NoFap and Creativity: 10 powerful ways to spark your creativity on NoFap

NoFap and Creativity

NoFap and creativity are two worlds that coincide. When the word creativity comes up, most people imagine a hippy, wrinkly guy with a paintbrush sitting in front of an oil canvas ready to pour his soul out. But creativity isn’t limited to the painters, the artists, the musicians, and the writers. Problem-solving, critical thinking, what … Read more

NoFap bodybuilding: 3 Ways NoFap will help you get that amazing body

NoFap bodybuilding

NoFap bodybuilding is an important topic to discuss. Because if you’re on NoFap, bodybuilding should be at the top of your NoFap goals. Bodybuilding is simply the act of lifting weights—either your body’s weight or actual heavy weights—and doing aerobic exercises. There are those people who do bodybuilding for a sporting event. But then, the … Read more

Does NoFap make you Happier?

Does NoFap make you happier

Does NoFap make you happier? I can’t give you a straightforward answer to this frequently asked question. Why? Firstly, the NoFap journey isn’t a straightforward one. Secondly, happiness—just like any other emotion—is transient. It’s impossible for you to be happy all the time. Life’s filled with both negative and positive experiences. And if you think … Read more

10 Famous people on NoFap challenge and semen retention that will inspire you

famous people on nofap

Although, it was a Pittsburgh web developer; Alexander Rhodes (and his friends) that pioneered the new-age NoFap online movement, make no mistake, the concept of harnessing sexual energy for a purpose has been part of ancient practices throughout our history. As you’ll soon learn, famous people across our history have tried a form of NoFap … Read more