NoFap Goals: 3 powerful ways to set them and achieve them

Setting NoFap goals is the first step toward NoFap success.

Goals are important in life.

And without a goal, you’re just like a ship without a rudder.

And NoFap isn’t any different from any other thing you do in life.

To have a successful NoFap, you need to set NoFap goals.

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Here are the reasons why you need to have NoFap goals when you’re on NoFap:

3 Reasons why you need NoFap goals

  1. Goals on NoFap help you define success

There’s a relativity to success that isn’t discussed enough in today’s societies.

And this success-relativity is why a lot of people fail.

Of course, the people that fail aren’t necessarily a failure, but they keep comparing their level of success to others’.

So, it isn’t a case of failing; it’s a case of inability to celebrate their own wins.

In the grand scheme of things, if you don’t define what success is to you, you’d find it difficult to achieve any level of success.

Because you won’t even know when you’ve achieved success.

Just as success in life is relative, so is NoFap success relative.

A 2-week NoFap streak can be a success to a hardcore PMO addict that has never gone 3 days without t PMOing in his life.

The same 2- week streak won’t be a success to someone that’s previously done a 200-day NoFap streak.

Setting a NoFap goal helps to rectify this problem. Because setting goals for your NoFap right from the start enables you to know what you’re working towards.

Aside from that, it helps you know what milestones you want to hit to classify your NoFap challenge as a successful one.

For instance, two hardcore PMO addicts want to do the NoFap challenge.

One person clearly defines a NoFap goal of getting to the 2-week mark.

The other person has no goal and merely wants to complete the NoFap challenge.

If they both get to the 2-week mark, one will feel accomplished while the other won’t.

This takes us to the next reason why you should set goals for your NoFap challenge;

  1. Goals make NoFap easier and can even prevent a NoFap relapse

While we are still on the topic of NoFap success, one thing to know about success, in general, is that success breeds confidence, which, in turn, produces more success.

When it comes to the hell that accompanies NoFap—cravings, withdrawal symptoms, relapse, boredom, and so on—they are mostly the construct of your mind.

They’re mostly the manifestation of your porn-craving chimp brain.

So, the logic is that the more control you have over your mind, the easier NoFap will be for you.

The majority of relapse on NoFap is because of the trick of expectation that our minds play on us.

Your mind will start telling you that the things NoFap promised you haven’t been delivered yet.

Along with this trick, your mind sends you all the agents of hell we mentioned above.

But a person with a well-defined and structured goal won’t fall into the expectation trap.

A person with a goal has a well-managed expectation of what he’s expecting from NoFap. Also, he has a realistic time frame in mind.

If you’re also the type of person who sets micro-goals for your NoFap, you get to celebrate many mini-successes. And remember that success does breed success.

So, setting goals gives you a high chance of going far on your NoFap.

  1. You can easily put your NoFap on steroids with advanced NoFap goals

Suppose you take the time to set other goals—like meditating, exercising—with your primary NoFap goals. In that case, you’re putting your NoFap on steroids.

When you add these goals to your NoFap, you’ll be getting the most out of your NoFap.

You’ll be doing NoFap the way NoFap is intended to be done. Because with this, you’re using NoFap as a platform to help you grow.

3 Mistakes people make when they’re setting their NoFap goals

  1. They think the ultimate goal of NoFap is to get laid

Most people come to do NoFap because they want to get laid. Or they want to get a girlfriend.

They think that if they complete the NoFap challenge, they’ll become a demi-god, and ladies will fall at their feet in bundles.

And when they complete the 3 months of NoFap and are still single or haven’t gotten laid, they conclude that

NoFap is a scam that doesn’t work.

These are the people you see on the NoFap forums that criticize everything about NoFap and say that NoFap’s nothing but “bro-science” and placebo effects.

I won’t lie; I’ve been guilty of this in the past.

Getting laid was why I started doing NoFap in the first place.

But the more I did NoFap, the more I realized that NoFap is much deeper than trying to get laid.

NoFap is more about yourself than another person. NoFap is more of self-transformation than any other thing.

So, any goal that supports the idea of self-improvement and self-transformation is a worthy goal to have on NoFap.

These goals are more meaningful than just getting in a relationship or getting laid.

As you’ll soon see in the coming sections of this post, I list the common goals that you should focus on when you’re on NoFap to get the best out of NoFap.

  1. They bite more than they can chew

Speaking of setting meaningful goals when you’re on NoFap, goals you’ll set also needs to be realistic and sensible.

In an attempt to rapidly transform their circumstances, most people take on too many goals, which is a little too much than they can cope with.

When you’re working on too many goals simultaneously, you find that you end up not seeing any of them to completion.

  1. They fall into the expectation trap

I’ve touched on this earlier. And this isn’t only applicable to NoFap. It touches on all of the goals you set in life.

People start working out today, and by next week, they start expecting to lose 20 pounds.

So, when they get to next week and don’t lose 20 pounds, they give up. They conclude that it’s not worth their time to be working out.

Goals require a germination period (if you will) for them to bear fruit.

This means that you keep working on a goal, and as you do, you give it time.

How much time?

It depends on your NoFap goals. While some goals are long-term, some goals are short-term.

For instance, if you want to use NoFap to get in shape, you’d probably have to give it a year of intense working out to see results.

But if you’re going to use NoFap to prepare for an exam next week, that’s automatically a 1-week short-term goal.

The advice is to set a realistic expectation with any goals you’ll work on. If you don’t, you’ll get tired and abandon the goals.

3 steps to set your NoFap goals properly

  1. Analyze where you are in life

Before you start NoFap, think about where you currently are in life.

What is your most pressing need right now? What do you want from NoFap?

Do you want to use NoFap to cure erectile dysfunction? Is that your goal?

Do you want to use NoFap to get your finances in order?

Do you still want to use NoFap to get laid? Cause that’s still a viable goal.

You need to answer these questions to know why you’re doing NoFap.

This is the first step to setting your NoFap goals.

  1. Clearly define the outcome of your goals and their duration

Once you’ve finished defining your goal for NoFap, the next thing to figure out is the outcome of the goal.

What would have happened for you to say that the goal you set was a success?

So, what does success mean to you?

If your goal for NoFap is to get a girlfriend, different outcomes can define success for different people.

For instance, getting a date, getting a yes, getting sex, getting an “I love you” are all different outcomes that would count as success to different people.

Getting out of debt or getting to a certain amount of income could both be viable outcomes of success in the getting-your-finances-in-order department.

My point is that you should have a SPECIFIC event that would occur, and you’d be able to say that your goal for NoFap has been achieved.

After getting a specific outcome, you also need to figure out a REALISTIC time frame that it’ll take for your outcome to occur.

It’s vital to put realistic deadlines on your goals to avoid falling into the expectation trap we discussed earlier.

  1. The Short circuit of goal-setting for NoFap

Now that you know how to set your NoFap goals, it’s time I give you some million-dollar advice that would save you precious time when you start your NoFap.

The shortcut I’ve found to setting and achieving goals in life is this;

Focus on yourself.

Not in the selfish sense, but focus on your self-development.

All those goals you have in life—like getting the love of your life, having enough money that you never have to worry about money till you die, traveling to exotic places in the world for vacation, becoming the best surgeon the world has ever seen—can only be accomplished if you become the type of person that can attract those things in your life.

We do not attract what we want; we attract what we are.

I know this is starting to sound esoteric, but it’s the truth of life.

When you see people that have what you want, notice that they’re almost always a specific type of people.

People who have money are good at what they do. People who have loving relationships are loving people themselves. And people who get good grades are studious.

So, the goal is to become first. Then, after you’ve become that type of person, you start having those things you want.

So, no matter the goal you have for your NoFap, your first and most important goal is to start working on yourself.

Start becoming the guy that a girl wants to be his girlfriend. Start becoming the guy at work that’s so good that your boss has no choice but to give a huge fat raise.

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