NoFap bodybuilding: 3 Ways NoFap will help you get that amazing body

NoFap bodybuilding is an important topic to discuss.

Because if you’re on NoFap, bodybuilding should be at the top of your NoFap goals.

Bodybuilding is simply the act of lifting weights—either your body’s weight or actual heavy weights—and doing aerobic exercises.

NoFap bodybuilding

There are those people who do bodybuilding for a sporting event. But then, the majority of people work out for the abs and the health benefits.

Irrespective of your motive, if you’re lifting weights and doing some form of aerobic exercise, you’re a bodybuilder.

As a man, the most attractive thing you can do to get instant attraction results is to get in shape. Build muscles and get abs.

If your online dating life isn’t going as you’d like, get in shape and update your profile pictures.

Sit back and watch as your online dating life’s rejuvenated.

Bodybuilding also rapidly enhances your offline dating life.

It makes you a more attractive and desirable male. Also, ladies will start responding to you differently when you get in shape.

The best part about bodybuilding is that it won’t only improve your dating life.

It’ll also make you more focused, more will-powered, and you’ll be more motivated as a result.

Which will spill into other areas of your life like your career, your relationships, and so on.

Benefits of bodybuilding when you’re on NoFap

Let’s forget about NoFap, dating, and bodybuilding for a second.

Let’s forget about the need to build the body of Mr. World or the body of the sexiest man alive.

As a man, the minimum requirement for healthy living is you need to keep fit. You need to have low body fat and build muscles instead.

As a general rule of good living, you need to go to the gym and do resistance and aerobic workouts.

Because a man who was fit at a point in his life will live a good life.

Suppose you see such a man—who was fit at a point in his life—and ask him how he feels about himself, always without an exemption, the quality of such a man’s life is always top-notch.

When you start lifting and doing aerobic workouts consistently, you’ll notice that enhancing your dating life is the least of what getting in shape will do for you.

Let’s look at those benefits of bodybuilding that I’ve personally experienced and what the science says;

  1. It wards off sickness and diseases

When you have low body fat and muscle strength, you are definitely at less risk of heart and kidney diseases.

Studies have also shown that your body temperature reaches a certain level when you work out.

At this temperature, your body produces special cells that start fighting and killing disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Also, initial studies exclusively linked working out to reducing the risk of getting colon and breast cancer.

But according to, recent research published in the JAMA internal medicine journal has linked exercise with a lower risk of getting 11 other cancers.

These cancers are; esophageal cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, kidney cancer, myeloid leukemia, multiple myeloma, cancers of the head and neck, rectum, bladder, and lung.1

Another study found that fit people were 50% less likely to catch a cold. And even better, the severity of the symptom was reduced by 41%.

  1. You live longer and healthier

Scientists have said that if they can come up with a longevity pill, it would be crushing exercise into a capsule that people can take daily.

That’s if it were possible to do such a thing.

Such is the power of exercising daily to live longer.

If you’re making an effort to exercise and eat healthily, your body won’t be a good host for diseases and sickness.

So, when it comes to death, and you remove factors beyond your control like; natural disasters or accidents, people that constantly exercise live longer and healthier.

As research has shown, getting in shape will drastically reduce your risk of getting some life-ending diseases and sickness.

The cherry on top is that you won’t just live long; you’ll be in good shape.

All the muscle strength you’re building will be helpful to you in your old age.

You won’t be at the risk of getting diseases like osteoporosis. You’ll have stronger bones and enjoy good body balance as you won’t be frail and fragile.

  1. You become happier, and you get more mental paybacks

Bodybuilding and staying fit don’t only have physical benefits. It also HUGELY pays you in mental benefits.

Bodybuilding helps you become more focused. It gives you mental clarity.

And mainly, it increases your mental resilience and motivation.

Blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body (and especially to the brain) is greatly enhanced when you work out.

And your brain requires a constant supply of blood and oxygen to function well.

Researchers have shown that neurotransmitters like dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and BDNF are secreted in the brain when exercising or lifting.

Endorphins, serotonin, and norepinephrine all help regulate your mood and make you feel like a winner.

BDNF is a neurotransmitter regulator that helps in memory and helps in building new and better neural pathways in the brain.

  1. You’re less stressed

The more cortisol that’s secreted in your body, the more stressed you are.

All the chemicals (we talked about in the last benefit) secreted in your brain when exercising keep cortisol levels down.

So, instead of feeling stressed after the day’s work, you won’t actually be feeling stressed that much.

The only people that sometimes get stressed from exercising are competitive bodybuilders.

These people probably have a lot on their minds due to the very competitive nature of their sport.

Even at that, they can quickly remedy this stress problem if they learn some relaxation techniques.

But if you’re just exercising and bodybuilding for your good health and good looks, you can bank on it that you’ll be less stressed.

  1. You get more energy to go about your day

As mean as it sounds, life is competition.

Anything you’ll be, do, or have, you’ll have to beat somebody to it. That’s the way things are.

This benefit of having more energy when you work out is a huge advantage in today’s world.

The people you’re competing with are busy eating junk foods, living sedentary lives, and barely getting by with the bit of energy they have.

Now, imagine having more than that enough energy to get by.

Imagine that after a long day’s work, you still feel a little more energetic—at least a little bit more than the other person who isn’t working out consistently.

So, with this extra energy, maybe you decide to meditate after the day’s work.

Maybe you decide to clean your room. Perhaps you pick up a book and read. Maybe you aren’t too exhausted that you start snapping at your wife and your kids.

Because you’re still feeling a little bit energetic after the long day’s work.

And in the long run, these little things we do or don’t do are what determine the quality of our lives.

  1. You get more respect in society

As messed up and brutish as this sounds, the sad part is it’s true.

Bullies prey on the weak. Unfortunately, that’s not changing anytime soon.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ve left bullies behind in high school.

You’ll still meet them once in a while as you go about your dealings in life.

People will come and test you and see what you’re made of now and then.

It might be that guy trying to take your seat at the game. It might be that dude that’s cutting in front of the queue at the train station.

I’m in no way an advocate for violence, and I’m a firm believer that there isn’t a conflict that can’t be resolved amicably.

But every now and then, there are those conflicts that’ll require you to stand your ground.

This is where bodybuilding helps.

If you’re well-built, you’ll find that these petty conflicts won’t arise at all most of the time.

That guy that’s trying to bully you will give it a second thought before doing so.

If you have that kind of body, if these conflicts do arise, if you sue for peace, you’ll be heard.

Because people will know that you opting for peace isn’t coming from a place of lack of energy or cowardice to throw down with the other guy.

They’ll know it’s coming from your higher self.

  1. NoFap attraction and bodybuilding

If you’re one of those guys who believes that there’s more to it than building muscles and abs when it comes to women, then think again.

Muscles and abs are body accessories that spark initial attraction in women.

And you need this instant attraction if you want to have more success in your dating life.

Before a woman can get to know your pleasing personality and whatnot, you’re judged based on your looks within the first five minutes of meeting her.

Let’s not even go to the online dating space where all they have to go on is your profile. It’s all down to 30 seconds of deciding to swipe left or right.

Believe me when I tell you that bodybuilding comes in handy in the dating space.

And you can’t blame women for judging you based on your looks. It’s biological.

Women are biologically programmed to seek the men perceived as having the strength and power to protect them (and their offspring).

And what screams strength and power more than muscles and abs?


The link between NoFap and bodybuilding

Now, let’s look at the relationship between NoFap and bodybuilding.

Trainers have been known to tell their athletes to practice semen retention before their big events for optimal performance.

There have been athletes in recent times that’s openly talked about retaining before their big events.

So, instead of trying to explain the link between NoFap and bodybuilding away as a placebo effect, you should at least be curious as to why these people are doing it. Of course, that’s if you’re not trying out semen retention for yourself.

Benefits of NoFap bodybuilding

  1. More strength to hit more reps

When you go on NoFap, the first noticeable benefit you get is an increase in strength.

Maybe this is due to the reduced loss of Zinc when you don’t ejaculate, as Zinc is the nutrient responsible for synthesizing energy in the body.

But, across the board, people who practice NoFap or semen retention consistently report increased strength.

And the science supports this. Because you get a massive jump in your testosterone after retaining for a while.

This is a good thing for a bodybuilder. Because the more weight you’re able to lift and the more reps you’re able to hit, the quicker the result you’ll get.

And NoFap just doesn’t give you more strength to hit more reps; you’ll also notice that your recovery time will become significantly shorter.

  1. More motivation to hit the gym because of dopamine

To build the body of your dreams, you need to be consistent with your lifting and aerobics.

This constant showing up requires sustained (intrinsic) motivation.

This is where many people fall off when it comes to putting in the work to get in shape. A lack of intrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is hugely dependent on how healthy your dopamine pathway is.

The ability to sustain a (painful) effort like working out depends on how fast your dopamine receptors pick up dopamine signals.

This is where NoFap bodybuilding motivation comes in.

Because when you’re on NoFap, your damaged dopamine pathways and dopamine receptors heal up. They get re-calibrated and enhanced at the same time.

And as a result, you’ll find that you’re more motivated to hit the gym when you’re on NoFap.

In fact, you’ll start enjoying bodybuilding more. And very soon, you’ll become addicted to it.

  1. You can concentrate better

We always underestimate the effects that PMO addiction has on our mental bandwidth.

Let’s start from the prefrontal cortex that porn images hijack.

When you were addicted to PMO, you’d find it challenging to focus for 5 minutes without getting flashes of porn images across your mind.

All these culminate into what is famously known as brain fog that the PMO addict suffers from.

It’s difficult for the porn addict to be present. You’ll be jittery, forgetful, and lack the ability to hold conversations for long.

So, when these porn flashes stop, your ability to fully concentrate on what you’re doing goes up.

How does this relate to bodybuilding?

To get the best out of your bodybuilding effort, when you’re working out, you need to be able to focus on your breathing and your target muscles.

Studies have shown that improved focus when working out produces better results.

So, at the end of the day, doing NoFap translates into better results at the gym because of the improved focus and concentration you get from doing NoFap.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a supplement that is safe that I can use to boost my bodybuilding efforts on NoFap?

Yes, there is.

It’s an all-natural testosterone boosting supplement that’s designed with bodybuilders in mind.

So, apart from helping you build lean muscles rapidly, this supplement will also help you alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of NoFap like low libido, flatline, fatigue, and so on.

You can get the supplement here.

If you have any other way that NoFap has impacted your bodybuilding efforts, let me know in the comment section below.

Sources and Footnotes

  1. Exercise Linked with Lower Risk of 13 Types of Cancer

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