Nofap Attraction: Does Nofap Make you a more Attractive person?

The dating world is complicated.

Especially for people who don’t have that “attraction factor”—as the dating gurus call it.

The “attraction factor” is that innate vitality that draws people to you like a moth to a flame.

Nowadays, the type of life we live is depriving us of this vitality…

Because we are so busy PMOing the vitality into the tissue.

The dating industry (a multi-million dollar industry) have caught a whiff of this.

And they keep peddling a lot of shinny and mind-hacking hypnotic psychology crap that never works for anybody to a lot of guys.

Telling them that using those hacks is the only hope they have of getting laid.

But if you were a friend of mine, I would advise you to keep your money for something meaningful and go on nofap for three months.

I know. I know.

You’re probably thinking Nofap attraction is nothing more than a placebo.

But I’m here to tell you that doing Nofap actually makes you more attractive. In fact, 100 times more attractive.

nofap attraction a man and a woman looking at each other

You can take that to the bank.

Being more attractive when you’re on nofap is as real as night and day.

If I’m being totally honest with myself, this was the major reason why I started nofap in the first place.

The idea of being a more attractive guy was what motivated me the most to give nofap a try. And it paid the dividend.

For instance, the day I met the love of my life, if I wasn’t on nofap, the old PMO-addict-acne-ridden-faced me wouldn’t have had the confidence to walk up to her and say “hi”.

Before I really get into nofap and attraction, I’ll like to make some important distinctions before we proceed;

Nofap attraction is much more than sexual attraction

People often think that nofap attraction is limited to attracting sexual partners.

I used to make this assumption as well until I was on nofap for a very long time.

There are three other forms of attraction that you’ll enjoy as you add days to your nofap calendar.

And the odd thing is we don’t discuss these types of attraction enough.

So, watch out for the following while you’re on nofap;

  1. When you are on nofap, a girl might become more attracted to you in a not-so-sexual way.

When I’m on nofap, my female family members, co-workers, friends, acquaintances start to react to me differently.

Even my sisters and my mom would react to me differently. They trust me more with deep and serious emotional issues. They open up to me and confide in me.

Females I’m not romantically involved with would start telling me their deepest darkest secrets.

It’s one of the most profound and powerful magic of nofap that I still experience to date.

I’ve had a female friend narrate her experience of being almost raped by her brother’s friend when she was young.

After telling me the whole thing, she literally asked me, “why am I telling you all this today?”

And up until that moment, she had never told anyone about it. Not even her parents.

  1. Nofap attraction is not limited to the females

If you’re a guy on nofap, the attraction you experience is not limited to the opposite sex.

You’ll start commanding the respect of other men.

They’ll also start reacting to you differently.

Men and your guy-friends will also want to be around you more.

And when you’re having conversations with other guys/men, your voice is heard more and they tend to agree with you more.

Your male co-workers talk with you more, respect you more, and in an almost uncanny way, they’ll want to be friends with you.

Another thing you’ll notice is when you’re walking down the street, strangers will give you a nod and some will even greet you as you pass them by.

It’s as if they’re getting a whiff of your energy and just want to be a part of it.

  1. Females on nofap, you get the nofap attraction factor too

Back when I first discovered nofap, I used to make the assumption that only guys get addicted to porn.

So, back then, in my opinion, females don’t do nofap.

But since then, the percentage of females who are addicted to porn and masturbation have skyrocketed.

Since I started this blog, the amount of emails I’ve received from females who are also on nofap is surprising.

I have real-life female friends that have outrightly confessed to being addicted to internet porn whenever I raise the issue with them.

And based on what I’ve gathered, the sexual energy that females cultivate when they don’t PMO also makes them super-attractive.


If you’re thinking that there’s no way in hell nofap can induce this degree of attraction, let me take you on a short thought-provoking journey.

In this short journey, you’ll hear the secret of attraction from the General Manager of hell (the devil) himself.

What the few—2% of the whole world population knows

Napoleon Hill was far ahead of his time.

He wrote a book called outwitting the devil back in 1938.

What he did in the book was he basically interviewed the devil.

He forced the devil to reveal his most priced secrets. And he also forced him to reveal ways that any man willing to, could break free from his hold, and eventually become successful in all his endeavors.

But out of fear of the backlash and criticism he would receive for the content of the book, he shelved it.

does nofap make you more attractive napoleon hill

72 years later, the book was finally published by the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Back in 1938 when he wrote this book, porn and masturbation weren’t as rampant as it is today. There was no Internet Porn back then.

Yet, he predicted accurately the side-effects of excessive PMOing.

Since 1938, everything he talked about is actively playing out to date. And it will continue to play out till the end of time if society doesn’t wake up from its deep slumber.

In the book, the devil revealed the following side-effects of excessive PMOing on one’s level of attraction;

  1. PMO depletes the magnetic energy which is the source of an attractive, pleasing personality.
  2. It removes the sparkle from one’s eyes and sets up discord in the tone of one’s voice.
  3. It increases one’s level of fear
  4. It strips one of his confidence
  5. It makes one lazy and procrastinate.
  6. It strips one of the fighting qualities necessary under all circumstances for self-defense.
  7. It makes one a quitter, not a winner.

I’m obviously paraphrasing the devil. But you should understand the point I’m trying to make.

What the devil listed above is common sense because we all know that girls are naturally attracted to a guy that;

  • has sparkling intoxicating eyes,
  • has a deep voice,
  • is fearless,
  • is confident,
  • is successful, and,
  • is a winner.

The devil claimed that only 2 out of 100 people have these qualities.

That’s why if you pack 100 guys in a room, you’ll only see 2 of them that have these “attraction qualities”.

That’s why it’s only about 2% of the guys you know that aren’t addicted to PMOing.

I recommend that anybody on nofap should listen to this book or read it. You can listen to it for free by clicking here.

6 Reasons why nofap makes you a more attractive person

Let’s take a look at the scientifically (and esoterically) proven reasons why doing nofap will increase your attractive qualities.

Let’s see if science has caught up with Mr. Hill in his school of thought.

  1. Your T-Levels Increase when you’re on nofap

In an attempt to pinpoint the science behind attraction, researchers have gone to work.

What they’ve all concluded is that the testosterone hormone plays a vital role in attraction.

Testosterone has been dubbed the attraction hormone.

the testosterone hormone

Researchers at Aberdeen University confirmed this in a study where they asked the participants to complete short facial preference tests.

They found that the higher the T-levels in men, the stronger the female participants were attracted to them.

Another study linked higher testosterone levels with the ability to ‘woo’ potential mate.

Also, a 2011 study linked high T-levels with dominance and higher ‘chemistry’ with the opposite sex.

When you’re on nofap, after the second week, you get a testosterone jump.

From that 2nd week, the T-levels start fluctuating. But it’ll still be around the high region. It’ll still be higher than when you were jerking off to porn every day.

So, nofap directly leads to an increase in T-levels.

PMO addicts initially diagnosed with low T-levels have reported that their T-levels was increased tremendously when they got tested after months on nofap.

That’s why after the second-week mark on nofap, a lot of guys start seeing girls making eye contact with them, stealing a gaze, and dropping other subtle attraction signs that girls generally drop for guys they’re attracted to.

To fast-track to the highest level of testosterone (together with your NoFap); that can make you become a very attractive man with several groups of lean muscle, deeper voice, a more masculine frame, check out this all-natural product that has REALLY helped me.

  1. Your face and your body appearance literally changes on nofap

a man looking up

At the risk of sounding cliché, the clearer your skin, the more attractive you become.

This has been proven by researchers to be true.

Perry at the Arizona State University in 1998 gave pictures of facially attractive and unattractive people to 57 undergraduate students and asked them to fill a questionnaire on their level of attractiveness to those people in the pictures.

As you might have guessed, objectification quickly set in, and the more acne-free and testosterone-fueled the face was, the more attracted the opposite sex was to that picture.

To get a testosterone-fueled face, check out this all-natural product.

In 2011, Anthony et al., also revealed that having this type of face not only influence your level of attractiveness, it influences other factors like choosing you to be president, choosing you as a platonic friend, and it also enhances your social exchange.

What does this have to do with nofap and attraction?

As I’ve already established, when you’re on nofap for a long time, you have clearer skin, and eyes that sparkle. This might be because of all the nutrients you’re retaining in your sperm (the sperm contains about 252mg of protein per ejaculation) or the T-levels jump.

This is something I experience when I’m on nofap, and what a lot of people confirmed to be true for them.

Also, when you’re on nofap, you retain muscle mass even if you’re not really working out.

At the end of the day, it all culminates into one thing; Attraction.

  1. You become more self-centered on nofap

You might be wondering how becoming a more self-centered person can make you more attractive.

I want you to know that there’s no attraction-killer out there more powerful than being desperate.

Desperation (for attention, for love, for sex, for anything) usually turns people off.

If you really look at how attraction works, the girls you are desperate to be with (in most cases) won’t be into you. And those that you’re not giving any attention will be obsessed with you.

Some dating gurus will even give you the advice that if you want to get girls, you should stop chasing girls.

If you’re that guy that calls a girl a zillion times in a day, always in her face, always texting her, what you’re actively communicating to her is you don’t have a life.

You don’t want to be that guy! Just saying!

You see, the pillar of attraction is quite counter-intuitive.

The more you take care of yourself, the more emotionally-independent, physically-independent, and attention-independent you are, the more attractive you become.

That’s my definition of being self-centered in this context.

You have to love yourself first before you can give love to others. You have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others. And lastly, you have an obligation to devote your time to yourself first, before you can give your time to others.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

What you gain when you’re on nofap for a long time is this NEED to work on yourself so as to become a better version of yourself.

In other words, nofap brings self-love as part of the benefits of NoFap challenge.

When you start loving yourself, you start to REALLY live for yourself. You start working on yourself.

Nofap gives you that energy and the drive to do this.

And as you’re filling your calendar with activities that are empowering you, you are no more reeking of desperation.

Instead, you are radiating a personality that has love for himself, and enough to give to others.

This is one of the most attractive qualities females find in men, and nofap hands it to you on a platter of gold.

  1. Nofap makes you a good conversationalist

Females are attracted to good conversationalists. Not only females, but we all are also.

Someone that can hold a conversation for hours, and not only holding it just to sustain it, holding it, making it meaningful, and keeping it fun.

A PMO addict has an impaired prefrontal cortex. This is the renowned brain fog that every PMO addict suffers from.

This is due to the over-stimulation of the reward circuit in the limbic system of the brain.

One of the functions of the prefrontal cortex is something called working memory.

Your working memory capacity determines your ability to hold short-term information. And not only that, your ability to manipulate this information.

Your working memory is known as your mental bandwidth.

The kicker is this; with the impaired prefrontal cortex, your working memory is working at low capacity.

If you’ve paid attention, when you are PMOing like crazy, you forget things. Like where you put your keys, errands you had to run, birthdays, and other little details like that.

These brain farts also apply when you’re in conversation with people. You run out of what to say quickly. Especially when you’re conversing with females and you’re a little bit nervous.

But when you go on nofap, you’re effectively rebooting your prefrontal cortex and as a direct result of this, you’re increasing the capacity of your working memory.

You’ll no more be lost of words, you’ll have that clarity in your brain to choose your words correctly, and on top of that, you’ll be more articulate to pass your message across.

This is why guys would say that they are more talkative around girls and now have the ability to sustain an engaging conversation with them when they’re on nofap.

  1. You become emotionally richer when you’re on nofap

One thing that excessive porn and masturbation do to you is it numbs you emotionally.

You have a hard time feeling deep emotions about anything if it’s not related to porn.

Heck, when I was a PMO addict, my grandpa (whom I was really close with) died and I didn’t feel shit.

Coupled with being emotionally numb, what porn also trains your brain to objectify females. The side-effect of this is you have a hard time connecting to girls emotionally.

When you are on nofap, gradually, you start getting in touch with your emotions. Not only that, you start feeling other people’s emotions in a much healthier way.

You start realizing how much of a jerk you’ve been in the past to those closest to you.

“I’m sorry grandpa! Blame it on the porn!!”

How does this translate into an attraction factor?

Being an emotionally rich person means you can easily create an “emotional match” with others.

Emotionally matching others is as hypnotic as attraction gets. This is one of the surefire ways of subconsciously creating rapport with others.

When people move closer to you, you kind of give them emotional satisfaction and security.

And when you’re on nofap, you’re matching other people’s emotions on autopilot. Even without your own knowledge.
When the porn goggles come off, and you’re no more objectifying the females in your life, your relationship with them is taken to another height.

  1. You get more sexual energy on nofap

Let’s go into the esoteric realm for a while.

You are a spiritual being living in a physical body.

Every second of every day, you are radiating energy. This energy is often referred to as vibes, aura, pheromones, amongst other names, depending on the circle you are in.

Have you ever met someone, and on the first approach, you just didn’t like them?

And other times, other people, you meet them and instantly feel attracted to them?

You can’t really place what they did, or what they said, but you’re just attracted to them.

This phenomenon isn’t that esoteric anymore. Science caught up with it when Dr. Kahneman made classification of the brain as consisting of two systems in his remarkable book thinking fast and slow.

One of those brain systems is the instinctive system—which he called system 1.

This system is an associative machine that jumps to conclusions by associating data that’s already in its memory bank with what it’s currently perceiving externally.

What you often call vibes/aura is actually subtle cues you’re dropping that the other person’s system 1 is making associations with, to conclude if he/she likes you or not.

When it comes to making attraction associations, there are so many cues system 1 use.

For instance, the shape of your face, your muscle mass, your posture, the tone of your voice, the color of your eyes, the type of shoe you wear, how you smell, and so on.

All these cues are communicating to the other person’s subconscious how successful you are, how confident you are, how capable you are as a person, and so on.

Being a PMO addict, you’re using PMO as the outlet for your sexual energy.

But when you go on nofap, you’re cultivating this sexual energy. Ideally, the more the sexual energy you have, the more pronounced these sexual cues are.

Nature kind of tune-up these cues so that potential mates will pick it up. That’s nature’s way of telling mates that you’re fertile, and you’ll make a suitable and capable mating partner.

So, on nofap, your increased sexual energy changes your vibes from creepy to fertile. This is nature’s way of getting you a different outlet for the life-force circulating in you, as fast as possible.

Since PMOing is not an outlet anymore.

This is why a lot of people on nofap usually get back together with their ex or find a new girlfriend if they were single pre-nofap.

Did nofap make me a more attractive person? My Personal nofap attraction story

When I was a chronic PMO addict, I was battling with a serious acne problem.

In a single month, I get at least two acne breakouts. It was really bad.

It would be all over my face, very big and very disgusting to look at.

It got to a stage that it started affecting my self-esteem. So bad that I wouldn’t leave the house for weeks because of the acne.

On the body shape aspect, that wasn’t working in my favor either. I had an annoying pot belly.

I was having a hard time approaching females because of these insecurities about my face, my pot belly, and every other thing in my life.

In short, my romantic life sucked!

Then I read think and grow rich. Then I got to know about nofap. And a light bulb went off in my head.

So, I started doing nofap.

And the first thing I noticed was that whenever I’m on a nofap streak, no new acne grew on my face.

Once I’ve gotten rid of the ones already on my face, I will be acne-free as far as I’m on nofap.

And just like magic, once I relapsed, the acne would come back.

As I finally figured out how to be successful in nofap, and I was getting the nofap streaks together, my skin was starting to glow and eyes were sparkling.

The potbelly was shrinking (because I was working at getting rid of it), and from nowhere, I was getting buffed up in muscles.

I would look in the mirror and almost won’t be able to recognize the guy I looked like when I was PMOing like crazy.

I would be walking down the street and girls will be staring at me. Making eye contact and other kinds of stuff like that.

Because I’m still a very shy guy, I wouldn’t do anything about it.

But the longer my nofap streak, the more confident I was becoming. I was beginning to think that if you were already staring at me, you’ve got something about me that interests you.

So, out of all the stares from the females, the ones that I do something about (like saying hi to them), a substantial amount was resulting in something meaningful.

I was becoming talkative around girls. I was able to sustain fun conversations with them for a long time.

Gradually, I was coming out of my shell.

And my romantic life started getting really exciting.

Nofap won’t make a difference if you don’t do the work

As scintillating as my nofap attraction story looks on paper, it’s only that way because I put in the work.

Agreed, you get the occasional stare from females. But if you don’t actually walk up to them, put yourself out there, it won’t result in anything.

And believe me when I tell you that a simple “hi” can get you into that person’s life.

Another example of putting in work was me changing my diet into something healthy and having to sacrifice those things that were contributing to my protruding stomach.

Also, I had to do a lot of sit-ups to make sure the potbelly stay gone.

But nofap gave me the energy, the confidence, and the drive to do those extra work.

Anytime I’m approaching somebody I like, I know that I have the sexual energy in me doing the heavy lifting subconsciously. So, the confidence is always there.

A note of warning though, once you relapse to porn, and you go through the chaser effect, the attraction you’re enjoying is totally gone. You’ll need to build it back up with another nofap streak.

Final words: You have no competition

The porn industry has the society by the balls. No pun intended.

Most guys you meet are addicted to porn.

Most guys you meet are drained of that innate vitality that constitutes the natural attraction factor.

Of the 100 guys you meet, only 2 are probably cultivating their sexual energy. Most of the other guys that are PMO addicts are having to go the long mile to become attractive. Which isn’t the natural path that nature intended.

Thus, ideal naturally attractive men are hard to come by nowadays.

Whenever you’re on nofap, when it comes to attraction, there really isn’t competition for you. Whenever you’re on nofap, know that you’re literally joining the rare gents that’s oozing of natural attraction vitality.

Know that the energy you’re radiating is rare to come across in our society nowadays.

If you make the most of this energy, the world is your oyster.

You can do things with this energy that you can’t even fathom yet. And I mean outside the context of attraction.

If you have any question you’ll like to ask me, thoughts you’d like to add to the post, use the comment section below.

And please, please, and please, share this post. You never know who it might help.

Till we speak again, STAY FAP-FREE, STAY ATTRACTIVE.

15 thoughts on “Nofap Attraction: Does Nofap Make you a more Attractive person?”

    • Of course.

      When you’re on nofap, the frequency of your vibration is quite high and colourful.

      For instance, all the things I wanted to manifest when I was a PMO addict kept being out of reach. Once I started retaining my sperm and started nofap, my manifestation power came alive and I was able to manifest all the things I wanted.

      Very soon I’ll write a post on the relationship between nofap and the law of attraction.

  1. HI,
    I don’t watch Porn or Masterbate.
    But I have a girlfriend and hence having sexual intercourse is a normal routine.
    And since you mentioned PMO which includes Orgasm too,
    Does nofap mean not to have sex too?

    • Hello Ravi,

      The orgasm included in the NoFap PMO is the compulsive and addictive type.
      Sex is a beautiful act. But sex and orgasm can become addictive habits. The aim of NoFap is to break free from compulsivity and addiction that is sexual.
      So, if you feel you have sex too much, or you orgasm too much, that when you don’t do it for a while and you start craving it, you might fall into the nofap bracket.

      The best way to confirm this is to try and stay off sex and orgasm for a minimum of two weeks and notice if you’ll crave it or feel discomfort up to the stage that you’ll have to have it.
      You can check out this post on NoFap to get more knowledge on what NoFap really represent.

      Hope that helped.

  2. Hey man! I’ve been struggling to accumulate a streak for almost 4 years now. This has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to attain in my life. I was a US Marine too so I’ve had quite a few triumphs. I digress though.

    This post really helped me and I’m trying to revitalize myself. I feel like if I just shut up and stick to the program I’ll be good. Thank you for an inspiring post. I’m saving it so I can read it and remind myself of the greatness that I can achieve that I don’t even understand yet. Thank you and I look forward to posting my own 90 day report but for now I’m just doing it one day at a time.

    • Hello Benny,

      I’m glad you found the post helpful.
      When it comes to NoFap, the best thing you can do as you said is to take it a step at a time.

      I wish you the best of luck on your NoFap journey.

  3. Napoleon hill was not the first person to discover No fap. Ancient sages and monks of India have been preaching Brahamacharya since 1000s of years. Sadly, it got lost through the passage of time.

    P.S- The authentic name of no-fap is Brahamacharya.

  4. I am now 16+ age and on nofap right now for 15+ days. Already done , with a lot of streaks… highest one is 30.
    I workout and meditate, but when does this attraction will occur?
    I am not craving for this…but still curious.
    And one more, please tell me your opinion regarding Law Of Attraction!!!
    Your answer will be highly appreciated.

    • Hello Subhrajit,

      1) The attraction of NoFap will happen for people at different stages, so I can’t pinpoint a particular period for you. From my experience, it’s not something that stares you in the face (except when a girl locks her eyes with yours), nofap attraction is really subtle.
      Also, I want to add that attraction qualities are mostly internal. It’s how confident you feel about yourself, how direct you’re with your approach to females, how you feel about your looks and your body… and all these culminates with time on NoFap BUT OF MORE IMPORTANCE ARE THE EFFORTS YOU PUT IN BECOMING THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. So, if you’re not seeing it now, keep your streak going and keep working on yourself, and all the things I’ve been ranting about will SURELY come.

      2) My opinion regarding the Law of Attraction is that it’s a law of nature that’s as real as the law of gravity. Although most people miss the point of putting in the work in their lives, this doesn’t make the Law of Attraction less true. And it’s not even esoteric anymore. In my uni days, I majored in Quantum physics, and I learned how LOA works. I’m planning on writing a post on it soon and will link it here.

      I hope any of what I just wrote helped.

      Have a good day


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