7 Effects of too much masturbation: Knowing these might change your life

It’s been proven scientifically that masturbation, especially for men, is healthy . What most of us often fail to pay attention to is the negative side effects of TOO much masturbation.

Just like the saying “too much of everything is bad” applies to almost everything, there is no exception to the case of masturbation.

Majority of people masturbate at one time of their lives or the other, but the frequency varies from person to person. Whatever your “joystick happy-hour” number is, it gets to a stage that it might get overboard if the act is not checked.

First, we look at what qualifies as TOO much masturbation, then, we look at the effects that it might have on our well-being.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or have a medical practitioner tell you before you start noticing these side effects on your life.

As this is a very controversial topic, I challenge you to keep an open mind while reading these side effects and try to pick out the ones that your masturbation habit might be contributing to your life.

How much masturbation is TOO much?

the wax of gollum depicting effects of too much masturbationThis is the million dollar question that is asked frequently. When am I starting to get to the point of hard return?

There is no straightforward answer to this question simply because we all have physiological, anatomical and psychological differences to the other person.

Interpretation, we are all different. Masturbation twice a day for Mr. A might be too much for him, while for Mr. B, it will not be too much. For some people, masturbating once daily is too much and for some people, masturbating twice a week is too much.

Since there is no way to directly know the number of masturbation per week that is TOO much, I aim to answer this question indirectly with the use of the following list of side effects.

In order to know which category you might fall into (we all have a number at the back of our minds – that is the number of times we masturbate in a week), after reading this article, you will have a pretty good idea of the side effects you are experiencing. If you are experiencing any of the side effects, that way, you automatically know your number is TOO much.

Negative effects of too much masturbation

  1. You will get addicted!!

“Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism”
-Carl Jung

If you are masturbating too much, at a point, you will get addicted to it. This is referred to as arousal addiction. This leads to you chasing arousal everywhere like a drug.

Have you noticed the urge to rub one out even when you are not really that horny?

When you start having these urges to always masturbate, then you are getting addicted to it. And just like any addiction trend, where the use of the narcotics increases exponentially, the case of masturbation also follows the same trend.

At this point, you will find it very difficult to reduce the rate of your masturbation. If at any point you try to cut back on masturbation and you find it extremely difficult to do, then, you are already addicted to masturbation and that will cause a lot of problems in your life.

In the words of William Gibson, addictions, although less intelligent than Goldfish, will start making all the most crucial decisions of your life for you. This leads to the number two on our list.

  1. It will start interfering with your day to day activities

effects of too much masturbation a lonely boy

If you are masturbating too much, it gets to the point where you start missing appointments, getting to a meeting late, taking time out at work all because you want to masturbate.

The allure of “getting off” will start coming first in all your day to day activities and you wouldn’t want the day to go by without “getting off”.

People around you might start noticing these disappearing acts of yours and in some extreme cases, you might be labeled as the guy that always show up late for everything.

Other cases of this scenario are when you are asked out to a social gathering by friends, relatives or co-workers and you would rather stay in and jerk-off.

If you’ve noticed any of the things stated above happening to you, then you are definitely masturbating TOO much.

  1. It can lead to desensitization of the penis which causes Erectile Dysfunction in men

When you masturbate TOO much, especially without lubrication which is referred to as the Death Grip, with time, the penis becomes desensitized and this leads to a form of erectile dysfunction.

Due to this, the sensitivity of the penis would have been re-calibrated which can result in either delayed ejaculation or premature ejaculation when you are having sex with a real partner.

So, if you’ve noticed that you are having trouble “starting” or “finishing” when you are with a real partner, it might be due to your frequent masturbation habit. Especially if you are doing the Death Grip frequently.

  1. It might make you lazy and feeling drained always

a lazy person on the couch showing his socks

Every time you masturbate, you are expending energy in your body in all its form. Every time you ejaculate, a great amount of zinc is lost in the body. And zinc is responsible for synthesizing the enzymes that are responsible for energy.

When you masturbate and ejaculate, prolactin is secreted and this hormone is associated with sleepiness and tiredness.

Also, during the act of masturbation, the limbic part of the brain is fully utilized and this results in some form of mental tiredness that takes its own toll on the body.

This is why some guys get obese and get addicted to video games and TV. When you are too tired to get off the couch because you are always wasting your energy giving nutrients jerking off, the remote control and video game tend to become your best friends.

And this is why when these guys stop jerking off, they notice an increase in their energy levels as one of the benefits of NoFap challenge.

Have you noticed that you are always tired during the day and that you always want to stay in and do nothing?

If you are masturbating to the point of feeling drained and tired always, always too tired to do anything, then you most definitely are masturbating TOO much.

  1. Reduces testosterone greatly in men

This had always been a controversial topic and there is actually a study that claimed that masturbating increases testosterone levels in men.

There have been studies (although not definitive and comprehensive) claiming that not masturbating for a week caused a spike in the T-levels of participants. But after some time, the T-level reduced again.

But, a lot of people who have been on nofap and had their T-levels tests done have reported a very huge and significant increase in their testosterone levels while they are on nofap (that is when they stay off masturbation for a long period of time).

Also, I don’t think that a lot of athletes all around the world who stay off any form of ejaculation for weeks leading up to their competitive events didn’t have a substantial reason for starving their bodies of masturbation, sex, and orgasm.

The most reasonable and logical explanation I have found on this issue, irrespective of the stories about masturbation that medical practitioners try to sell is that Zinc that is always wasted when we masturbate FREQUENTLY is a major nutrient that synthesizes testosterone.

For a more detailed look at the effect of masturbation on testosterone and the studies backing its correlation, click here.

So, have you noticed that your T-levels are way below what it should be?

You can check out this all-natural and FDA approved product to boost your testosterone to the highest it should be and re-claim your manhood. This product has helped me a lot in the past.

  1. It leads to low libido thereby causing both male and female to be less interested in sex with real partners

This can happen in two forms. First is that after a masturbation act, you generally experience a lower libido than if you hadn’t masturbated in the first place.

The harm in excessive masturbation is that if you are in a relationship, it will make you eventually become less interested in sex because of the lower libido you always have after masturbating.

Sex with your partner will not be great according to these people that claim that masturbation ruins great sex.

The second form is that with frequent masturbation, there is a high risk of getting lost in the fantasy world and you can get used to pleasing yourself which can degenerate to the extent of losing interest in having physical sex with your partner.

Also, if you think about it, but not too much, can anybody please you better than you can please yourself?

Whatever you are using masturbation for while in a relationship, there is a likelihood to grow attached to the fantasizing that often comes with masturbation.

A female that masturbates constantly is running the risk of raising her pleasure bar up to where it will be difficult for most men to live up to.

When the sexual life of marriages and relationships begins to suffer, then, a divorce or separation might be knocking on the door.

Have you noticed your preference to please yourself rather than be with your partner?

If you answered yes, then, you are definitely masturbating TOO much and you need to start thinking about cutting back.

  1. It causes bruises on genitals due to extreme friction in some cases

One of the side effects of too much masturbation is that you might start having bruises and cuts on your genitals due to excessive friction you are subjecting your genitals to. These do usually go away after some days, but only if you cut back for that period of time.

These usually cause some form of discomfort and the pain might be really great in some cases.

So, if you are constantly having bruises on your genitals, then, you are unequivocally jerking off TOO much and seriously need to reduce the frequency.

Conclusion on the effects of too much masturbation

an array of drugs writing health

As you can see, no matter how healthy you think masturbation is, too much of it comes with its disadvantages.

Some studies claim that masturbation helps to “clean out the tube” and thereby helps to prevent prostate cancer in males. Also, masturbation is a great way to reduce stress and increase focus temporarily, but if it is not kept in check, the disadvantages can far outweigh its benefits.


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