If you don’t know the NoFap benefits you stand to gain by completing the NoFap challenge—this will be the most exciting article you’ll ever read on the subject.

But first, we must separate facts from the myths surrounding NoFap.

There’s a debate on the benefits of NoFap that borders on whether you get superpowers from NoFap.

Do you become superman after completing a NoFap challenge?

Maybe, maybe not.

It depends on individual experiences.

I can’t honestly give a final verdict on this one.

But what I can do is give you realistic views rooted in scientific studies and my firsthand experience from more than four years of faithfully practicing NoFap.

If you are new to NoFap, NoFap is abstaining and recovering from porn and masturbation addiction for a set period.

Depending on the extent of your addiction to PMOing, the mode of NoFap you choose may vary.

On to why you’re here;

17 NoFap benefits that will change your life forever!

  1. NoFap re-balance your Dopamine pathways

nofap benefits

Dopamine is the feel-good neurotransmitter secreted in the brain once you complete a pleasurable activity.

It serves as a reward for doing pleasurable stuff. That’s why we feel motivated to go after such activities.

There are two natural rewards we are naturally programmed to seek. These two natural rewards ensure our continuity as a species.

And these rewards are;

But with the advent of high-speed internet, the average guy sees more naked girls in a night than the entire clan of cavemen sees in their lifetime.

This availability of porn implies that we tend to binge on it.

And because the brain can’t tell the difference between biological sex and porn sex, the reward circuitry is hijacked, and the brain is flooded with dopamine when we watch porn.

Unfortunately, your brain can’t handle that much dopamine at once.

The brain protects itself by reducing the number of D2 receptors in the basal ganglia and striatum.

D2 receptors are neurons that pass dopamine messages in your brain.

That’s why when you started watching porn, it felt so good, and as time went by, porn isn’t fun anymore.

And as time went by, you start watching more (hardcore) porn to feel the effect of dopamine.

Another effect of this reduction in receptors is that you become numb to everything else that isn’t hardcore porn.

You start getting depressed and develop a pessimistic view of life.

But because the human brain is plastic in nature, doing NoFap for a sustained period (ideally 90 days) can reverse this nasty process.

This is one of the mouth-watering NoFap Benefits that makes doing the NoFap challenge worth it;

With time on NoFap, your brain will rewire. Your brain produces more D2 receptors as NoFap removes the dopamine rush from porn from the equation.

Consequently, all those little activities that should be pleasurable and rewarding in life starts feeling enjoyable and rewarding again.

  1. NoFap makes you a more motivated person

nofap benefits

The motivation center of your brain is directly linked to your dopamine pathway.

To get motivated to do anything—your new year’s resolution, that school project you’ve been procrastinating on, there has to be a promise of reward attached to completing that task.

For instance, when you think of losing weight and think of the rewards attached to it, that thought should secret a little bit of dopamine in your brain.

But as a chronic porn addict, porn has hijacked your dopamine pathway.

Porn has raised your dopamine bar so high that your brain can’t pick up the little bit of dopamine secreted by goals like losing weight or sitting through a two-hour lecture.

But when you go on NoFap, you’re no more getting that huge dopamine hit anymore.

The number of receptors in your brain increases and your brain can quickly pick up the little bit of dopamine your dream (ripped) body is sending.

  1. Your Pre-Frontal Cortex comes back to life!

nofap benefits

Over time, most porn addicts suffer from a condition known as hypofrontality.

Hypofrontality is a condition where the grey matter of the brain’s frontal cortex region reduces in size.

At the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, researchers took 64 male participants between 21 and 45—tested them for the correlation of porn watching to grey matter in some region of their brains.

The researchers found a negative correlation between porn use and the grey matter volume in the right caudate striatum in their brains’ frontal cortex region.1

This reduction in brain matter happened because of the constant activation of their limbic system.

But because the brain is plastic in nature, NoFap can help replenish this grey matter volume.

This brings us to the next benefit on the list;

  1. NoFap gives you more willpower

benefits of nofap

The prefrontal cortex is the part of our brain that developed later along the line of our evolution.

It’s the part of our brain that allowed us to build skyscrapers and advanced civilizations.

This part of our brain is the seat of our ability to exercise willpower.

Thomas Edison was able to fail over a thousand times before inventing the electric bulb because he had an active prefrontal cortex.

You should know that this center of your brain is just like a muscle.

And according to researchers, the more you use it (exercise it), the bigger it becomes. And the bigger it becomes, the bigger your capacity to exercise willpower.

One of the benefits of NoFap is that throughout the challenge, temptations will come in the form of porn cravings.

And the more you use your willpower to resist these temptations, the bigger your capacity to exercise self-control becomes.

If you think about it, there aren’t bigger temptations to resist than sex because sex is a natural reinforcer for us.

Doing NoFap is the ultimate mental workout to build up your willpower muscle.

  1. Increased energy levels

nofap benefits

Honestly, this is one of the NoFap benefits that I look forward to the most when I’m on NoFap.

We don’t need a scientist in the room to know that ejaculation is an energy drainer.

If you masturbate often, you would have noticed the energy dip you experience.

When you ejaculate, you lose ZINC. The sperm contains a lot of ZINC.

Although your body can’t store ZINC, jerking off once or twice every day will DEFINITELY have an impact.

Because if you are losing ZINC faster than your body is synthesizing it, then you’ll eventually lack some.

Zinc synthesizes those enzymes and hormones responsible for anything energy and fertility-related.

My point is, excessive masturbation is an energy drainer.

To quickly replenish your ZINC levels with the best type of natural ZINC, so as to get more energy to hit the gym, to do your daily chores without stress, and be able to quickly synthesize a higher level of testosterone, among other things, check out this all-natural product.

Apart from draining your ZINC levels, these are other ways jerking off to porn drains you;

When you’re on NoFap, you remove all these energy vampires from the equation. And as a direct result, you have extra energy in everything you do.

When you are doing any physical chores, you feel like you can go a little longer.

Your day feels more energetic as there’s always that little extra energy you are not wasting jerking off.

If you are the type who works out, you know you can do a little more of those reps.

  1. You get a vacant time slot in your day

health benefits of nofap

One of the NoFap benefits is you find that you have extra time on your hands.

Because as an avid porn watcher, if you watch porn every day, to get off—find the right porn that would set off those dopamine alarms, you would need at least two hours of porn activity.

About one hour searching for the right porn. About one hour for the actual watching.

Let’s do some basic mathematics:

Two hours daily means 14 hours weekly. That means you’re using 14 hours to watch porn every week.

These hours, if used productively, can have a positive impact on your life and overall well-being.

To put NoFap on steroids, people use this new time-slot to take up better habits. I know I did.

These habits can include exercising, reading, learning, socializing more, and so on.

All these habits always have cumulative effects in the end. And at the end of the day, your life becomes transformed.

  1. NoFap makes you more productive

nofap benefits

Being productive boils down to better time management, better discipline, motivation, and being goal-oriented.

You become a more productive person when you’re on NoFap because your motivation increase—due to dopamine re-balancing that occurs.

Coupled with the increase in willpower, you’re able to confront those tasks you’ve been putting off. You won’t care if those tasks are boring or tedious.

Also, you’re able to stay with these tasks longer.

And when it comes to how you use your time on NoFap, that gets better too.

For starters, you’re no more wasting two hours daily watching porn.

If you go on NoFap, a benefit of NoFap is you’ll start noticing that you’re more conscious of your time and you’re making the best use of it.

“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” ~ Peter Drucker

  1. No dream or goal seems too big to achieve

health benefits of nofap

You might have thought about why guys like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and most billionaires (and inventors) became extremely successful.

Well, these guys aren’t spending the better part of their days jerking off to internet porn.

Some of them have publicly admitted to enjoying the benefits of practicing semen retention.

When you’re on NoFap, a very profound benefit of NoFap is you realize that those guys that have achieved remarkable goals are just like you.

They’re mortals that have blood flowing in their veins, just like you.

As you get more motivated towards life and get more productive, you’ll start believing in yourself more than before.

This sentiment is crucial to achieving your dreams and goals.

Because the more you believe in your abilities, the easier it is for you to believe in your dreams and goals.

NoFap makes you realize there’s a whole lot more to the world than sex and porn. NoFap makes you see the bigger picture of your life.

And when you start seeing the big picture and start believing in that picture, magical things start happening in your life.

  1. Nofap can cure your Erectile Dysfunction

benefits of nofap

Have you noticed the ability to get hard when watching porn but struggle to get and maintain an erection when you are with a real woman?

It was unusual to see cases of erectile dysfunction in men under the age of forty in the past.

But nowadays, because of the advent of high-speed internet porn, ED problems are now very rampant among PERFECTLY HEALTHY guys in their twenties.

You see, that age bracket up there is supposed to be the age of man’s sexual prime.

How do we get an erection?

Dopamine pathways regulate a man’s response to natural rewards, like having sex.

Dopamine signaling to the penis is crucial to arousal and erection when a man sees a mating partner.

So, the healthier your dopamine pathway is, the more likely it is for you to get and sustain a rock-hard erection in front of your partner.

But the brain of a porn addict is already flooded with dopamine and has a low number of dopamine receptors.

And this is why you are finding it difficult to get an erection at the right time because there aren’t enough receptors to trigger a rock-hard erection.

Also, suppose you’re the type that masturbates without lubrication (commonly referred to as the ‘death grip’).

In that case, your penis becomes so desensitized that you won’t be able to ejaculate naturally until you stroke your penis or you ejaculate WAY too fast.

So, what commonly happens to internet porn (and masturbation) addict is either of the following;

So, if your erectile dysfunction is porn-induced, by merely doing the NoFap challenge, you have a high chance of getting your mojo back.

But if you can’t wait for the long three months of NoFap, or you need to increase your sex drive, your libido, and erection in a natural way, check out this product that has really worked for me in the past.

  1. NoFap Increases your testosterone levels

nofap advantage

Let’s consider those things that scientists have proven to show a correlation between NoFap and increased testosterone levels in the body.

This study was what kick-started the NoFap movement on Reddit as it clearly shows that NoFap increases testosterone.

Bear in mind that fapping to internet porn is entirely different from having sex, and your brain sees it as a dopamine drug.

And fapping to internet porn will reduce the chance of you having physical sex regularly.

I say this authoritatively because of factors like erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, decreased sexual interest in a partner, social anxiety, and so on.

That’s why going on NoFap makes you a more attractive person and increases your masculinity.

Zinc is an essential nutrient that helps synthesize enzymes and hormones. One of those hormones is testosterone.

The male semen contains a ridiculously high amount of Zinc. So, when you jerk off, you lose a considerable amount of Zinc.

Someone that jerks off constantly will be losing Zinc more than his body is synthesizing this nutrient.

And as a consequence, doing NoFap leads to high testosterone levels.

You can ask professional boxers like Mike Tyson, David Haye, and Manny Pacquaio if constant ejaculation doesn’t result in low testosterone levels. They know better.

To get a higher level of testosterone when you’re on NoFap, to get the deep voice you’ve always wanted, to build lean muscles, get the body that makes ladies blush, check out this all-natural FDA-approved and totally safe Non-steroid product. 

  1. NoFap helps your body make better use of testosterone

nofap benefits

As key as having high testosterone levels as a man is, your body needs to make effective use of the testosterone.

Androgen receptors are proteins that help your body make effective use of the testosterone in your body.

If these receptors aren’t abundant in your body, the total testosterone in your body isn’t used to build lean muscles and all the cool things testosterone’s responsible for.

With constant PMOing (constant sexual satiety), your body reduces the levels of androgen receptors.

After a while on NoFap, these androgen receptors start building back up and your body starts using the testosterone for what it’s supposed to use it for.

  1. NoFap makes you more attractive to the opposite sex

mental benefits of nofap

When you don’t constantly jerk off to porn, you retain your sexual energy.

As this sexual energy continues to build up, your masculinity and masculine features start to increase.

These masculine features include testosterone increase, muscle mass increase, a much deeper voice, and so on.

This increase in masculine features creates potent polarity.

Potent polarity is when masculine/feminine energy gets attracted towards its polar opposite.

Many guys on NoFap often report that feminine ladies often keep making eye contact with them when they’re on NoFap as one of the NoFap benefits.

Also, guys that were single when they started NoFap often report getting a girlfriend after some time on NoFap.

Check this post to know everything about how NoFap makes you a more attractive person and increases your masculinity.

  1. NoFap Increases your Law of Attraction Manifestation power

This is another one of the NoFap benefits that’s often overlooked.

The energy associated with the sperm you waste every day is very powerful.

So powerful that it has the ability to create life.

So, when you retain this energy, and you transmute it into your life goals, the object, or person you want to attract into your life, your manifestation power is 10x more powerful.

This sexual energy makes you more creative, more focused, and ultimately more motivated to put in the work to attract that which you want to attract into your life.

This way, NoFap makes the law of attraction work better for you.

  1. NoFap prevents hair loss

Talking about your body making effective use of testosterone in your body, this is another one of NoFap benefits.

95% of hair loss is caused by a hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)

DHT is a variation of testosterone. If your body’s producing more of this DHT from your testosterone, you’re prone to hair loss.

NoFap has helped a lot of people with their hair loss.

When you go on NoFap, you build more androgen receptors and they help you make effective use of the testosterone in your body.

With this, your hairline stops receding and you start growing thicker, and more hair.

  1. Increase in sexual libido—the real one

You probably haven’t felt real sexual urge since you got addicted to porn.

Especially if porn was what introduced you to the world of sex when you hit puberty.

Porn has taken over the sexual pathway in your brain.

The urges you used to get when you were a PMO addict were porn urges.

It’s not a natural sexual urge—since you won’t get an erection without watching porn or thinking porn thoughts.

When you go on NoFap, during the early months, you start getting huge cravings for porn.

If you can grind it out, you start getting the other kind of sexual urges—the real kind.

This is because as you add more days to your NoFap, your brain will start dumping the porn pathways.

And gradually, you start getting the natural type of erection that occurs from a girl just smiling at you.

This type of libido is devoid of porn—imagery, and thoughts. Instead, this libido is purely animalistic and raw.

  1. Your skin begins to shine (NoFap clears acne if you had one)

This NoFap benefit is a personal one for me. I’ve been battling with acne for so many years. Since I entered puberty.

I tried everything I could to clear up my acne. I used every cream I could get my hands on. But instead of receding, the acne got nastier and more terrible.

So terrible that I would be ashamed to get out of the house on some days.

But when I started being more consistent with NoFap—going for longer days of NoFap, the acne started clearing up on its own.

I would go for months without any more acne breakouts.

But once I relapsed back then, the acne breakouts would return.

You can check out this post to learn the science of why and how NoFap can clear your skin.

  1. NoFap keeps social anxiety at bay

Social anxiety is a condition that leaves you predisposed to PMO addiction. And it’s also a condition that PMO addiction can reinforce.

Either way, when you’re on NoFap, once PMO is removed from the equation, you’ll notice that your confidence levels go through the roof.

And you also get this urge to go out of the house to socialize more.

So, you’ll notice that your social anxiety significantly reduces when you are on NoFap.

Closing remarks on the health benefits of NoFap

Funny how many people still call NoFap “bro-science.”

For starters, it’s not only “bros” doing NoFap anymore. Nowadays, a lot of women are doing NoFap

Secondly, the people that mock NoFap are just too afraid to try NoFap.

Too scared that they might not be able to live without porn.

But let me ask you this;

What would you do with a slight increase in your motivation towards your goals?

What would that extra Edge, extra Energy, and extra Time mean to you?

I want you to picture a world without porn, or at least without porn addiction.

In a world without this addiction, everybody would be the best version of themselves.

Everybody would be as intended because no porn and masturbation will be zapping our energy, time, and manliness.

Please, if you have any questions, a contribution to make or you would just like to share your experience with NoFap, drop it in the comment section below.

PS: As regards your willpower, if you would like to know how it works, and how to boost it specifically for nofap, you can get this manual I’ve written here!!!

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Sources and Footnotes

  1. This was one of the studies that exposed the world to the evidence of porn addiction as a compulsive disorder. Brain Structure and Functional Connectivity Associated With Pornography Consumption: The Brain on Porn.