NoFap help, tools, and resources for NoFap beginners and NoFap Veterans

As a beginner on NoFap, there’s a need for NoFap help—so your reboot is successful. Because at the end of the day, the only thing standing in your way to self-mastery is the NoFap relapse. NoFap can be difficult to do for beginners. So, make no mistake, you need NoFap help, tools, and NoFap resources … Read more

NoFap Edging: Is it good or bad to edge when you’re on NoFap?

NoFap edging is the simple act of masturbating to porn (or without porn) but stopping yourself before orgasming/ejaculating, while you’re on NoFap. Edging when on NoFap can also be in the form of just watching porn without masturbating, while you’re on NoFap. To understand what NoFap edging is, think of an alcoholic that’s been sober … Read more

NoFap Motivation: How to get the best type of Motivation to complete NoFap Challenge

The motivation for NoFap is quite important. Because NoFap is one of those things that gets difficult at a point. So, when the going gets tough, your motivation for doing NoFap can be the thing that stops you from relapsing. But without a deep understanding of how motivation works, you might find it difficult to … Read more

Does NoFap get Easier: The answer to the most asked question about NoFap

Maybe you’ve tried the NoFap challenge, and you’ve been forced to ask the question of does NoFap get easier at a point? Maybe every day on the challenge had seemed like a groundhog day. You’re at the right place for that answer. And I’m here to tell you emphatically that NoFap does get easier with … Read more

The Nofap Chaser Effect: Everything you need to know about the chaser effect and how to prevent it

Once upon a time, somewhere not that far away depending on your geo-location, there was a boy (me) trying to make his fortune as an online sports trader. “It’s quite easy to do and very soon, you’re gonna be raking in the big bucks”, said a pointed-nose bald self-proclaimed guru on YouTube. “You buy at … Read more

How to start nofap in the best way possible: The 8 stages of powerful preparation for Hard mode nofap

If you’ve ever thought of how to start NoFap in the right way, then you’ve come to the right place. We weren’t told that porn was bad for our health at elementary school. But maybe you were lucky. Maybe you were told by your parents that porn was bad. And when you asked them why … Read more