his colleagues also concluded that priming works best if the prime is in line with the individual’s stereotypes, traits, or predispositions.

So, what does this mean for you? You—who’s a PMO addict trying to stay sober.

It means that because you’re already predisposed to porn, the slightest exposure to cues related to porn can result in a slippery slope of relapse.

Environmental sanitation

In our societies today, you listen to most music, the theme is sex.

You watch a music video or a movie; there’s always a hero who wins at the end of all his struggles by “getting the girl”.

Plus, there’s social media, which in my opinion, is used by people to hawk sex at every chance they get.

The message ingrained by the media and the environment of today’s world is that the epitome of achievement is sex—and sex in this context is the virtual and unnatural kind that porn is peddling.

And this is what youths of today gravitate towards and regard as the most fulfilling and the most rewarding thing they can do in life.

So, if you want to help yourself and make NoFap super easy, you should create an environment that’s anti-porn while you’re doing NoFap. You should install NoFap porn blockers and filters on ALL your devices.

Creating a conducive NoFap environment can start from getting rid of the porn stash on your computer.

You can’t be staying off porn and still have a porn stash on your devices. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to succeed in NoFap while they’re still there.

So, ruthlessly hit the delete key and get rid of all the porn videos, erotic images, and gifs on your devices.

Don’t think about it!!

Just do it!!!


Now that you have taken out the trash, literally speaking, it’s time to go to the next step.

But, before you go, do one last search on your devices and make sure you got them all.

If you just remembered a location where you’ve hidden porn on your device, go there with the machete. Then go to the recycle bin and empty it in a click. NOW!!!

Social Media

Stay off sexually stimulating content on social media.

So, go to all your social media accounts and ruthlessly delete/unfriend/unfollow/unhashtag those people or accounts you follow that upload pictures or videos that can trigger you to watch porn.

Better still, completely stay off social media while you’re on NoFap.

You can make the decision not to log into your social media accounts till you complete your reboot.

I know it seems like a lot and an impossibility, but BELIEVE ME, the world won’t stop spinning on its axis if you do it.

Get this filter and accountability software and your environment is taken care of. And you’re on your way to a successful porn addiction reboot. You gain access to EFFECTIVE free porn blockers across all your devices. Access to an Accountability partner for free. And MUCH MORE!!

  1. Know the underlying emotions triggering your porn use

timer arrow pointing to different emotions

You have to pay attention to your thoughts and emotions.

This is a beneficial thing to do in life, even outside the context of NoFap.

When you start noticing the thoughts coming to your mind, you get to realize that you aren’t your thoughts. They come, and they go after you’ve acknowledged their presence, and you’ve managed not to react to them.

You should also know that you can’t stop your thoughts and emotions from coming. And the more you resist a thought or an emotion, the more reinforced it becomes.

Addiction is often a coping mechanism for an emotion you aren’t ready to confront. Anytime you crave PMOing, there’s always an emotion or a thought triggering it.

This emotion might be invoked by a picture you see on the internet, something someone said to you, a particular time of the day, or a specific place in your room.

And over the years, your brain’s made strong associations with those emotions leading to you jerking off at your computer screen.

These emotions might be depression, boredom, feeling pressure on a particular issue, feeling like a failure, rejection, or in some strange cases, happiness.

How to track your Emotions on NoFap

What you can do when you are on NoFap is to pay attention whenever you get the urge to watch porn.

Notice what’s going on in your head.

What are you doing at that time?

What are you supposed to be doing that you’re neglecting? Why are you ignoring such a thing?

Where are you? What time of the day is it?

With time, you get to identify your emotional triggers. And instead of watching porn to suppress these emotions, you can interrupt the pattern by acknowledging those emotions, dealing with them, or finding something constructive to do instead.

Check this post to learn everything you need to know about NoFap and your Emotions.

Mindfulness to one’s thoughts and emotions is a skill that’s improved with constant practice.

One of the ways that the habit of mindfulness can be quickly cultivated is through deep breathing.

  1. Calm down, and take a deep breath

Street art depicting inhale and exhale

When the inevitable cravings come knocking on your door, you should take three deep breaths.

Taking deep breaths regularly throughout your day will get oxygen into your brain.

This makes you more relaxed, and it also provides a much-needed shift of attention from the cravings you’re currently experiencing.

What you ultimately want to do after taking the deep breaths is to leave the scene of the cravings, or find something to do that’ll take your mind off the porn thoughts.

What deep breathing gives you is a window of opportunity to alter the predominant patterns that eventually lead you to watch porn.

Outside the realm of NoFap, deep breathing is a practice that you should make an effort to do throughout your day.

It’s an excellent relaxation technique that helps you be more stress-free. And this, in turn, increases your productivity in your day to day activities.

The best practices of deep breathing practice

One thing you could do is set an hourly or two-hourly reminder on your mobile phone to take three deep breaths.

I currently have a reminder on my phone that goes off every 50 minutes and reminds me to take three deep breaths immediately.

Try to incorporate this in your own life, and you’ll notice you’re more relaxed, focused, and creative in executing your daily activities.

To start the deep breathing practice right now, as you are reading this post, take a deep breath.

“Breathe in deeply through your nose and fill your stomach, chest, and lungs with air until you can’t fill them anymore.Let the air out at your own pace. Notice how your stomach and chest deflates as you let out the air and notice the yawning that mostly follows the first exhale.Notice how your body is slipping into a state of relaxation. Take in another breath, exhale, take another breath in, and exhale again as you feel more, more, and more relaxed.”

A note of warning about deep breathing on NoFap

If, after taking the deep breaths, you’re still engaging in the thoughts causing your porn cravings, there’s a very high chance you would eventually take a bite of the forbidden fruit.

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  1. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself

In an ideal world where we honor the laws that govern the universe, we shouldn’t be addicted to porn.

NoFap shouldn’t be a challenge; it should be our way of life.

So, try not to make it a challenge.

Psychologically, all you do when you make NoFap a challenge is to signal your brain that it’s a challenging thing to do. And trust that your brain will make it challenging.

If NoFap is something you’ve accepted as a way of life, by now, you would’ve done the above steps, and your cravings will have significantly reduced.

Know that this is your life, and you owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Stay off counters, try to stay off Reddit and forums as much as possible. Move on with your life.

By all means, if you’re looking for motivation sometimes, go to the forums.

And when you want to post your NoFap success story, to share the benefits and the obstacles you had to overcome after a long time of NoFap, to encourage others that are just starting on their NoFap journey, post on the forums.

But, don’t be living on the NoFap forums, and don’t make it all you do. Don’t allow the addiction to take over your life. Rather, read the best NoFap books for success.

The anomaly in your life right now isn’t the NoFap streak you’ve managed to put together; being addicted to PMOing is the anomaly in your life.

Make this mental shift. So that instead of your chimp, YOU are putting your hand on the steering wheel of your destiny.

  1. Have a plan for the hard days

ipad, mouse, and keyboard for planning

I wouldn’t lie and say that NoFap is easy to do.

If it were easy, there wouldn’t be a need for this lengthy post.

There will be hard days along the line.

Days when your mood will be all over the place, your libido will be off the chart, or days your libido’s existence would be close to none.

There’ll be days you would be bored or angry for no particular reason at all.

With this in mind, it’s wise to plan and prepare for these types of days in advance.

Two steps are involved;

  • [STEP I] Stretch your life’s horizon a little bit more. Make a list of positive and empowering activities you can use to fill your time while doing NoFap.

These activities could be something like joining the gym, going out of the house more, going for a walk more, going for a run more, buying a musical instrument and learning to play it, taking a scheduled nap in the middle of the day, watching your favorite comedy tapes, reaching out to new and old friends and making plans with them more, taking a cooking class, and so on.

This first step aims to get you engaged and get you out of the house more. To get more insight into how this helps with NoFap, here’s a post on the best NoFap habits to cultivate for NoFap success.

  • [STEP II] The second thing to be done is to make sure that you plan your tomorrow, today.

Might be in the night before you go to bed, make sure you plan the next day down to the last hour.

Fill in your days with the engaging activities you just decided to do in the first step.

A note of WARNING

Don’t overwhelm yourself!

Only bite what you can chew!!

Overwhelming yourself with new activities is what can be done wrong with STEP I above.

Trying to take on a lot of new activities at once might get you overwhelmed and therefore make you unable to do anything at the end of the day.

Take on new activities one at a time. Don’t pile it all on yourself at once.

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  1. Track emotions, success, and failures by Journaling

a pair of glasses and pen on a journal

What I don’t often see on the NoFap forums is a comprehensive account of how someone failed at doing NoFap. I wonder why that is. Wouldn’t it be helpful to others to know how to avoid that pitfall? [Just thinking out loud]

Journaling helps you think out loud, as thoughts and moments have a habit of always fleeting.

Journaling will help you know if you’ve made progress, even when you think you haven’t.

Write down the ways you think you’ve made progress and also learn from those.

Also, and of importance, is to write down those things that caused your relapse when there’s one.

Write down the emotions that are triggering you.

Write down what you think you could’ve done differently to avoid those pitfalls in the future.


The warm turkey method of succeeding in NoFap

Now, let’s discuss something you’ve probably never heard somewhere else before.

If you’re still struggling with quitting PMO, it’s probably time to try the warm turkey.

Doing the hard mode type of reboot is like trying to quit PMO cold turkey.

The problem with this type of method (sometimes) is that it often isn’t easy to pull off, especially if the level of addiction is very high.

The brain has mapped out a HUGE neural pathway to the addiction, and these associations can’t be easily broken, all at once, in some cases.

How to do the warm turkey style of NoFap

  1. Start NoFap with the Easy mode (Porn-free mode).

Don’t watch any type of porn. But you’re allowed to masturbate every other day without porn.

And when you masturbate, don’t have porn fantasies in your head. Think of real sex or past sexual experiences where there’s any.

Do this for up to a minimum of two months.

The first two weeks will be the hardest. But once you stick through it and get past that threshold, then it gets easier to do.

You’ll start getting HUGE cravings for porn, make sure you only release the pressure by masturbating. NEVER watch porn.

The aim of this first stage is you’re trying to break the association your brain has made to masturbating to porn.

  1. Continue with the Normal mode (No Porn and No masturbation mode) after two months

After the two months, your brain has probably dropped the porn pathways. It’s now time to kick the masturbation habit out.

So, after the two months, stop masturbating!!

And just like the first stage, the first two weeks will be the hardest to get through. But once you can get past that threshold again, it’ll definitely get easier.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the warm turkey method will be easy.

It also comes packed with its challenges and pitfalls. While doing the warm turkey, incorporate the steps we’ve discussed throughout this article as they’ll make the warm turkey also easier.

But the effects of the above steps will triple on easing your NoFap journey just because your cravings have been divided into stages, and they’ve become easier to manage.

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Closing thoughts on how to succeed in NoFap

After it’s all said and done, one thing to come to grasp with is that fapping is having an adverse effect one way or the other on our well-being.

This makes quitting an absolute must.

Remember, you’ve only got this one life, and it should be lived to the fullest.

If, for one reason or the other, you are struggling with NoFap, know that you are not alone and keep faith with it.

Keep doing it!! Keep following the rules that govern NoFap.

You can even take it one step further and use these supplements when you’re on NoFap.

But whatever you do, don’t give up on your well-being and happiness.

The benefits of NoFap far outweigh the challenges you’ll encounter while doing it.

So, no matter how hard it may seem to be right now to pull off, it will DEFINITELY get easier.

Also, accountability and removing accessibility to porn will make succeeding in the NoFap challenge super EASY.

Stay Blessed!! Stay WEALTHY!!!!

PS: I’m not just making this stuff up. I’ve struggled with PMO addiction for more than 12 years, while 6 of those years had been about trying to quit.

So, rest assured, I know what it’s like to be held captive by an addiction. Doing the things I recommended in this post finally helped me get a breakthrough.

So, from one fapstronaut to another, I know how difficult it could be if you’re struggling with NoFap.

And believe me when I say again that there’s nothing wrong with you.

You are only human, and you are making progress more than you know. It might not be noticeable right now, but your brain has started rewiring, and the hold porn has on you is gradually reducing.

If you would like to share your own experience of NoFap and porn addiction or would like to add something that might be of help, please, feel free to use the comment section below.

Sources and Footnotes

  1. A NoFap subreddit group (which as at the time of writing this has 682,000 members) has confirmed the benefits of NoFap. I don’t think over 682,000 people could be making up stories that correlate in many ways.
  2. In the famous experiment by Bargh et al., 1996, young students were primed to think of elderlies, and those young students did walk slower than their mates that weren’t primed.
  3. Replicable effects of primes on human behavior.

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  1. Omg what a great article this is! I loved reading this and I’m surely going to implement the things you have said in here. Thank you so much.

  2. I can relate with almost everything you have said and I am so glad to find this article. I am already on nofap since one month. relapsed once (no Porn, only M, well.. phone sex). But stronger than ever. I will surely implement your suggestions. Thanks a ton buddy.

  3. Super brilliant work!!! 2018 marked my 12yrs of constant struggle with masturbation. Thought I wouldn’t fap at all this 2019. Sadly, I’ve already masturbated 5 times since Jan1 to Jan19, 2019.

    I’m greatly inspired by your brilliant and sincere work. I decide now that enough is enough.

    I sincerely wish you could give me more motivation by checking in on me from time to time — say monthly or every two weeks.

    Thank you so much! GOD BLESS U!

    • Hello Mprof
      I’m happy you found the post helpful and inspiring. The decision you’ve made will go a long way and help you in the long-term.
      All you need is the commitment and willpower. Because as you already know from the post, quitting PMO is not an easy thing to do.
      I will gladly stay in touch and I will message you from time to time to check up on you.
      I wish all the best on your nofap journey.

  4. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful way of quitting this addiction…..
    I was addicted to it for past 4-5 years but fortunately I have started my way away from it from the past few months….

  5. Wonderful article…I’m currently pursuing my 90 day nofap. I relapsed on the 7th day. I started again and now I’m on my 10th day without PMO. It’s difficult but I see the differences already in these 10 days. I was a addict for the past 12 years. I masturbated at least 3 times a day.

  6. I have been addicted to PMO for almost 2 years now. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but it feels like forever. This is because I know that porn is negatively affecting my life and I am trying to stop the addiction before it consumes any more of my life. I will follow your instructions every day. Because I know it doesn’t happen overnight. I have accepted that now.

  7. I’m going through withdrawals from PMO.It’s been a week and I was wondering if sex with my partner is ok during this time?

    • Hello M,

      The first two weeks of nofap are the hardest. The withdrawals are strongest this time. And as time goes by, they’ll begin to reduce. So, stay strong.

      As regards the having sex part of nofap, it depends on your reasons for doing nofap in the first place. If for instance, you have a form of Erectile Dysfunction you want to cure, a week is too soon to notice any changes. So, this type of individual should know how to manage expectations during or after sexual intercourse.
      Having sex on nofap is not relapsing (unless if ‘orgasm addiction’ is a major part of your nofap goals). I think the answer to the question of whether to have sex on nofap depends on the individual. For some people, sex doesn’t have that much effect on their nofap. And they even report having an enhanced sexual experience with their partner. And for some, it leads to chaser effect(when you start binging on PMO). If this is the case, you should talk to your partner and postpone till you are farther down in nofap to sort of give your brain some time to adjustment.

      In my humble opinion, there’s no rule book for nofap (yet). Only you will know what the effect will be when you do it. And going forward, you can make future decisions based on this experience.

      Hope the answer is not confusing for you and it answered part of your question.

      Have a good day.

  8. i have tried this challenge but i keep in failing i found days that are super hard to quit but i abstained from masturbating for a month and now i masturbate like once or twice a month what can i do to stop for alonger time man i try hard to get busy but i eventually cant handle it

    • Hello Omar,
      I want you to know that you are not alone when it comes to having a hard time quiting this addiction.

      I think you should really try everything recommended in this post. And you should try adding meditation as i have found that it really helps.

      If you still can’t find a way to go long-term, maybe you should consider getting my book here and take a look at the strategies discussed and I’m sure it will work for you.

      Have a good day.

  9. Thanks for the article! I found this technic that seems to be working. Every time you feel urges or get carried away with sexual thoughts … you stop and do REALITY CHECK. Realize where are you phisically located, check and realize your surroundings. Go thru all your senses on what you see, hear and feel in this very second. Amazingly urges do subside while you practicing reality check. Good luck!

  10. The best article i have read till now i am now going to share it in a huge numbers u r gr8 man only reading this article gave me dopamine and motivation to nofap to be honest i was going to relapse before reading it but now after reading it i dont think i will relapse ever agian… thnx a lot

  11. This might be the best article about NoFap I ever came across. I have been struggling with nofap for quite some time now. But this right here has surely helped me a lot. Thanks for this mate.

  12. It’s an admirable journey.
    My big WHY, for engaging in nofap
    Is exactly because of willpower.

    The easy part imo is quitting porn.
    That’s easy.

    The hard part is the urge to masturbate because your brain craves a release!

    And denying your brain that release is like denying your lungs oxygen.

    It’s absolutely an admirable journey to abstain from masturbation.

    Masturbation is a slippery slope because it’s usually our first defense against stress.

    But I think its heavily important to stress that it’s not the ONLY way to alleviate stress or release sexual energy.

    What I’ve found is that by abstaining from the sexual rush of dopamine, I’ve been able to elicit endorphins/dopamine from activities such as sports or learning something new that’s fun.

    Basically, we have to teach our brains to seek pleasure in truly rewarding activities.
    It’s not easy, but it’s real and worth it.



  13. Great article. I don’t believe I’m addicted to porn, but masturbation absolutely. I used to do it multiple times a day if I was bored or needed a “win”. I’m brand new to the NoFap idea. I tried cold turkey and lasted a think about a week. I wasn’t tracking it. Then relapsed and now on day 2 or 3 and struggling. I want to do the cold turkey route but am wondering if warm turkey is the way to go. But that is just an excuse to do it. I feel ashamed after, but it feels so good. Pray for me.

  14. Hey i have been reading your book.Its brilliant,you have done a great job.I just wanted to ask if you know about a good porn blocker for pc.You talked about k9 in your book but it turns out it is no longer available.Thanks!!

    • I’m glad you found the book helpful. The k9 issue has been solved and the book has been updated accordingly.
      I’ve sent you an email detailing the steps to take to install the new free PC blocker.

  15. Hi, I’m new to the NoFap thing. I’m going for day two and would like to know if having sex makes the benefits of nofap wear off completely. Should I practice nofap as a teenager? Thank you

    • Hello Oki,

      Having sex does not make the benefits of NoFap wear off completely. But, having sex does impact the benefits you’re getting, and this is HUGELY dependent on the mode of NoFap you’re doing and why you’re doing that mode. For instance, if you’re on hard mode, sex isn’t allowed, and having sex will take away from your benefits. But this isn’t the case for other modes like normal mode or easy mode. I would suggest you read this post on NoFap modes to get a clearer picture of what I’m trying to get at.

      It’s cool to practice NoFap as a teenager. The earlier you start practicing NoFap, the better.

      I hope that helped.


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