NoFap Sleep: How to cure your insomnia when you’re on NoFap

NoFap sleep and NoFap insomnia is a personal topic for me. As long as I could remember—before I even knew about NoFap—I’ve had a serious sleeping disorder called sleep apnea. What I didn’t know back then was that I was using porn and masturbation to keep my insomnia and sleep disorder at bay. So, when … Read more

Semen Retention Benefits: Things you should experience before you die

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Nofap Brain Fog: 12 easy ways to TOTALLY get rid of your brain fog on nofap

Attention! Focus!! Concentrate!!! These words, these feats, are becoming harder and harder for the average adult to achieve these days. Why? Because just as a blanket of cloud covers a bright sky, a fog has gradually covered the brain of most adults. In this technologically-advanced, fast-paced world, most adults turn to attention enhancers (like caffeinated … Read more

The best nofap books that will inspire, motivate and transform your life when you’re on nofap

This post was updated on 15/05/2020 Books are powerful. That’s why scientists have dubbed books; “super brain food” after years of research on the effects of reading on the brain. And that’s why the average CEO reads about 35 books per year. Think about that for a second. Books expand your thinking. It broadens your … Read more

5 Nofap habits that will help you stop relapsing: A counter-intuitive way to stop watching porn for good

I’m about to take you on a journey. But bear in mind that this journey will be counter-intuitive. So counter-intuitive that you’ll have to pay close attention and question your prior convictions about nofap. I advise you to get a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and let me take you on a ride of self-discovery. … Read more

Nofap Attraction: Does Nofap Make you a more Attractive person?

The dating world is complicated. Especially for people who don’t have that “attraction factor”—as the dating gurus call it. The “attraction factor” is that innate vitality that draws people to you like a moth to a flame. Nowadays, the type of life we live is depriving us of this vitality… Because we are so busy … Read more

The Nofap Chaser Effect: Everything you need to know about the chaser effect and how to prevent it

Once upon a time, somewhere not that far away depending on your geo-location, there was a boy (me) trying to make his fortune as an online sports trader. “It’s quite easy to do and very soon, you’re gonna be raking in the big bucks”, said a pointed-nose bald self-proclaimed guru on YouTube. “You buy at … Read more

Nofap and Premature Ejaculation: Can Nofap cure your PE?

One of the most frustrating things that happen to men in the course of their lifetime, at one time or the other, is premature ejaculation. The feeling of inadequacy and embarrassment when you ejaculate too quickly is immeasurable. Even if your partner was nice about it, and didn’t really make a big deal out of … Read more