NoFap Boredom: 11 effective ways to cure boredom when you’re on NoFap

NoFap Boredom

NoFap boredom is a withdrawal symptom that everybody MUST experience on their NoFap. There’s no escaping the NoFap boredom. If you’re on NoFap, expect the coming of boredom like the coming of winter (for my GOT fans). So, the question shouldn’t be, “when will I get bored on NoFap?” Because it usually starts around day … Read more

NoFap Wet Dreams: 12 things you need to know when you have wet dreams on the NoFap challenge

NoFap wet dreams guy sits in river

To have wet dreams, otherwise known as nocturnal emissions when you’re on the NoFap challenge is a normal thing. Not only are NoFap wet dreams normal, but experts have clearly said that nocturnal emission is a natural occurrence. And that it indicates a sign of a fully-functional, healthy, sexual system. So when it happens, and … Read more

NoFap Flatline: Everything you should know and How to beat the Flatline

NoFap flatline a man looking bored and unhappy

The NoFap flatline, as the name suggests, is a phase of flatness during your NoFap journey. This period comes with a feeling of emptiness, apathy, and boredom that takes away the excitement in everything you try to do. It tries everything possible to take your NoFap progress away from you. But don’t let it. The … Read more

NoFap Sleep: How to cure your insomnia when you’re on the NoFap challenge

NoFap sleep guy in a car

NoFap sleep and NoFap insomnia is a personal topic for me. As long as I could remember—before I even knew about the NoFap challenge—I’ve had a serious sleeping disorder called sleep apnea. What I didn’t know back then was that I was using porn and masturbation to keep my insomnia and sleep disorder at bay. … Read more

Nofap Brain Fog: 12 easy ways to TOTALLY get rid of your brain fog on nofap

nofap brain fog and social media icons

Attention! Focus!! Concentrate!!! These words, these feats, are becoming harder and harder for the average adult to achieve these days. Why? Because just as a blanket of cloud covers a bright sky, a fog has gradually covered the brain of most adults. In this technologically-advanced, fast-paced world, most adults turn to attention enhancers (like caffeinated … Read more