Nofap Hard Mode: Everything you need to know to complete the NoFap challenge

Choosing the nofap mode to do is not as easy as you think. A lot of people tend to over-analyze and obsess over it.

The obsession and over-analysis stem from conflicting opinions on the subject.

Depending on who you ask, there are split opinions on which nofap mode helps you get the most benefit from doing the nofap challenge; which nofap mode helps you reboot your brain the fastest; which nofap mode is the quickest to help you reverse the damages that porn has done to your body. And on and on and on.

nofap hard mode different doors

Some people even believe some modes give you “godlike” abilities often referred to as superpowers.

Some believe that some modes are as good as not doing the nofap challenge at all.

Apart from which mode is best to do, what to do, and what not to do on these modes is also a major topic of debate.

I receive tons of emails asking me which NoFap mode is best to do.

The people who ask me these questions are always going on about what this person did, and which mode that person did, and the result that that person got from this mode of nofap.

What I always tell people when this question arises is that they shouldn’t put pressure on themselves.

They shouldn’t judge their results based on the results of others. Because, in my opinion, nofap results are relative.

And always, they’re never satisfied with this answer.

I’ll admit that part of this dissatisfaction is my fault. And I aim to rectify that in this post by educating you on the nofap modes.

So, in this post, I aim to explain what each mode is, with emphasis on the NOFAP HARD MODE.

You’ll learn a sort of “rating system” that’s based on your needs. And this system will help you make an educated decision about the nofap mode to embark on.

You’ll learn why you should choose the mode you’ll choose. You’ll learn the REALISTIC results to expect from the mode you’ll choose.

The NoFap Modes

Before we get into the nofap modes, I want to explain some components of nofap you should be aware of.

NoFap is an internet slang which means; don’t masturbate to internet porn.

The masturbation part should be self-explanatory.

The internet porn part is a broad term that encompasses any form of imagery depicting a sexual act.

Where do we often see porn imagery?

We think of porn pictures, VHS porn, DVD porn, all the way up to High-Speed Internet Porn—which is about 90% of porn these days.

Under the umbrella of nofap, another slang that’s been coined is PMO.

P stands for porn, M stands for masturbation, and O stands for orgasm.

The Orgasm is introduced because it’s common sense. When we masturbate, the aim is to ejaculate/orgasm.

Here’s where the conflict sets in. It isn’t only through porn and masturbation that a man/woman can ejaculate/orgasm.

You can have sex with your partner and orgasm. You can have a wet dream and orgasm. Your girlfriend/boyfriend can give you a hand/blow job and you can orgasm from that.

So, due to the introduction of ejaculation/orgasm, if you hear the term noPMO, it’s already outside the scope of the literal interpretation of NoFap.

It’s always the Orgasm part that gets people confused. But not for long. Because if you stay till the end of this post, you’ll have an understanding of what it all means.

What hasn’t changed since the inception of nofap is the modes of nofap. That’s unanimous and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

We have 4 nofap modes.

  1. The easy mode

This mode of nofap is when you stop (watching) porn. It’s also known as the P-Mode. The P stands for Porn.

With this mode, you can masturbate and orgasm/ejaculate, but you can’t watch porn.

People that do this mode often claim that porn is the ULTIMATE EVIL in the equation. That once you remove it, you can successfully reboot on NoFap.

I would’ve agreed with them, but, there are two drawbacks to rebooting with this mode of nofap.

  • The first problem with this mode of reboot is that it doesn’t get much rewiring done in the brain.
  • The second problem is that if you keep masturbating and ejaculating/orgasming, sooner rather than later, you’ll watch porn. It’s surprising how this happens. But it does happen a lot.

These two problems originate from the fact that aside from porn, masturbation and orgasm are also forms of addiction.

The act of masturbating and orgasming FREQUENTLY also desensitize the brain and the penis/vagina.

The main reasoning behind completing the nofap challenge is that you want your brain to detox from stimulants that floods it with dopamine. You also want your body parts (sexual parts) to re-calibrate.

If you stop porn only, and keep masturbating and orgasming, you still get doses of dopamine.

And because you’re already addicted to bigger hits of dopamine, your brain will want more and this will eventually drive you back to porn.

I only recommend this mode to people that;

  • Finds it EXTREMELY difficult to complete the normal or hard mode.
  • Are only addicted to porn. And have certain control over masturbation and orgasm (believe me, these unicorns exist!!).

Instead of quitting all three (PMO) at once, cold turkey style, the easy mode is the warm turkey style.

Quit porn first, then start quitting masturbation and orgasm as you see fit.

  1. The normal mode

This nofap mode is one of the two most popular modes of nofap.

Just in case you’re wondering, the hard mode is the second most popular mode.

The normal mode is where you stop porn and masturbation. It’s also referred to as the PM-mode.

The normal mode allows orgasming through wet dreams, partnered sex, or any other sexual activity that isn’t self-perpetuated.

The normal mode is mostly for people that are in a relationship. Because you’re still allowed to have sex with your partner and can orgasm through that means.

This is the mode that the nofap movement was built around.

The main goal of this mode is to detox the brain from porn and masturbation addiction.

And the majority of people that practice this mode of nofap usually have no other agenda than to beat their porn and masturbation addiction (and reboot their brain).

The rebooting process in the brain is more potent and faster than that of the easy mode if this mode is practiced faithfully.

This mode is quite popular because it’s able to cater to the sexual needs of a lot of people.

The group of people that the normal mode will be good for can include;

  • those in a romantic relationship or those that are married,
  • those that are currently without a girlfriend/boyfriend, but plan to get a girlfriend while they’re on nofap,
  • people that have no control over their porn and masturbation addiction, but have a certain degree of control over the rate at which they orgasm,
  • those that find it EXTREMELY difficult to complete the hard mode of nofap, and
  • people that are new to nofap.

The only drawback with this mode (to watch out for) is that if care is not taken, people on this mode can substitute their porn addiction with physical sex addiction.

This is because there’s still the issue of orgasming which can also become addictive if care is not taken.

So, when some people on this mode leave porn behind, they get addicted to sex. Some people even take it as far as becoming addicted to prostitutes.

  1. The hard mode

The hard mode of nofap is the complete definition of noPMO. The rules of this mode are; no Porn, no Masturbation, no Orgasm, and no sex/any sexual activity at all for 90 days at least.

This mode is more advanced and that’s why it’s referred to as the hard mode.

A lot of people confuse this mode with the normal mode.

With hard mode, no release of any kind is allowed. All the dopamine-releasing habits related to sex are stopped.

No form of orgasm or ejaculation is allowed.

This is why this mode is much more potent than the normal mode in reaping the rewards of nofap. In the sections that follow, you’ll get to know the reasons why this is the case.

I’ll discuss the advantages and side-effects of the hard mode and every other thing you need to know about the nofap hard mode.

  1. The monk mode

This is a more advanced mode than the hard mode. It has a lot more going on than just not PMOing.

The rules of monk mode, in summary, are; No Porn, No Masturbation, No Orgasm, No sex, no fantasizing about porn/sex in any form, no other dopamine spiking activities, and you also take up other naturally-rewarding activities.

Seems a little over-kill right?

This is the mode that’s proven to give you the ultimate and TOTAL life transformation.

People on this mode can reap benefits that transcend the benefits you normally get from the nofap hard mode. With this mode, rebooting the brain is lightning fast.

When you’re on nofap monk mode, you do away with other dopamine spiking activities to hasten the process of reboot.

Examples of these dopamine-spiking activities are;

  • Eating junk foods,
  • Consuming a lot of sugar,
  • Consuming caffeine,
  • Excessive video gaming,
  • Binge-watching Netflix,
  • Excessive shopping,
  • Smoking marijuana,
  • Doing drugs,
  • Consuming alcohol, and so on.

When you’re on nofap monk mode, you also take up other naturally-rewarding NoFap habits like;

  • Meditating,
  • Journaling,
  • Exercising,
  • Eating healthy/organic,
  • Reading every day,
  • Yoga and anything you can think of that can have a positive impact on your life.

If you’re new to nofap, I wouldn’t advise that you opt for this mode. It’s a highway to relapsing over and over again.


Because it’s almost physically impossible to stop different habits while attempting to take up new ones, all at the same time.

For starters, you’ll quickly burnout and the yo-yo effect will set in. As a result, you’ll likely revert to your old habits.

And this time, you’ll go at them more viciously than you did before. You’ll binge on them.

I’ll suggest starting with the normal mode or the hard mode.

When you’ve gotten your porn and masturbation addiction under control, you can opt for the monk mode.

When you eventually start the monk mode, try dropping and adding habits one (or two at most) at a time.

But that’s just an opinion of mine. If you are the terminator-kind that can go at the monk mode in all its might, all at once, then, by all means, go for it.


Now that you have a basic understanding of all the nofap modes, it’s time to zoom in on the nofap hard mode.

Putting the NoFap Hard Mode under the microscope

a person looking through a lens

Let me first make some distinctions:

  1. The hard mode is different from the normal mode;
  2. It’s different from semen retention—you can be retaining your semen and still be having sex;
  3. And it’s not necessarily for everybody—that is, it’s mostly circumstantial.

What differentiates the hard mode from the normal mode (and semen retention) is that the hard mode has no sex involved, at all.

The hard mode is especially difficult to complete if you’re in a relationship and this relationship requires you to be sexually active.

Most people believe that they’re on the hard mode when it’s the normal mode they’re doing.

But, the best practice is to figure out if you need to complete the hard mode in the first place.

The most important thing you should understand about the nofap hard mode is that doing it is mostly circumstantial.

Some circumstances would make you NEED to complete the hard mode irrespective of whether you’re in a relationship or not.

Three people that NEED to complete the nofap hard mode

  1. People that need to put their sex addiction in check

Sex can be addictive in itself.

If you find that aside from your porn and masturbation addiction, you also have sex too much, the hard mode is the best route to go.

If you’re in a relationship and you’re substituting your porn addiction with sex addiction, you need to go for the hard mode.

I see this happen a lot. People get in a relationship (or are already in a relationship) when they are on nofap and they have sex in an addictive manner.

The basic intent of doing any mode of nofap is self-mastery. Because you don’t want these compulsive habits keeping you prisoner.

The best lesson you can learn from completing your nofap challenge is mastery over dopamine-spiking trends and habits.

So, if you come out of nofap and have successfully dropped porn, but have substituted with sex addiction (or prostitute addiction), the whole purpose of nofap has been defeated.

But for how long should you do nofap hard mode to check your sex addiction?

Well, until you don’t feel the compulsive need to have sex anymore. Until it’s okay if you have sex, and it’s okay if you don’t.

  1. People that need to cure their Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED)

This is the biggie!!

PIED is the reason why most guys got into nofap challenge in the first place.

If you are experiencing any form of PIED, I would advise you to go for the nofap hard mode.

You need to take a break from any form of sexual stimulation.

And that includes physical sex or any other thing associated with it.

Dopamine signaling is instrumental to arousal and erection. By taking a break from sexual stimulations, you allow the dopamine pathways in your brain to re-calibrate.

To get faster results, you can opt for the monk mode and do away with any form of fantasizing.

There are three different types of PIED. But before I get into the types of PIED, I want to make some distinctions:

  • Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED) is different from Flatline: Flatlining when you’re on nofap is a withdrawal symptom. ED is a side-effect of porn and/or masturbation addiction.
  • The only way you can diagnose a PIED condition is if you are with a sexual partner. If you haven’t been with a sexual partner recently/ever, you can’t ascertain that you have PIED.

Now that I’ve made those distinctions, on to the three types of PIED that’s mostly experienced by porn addicts:

  • The can’t-get-it-up ED: this is when you can’t get and maintain an erection when you’re with a sexual partner. It’s only hard mode that can correct this form of PIED.
  • The one-minute-man ED also known as the Porn-Induced premature ejaculation. The hard mode or normal mode can correct this form of PIED. The only caveat is that you need to do constant kegel exercises together with your nofap to reverse the condition.
  • The Terminator ED also known as the Porn-Induced delayed ejaculation. This is when you have sex but can’t ejaculate naturally. Some people that have this think it’s a good thing. But, it’s not. It’s like taking an exam repeatedly and not getting the result. For starters, your partner might lose interest in having sex with you. And in some extreme cases, you can create insecurities in your partner. He/she might start thinking that something is wrong with him/her. All these can lead to the end of your relationship. To correct this condition, you’ll need to undergo the nofap hard mode.

So, if you don’t have a sex addiction, and you don’t have any of the ED types mentioned above, then you might fall into this last category of people that NEED to complete the nofap hard mode;

  1. People that need to work on a monumental goal

There should be a time in a man’s life when he’ll work on himself in the form of goals.

These goals can be spiritual goals, financial goals, health-related goals, personal development goals, and so on.

To achieve these goals, NoFap hard mode creates the best platform. Because at this time, you don’t have porn, masturbation, or sex pulling your attention and dopamine resources.

You’ll be able to completely immerse yourself in your goals and this simple act will fast-track the completion of the goals.

I’m not saying that it’s compulsory to go on the hard mode of nofap anytime you have a monumental goal to complete. But I’m advising it because it’s beneficial.

Examples of monumental goals that can spring up in your life that’ll require you to complete the hard mode can include;

  • You want to get that promotion at work by rapidly improving your expertise and performance;
  • Financial goals: that personal financial target you need to meet;
  • [Spiritual goals] You want to get to know your higher self or your higher purpose;
  • You’re an athlete and you’re preparing for a competition;
  • You want to make your business profitable or you want to take your business to the next level;
  • You’re a student preparing for a test or an exam, and so on.

Anybody that finds himself/herself in any of the categories above will greatly benefit from completing the hard mode because there’ll be physical and mental freedom from the compulsion of having sex and orgasming.

And this freedom translates to more energy and more dopamine to divert into those goals.

NoFap hard mode allows you to experience enhanced benefits over the normal mode of nofap.

Advantages of nofap hard mode over the normal mode

  1. Every benefit of nofap—having more energy, dopamine rebalancing, prefrontal cortex rejuvenation, curing erectile dysfunction, increase in testosterone, and so on—are all experienced in an enhanced version in hard mode, compared to the normal mode. I’m talking about to the tune of 4x more.
  2. You overcome all the withdrawal symptoms that come with NoFap much faster than when you are on normal mode. Examples of these withdrawal symptoms are flatline, porn cravings, and so on.

Disadvantages of nofap hard mode

  1. NoFap hard mode can provide an escape from reality

Some people opt for the hard mode over the normal mode because they’re scared of putting themselves out there, in the dating world.

They’re afraid of vulnerability and rejection.

I’ve asked people that always complain about their dating life, “Why aren’t you out there approaching and working on your game?”

Their answer;

“I’m on NoFap hard mode. And on NoFap hard mode, girls and orgasm are not allowed.”

Some even take it to the extent of putting their lives on hold all in the name of nofap hard mode.

They switch off and expect the “masculine energy” they’re cultivating to magically complete their financial goals for them.

They’re expecting muscles to pop up, but they aren’t working out consistently.

They sit there and expect that super-hot girl to “sense” their “overpowering testosterone” and throw her panties at their feet.

Please, don’t fall into this psychological pit!

Be mindful that you’re not using NoFap hard mode as a means to escape your reality.

NoFap should inspire you to make positive and radical transformations in your life.

All those areas of your life where you feel inadequate, you’re meant to use the focus and the energy you get from doing NoFap to fix those areas.

What I’m getting at is that if you must do the hard mode, make sure it’s for the right reasons (like the ones I listed in the last section) and not as a means to escape your reality.

Make sure you’re doing it to re-mold your reality for the better, and not to temporarily escape it.

  1. The likely health ramifications of long-term hard mode

There are studies out there showing that an adult man that’s not ejaculating frequently runs a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

These studies are still controversial as there have been other studies that have found the exact opposite to be true.

My opinion is that whichever the case, I think we should all thread on the side of caution.

This is one major reason why I think the hard mode should be mainly circumstantial. If you have to correct your ED, or you have a monumental goal to work on, by all means, go for the hard mode.

But once you’ve achieved your goal, it’s safe to revert to the normal mode.

NoFap intends to help you break your porn and masturbation addiction, and reverse the damages they’ve done to your brain and body.

Not alienate the sexual part of you. Not to turn you into a monk in China.

As a fact, if you do NoFap the right way, at the end of it, you should have increased sexual desires.

You should come to the realization that you’re a sexual being. As a result, you should be more comfortable accepting that part of yourself.

I don’t think it’s medically safe to go for one year without ejaculating at all (if you’re not a monk in the Shaolin temple).

The relativity of NoFap results

When choosing the nofap mode to do, I want you to have it in mind that results you’ll get will be relative to your level of addiction, the mode you choose, and most important of all, your anatomy.

Your anatomy is different from the other person’s. This makes your situation unique.

You might do the normal mode and cure your ED while the other person might need nothing less than the hard mode to cure his.

You might go on the nofap forums and see someone that’s doing the same mode as you—claiming that nofap helped him clear his brain fog while you’re getting more brain fog as a withdrawal symptom.

Why I’m saying all this is that people put a lot of pressure on themselves when the benefits of the mode they’re doing isn’t in line with others’.

And this pressure often results in a relapse for them.

I see this a lot with guys suffering from ED or flatline. I get messages like;

“So so and so cured his ED and flatline in the fourth month. What’s wrong with me?”

“I just want to know when mine will be gone.”

“Is it the mode? Should I crank it up?”

If you’re still reading this (and you have these types of questions), I hope by now you’ve identified the mode most suited to your circumstance.

I think I’ve done justice to that particular question.

As regards the timeline of when everything will fall in place, it’ll happen when the reboot is complete and your body recovers from all the years of damage porn and masturbation have done to it.

In other words, it depends on your circumstances and your body.

So, stop comparing your results with others.

Cross-matching the nofap modes: My special recipe mode that touches on every nofap mode

In the spirit of uniqueness, how I practice nofap is different from what you normally read on forums.

I’ve cross-matched all the advanced modes (normal, hard, and monk modes) to give me a normal recipe to follow.

But before I get to my simple unique recipe, I want to share the journey I’ve had to take to get to the simple recipe mode.

  • The first six years (2012 to 2017): I had just discovered NoFap and was trying to complete the hard mode because I had the can’t-get-it-up ED. I also wanted to attract girls like a magnet. So, there was that too. I was single throughout this time (Except when I have sex with my ex). But, I kept relapsing after the first three days or so. For five years!!
  • The first two months after that: After I got my values in order, found a compelling reason to complete the challenge, and I got a way to improve the willpower center of my brain, I went for two months of hard mode (successfully). I was also throwing in some monk mode features like meditating, exercising, cutting sugar, eating super-healthy diets, cutting TV, and so on, on days that I can. At this time, I wasn’t in any relationship. It was during this time that I worked on my pickup game because I knew I sucked at it. After a while, I hooked up and I noticed that my ED had greatly improved.

These days, I don’t get urges to watch porn anymore.

And as a result, I have the luxury of jumping from one mode of NoFap to another as I see fit.

Before I share the recipe I do nowadays with you, I want you to know that this recipe is based on the type of life I want to live.

Not what I see others doing on YouTube. It’s what I feel is the best for me (based on my needs) after considering all the options available.

So, here it is:

  • Nowadays: I do hard mode when I’m single. And on some days, I throw in a couple of monk mode features. When I’m seeing somebody, I revert to the normal mode. On normal mode, I throw in some monk mode features when I can. And I hope to do this till I die. Because I’m on lifetime NoFap and it’s my way of living.

Conclusion: How to start the nofap normal mode, nofap hard mode, or the nofap monk mode in the right way

I can’t get more personal, more specific, and more explanatory than this.

I hope by now, you can now make your own informed decision on which NoFap mode is best for you.

The rating system I talked about at the beginning of this post is you looking at your needs right now and choosing the mode that caters to those needs.

This is the most important thing to hash out before commencing NoFap.

Whether you found this post helpful or not, share it with others; it might help them!

If you have any questions, use the comment section below.

Till we speak again;


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