NoFap hair loss: The only way you can use NoFap to cure your hair loss

NoFap hair loss is one of the most controversial topics you can come across in the NoFap community.

This controversy is down to the fact that some people claim that NoFap helped them reverse—and re-generate—a receding hairline.

And, of course, there are pictures of these people making these claims as physical evidence. And if you look at those pictures, you’ll see the evidence of change in their hair volume.

nofap hair loss

This is good news.


I mean, who doesn’t want to use NoFap to grow full, lush hair like a male hair model?

So, what’s the root cause of the controversy surrounding this topic of NoFap hair loss?

Well, on hearing claims that NoFap helps rejuvenate a balding head, people started doing NoFap for the sole purpose of using it to grow their hair back.

After doing NoFap for a long time, most of these people don’t see any noticeable changes in their hair loss and hair growth.

So, the war raged on among Fapstronauts on the NoFap forums.

Being the peace ambassador I am, I took it upon myself to help put this matter to rest.

So, in this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know—to understand why NoFap will (or won’t) help you grow your hair back.

But first, let’s look at what causes hair loss in men.

Causes of hair loss in men

In the US alone, over 35 million men suffer from hair loss. That’s over one in five men that you see.

Hair loss isn’t limited to the male population. Over 21 million women in the US suffer from hair loss.

Hair loss can start at the age of 15, and as the individual grows older, the loss becomes more significant.

There isn’t any controversy surrounding the causes of hair loss in men, and researchers have narrowed it down to one MAJOR reason—which accounts for over 95% of hair loss in men.

  1. Androgenetic alopecia (DHT)

This factor accounts for over 95% of hair loss in men.1

Do you know how you have testosterone as a man?


There’s a variation of it called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT is an androgen receptor (AR) that’s formed from the free testosterone in your body.

Researchers have solely linked hair loss to this androgen receptor.

But DHT isn’t harmful in itself. Whether it will cause you to lose hair depends on two factors;

  • How androgen receptors (AR) regulates the free testosterone in your body in the first place

Of the 100% way that DHT can cause hair loss, this factor will account for about 20% of it.

The higher the density of your AR, the more effective your body makes use of testosterone.

One of the effective use of testosterone is to make enough DHT—not too small and not too much.

This factor can come into play if you have a low density of AR.

And one thing that results in the decrease of density of Androgen Receptors is constant sexual satiety.

For instance, if you’re addicted to porn, you repeatedly expose yourself to an unnatural and constant sexual satiety.

This is why practicing semen retention improves your testosterone cycle because it leads to an increase in the density of your Androgen Receptors.

  • How your body utilizes (or react to) DHT; And this is solely dependent on your genetics.

This factor accounts for 80% of how DHT can lead to your hair loss.

This means that genetics account for more than 76% of the total male-pattern baldness in the world.2

When your body reacts to DHT a certain way that results in hair loss, that’s down to your genes.

And if you look at your family tree, you would see other members of your family that have gone through (or currently going through) the same as you.

But don’t lose hope on account of this. There are ways you can stop hair loss in its tracks—even if it’s in your gene—and re-grow full hair.

I’ll discuss these ways extensively in the coming sections.

But you’ll only get to know them if you stick around till the end of this post.


We’ve discussed what accounts for over 95% of hair loss, now is the time we address the causes of the other 5%;

  1. Stress

A constant state of being stressed can result in hair loss.

Also, a sudden traumatic shock or stress can cause male-pattern baldness.

  1. Poor nutrition or constant loss of vital nutrients

Diets low in protein and iron can lead to loss of hair.

Another thing that can cause hair loss in men is losing Nutrients—Zinc and magnesium—critical for hair production.

And one way that you can lose these nutrients is continuously jerking off to porn.

  1. Ringworm

This is an infection that can leave patches of your scalp bald.

But once you treat this infection, the hair in the bald regions should grow back.

  1. Drug side-effects for some medical issues

Drugs used in treating some medical conditions like cancer, high blood pressure, depression can lead to hair loss as a side-effect.


Now that you know the causes of hair loss, it’s time to see how NoFap can help you with your hair loss.

Some of these ways are the direct impact of doing NoFap on your hair, while some are indirect.

And one of the ways will surprise you and is quite counter-intuitive. It’s what a lot of people suffering from a receding hairline have given an account of.

The Three Ways NoFap can help your hair loss

  1. NoFap will help you re-balance your Androgen Receptors

This is the first way which NoFap can directly help you stop hair loss and start re-growing a much thicker hair.

When you constantly jerk-off to porn, your body is continually releasing the prolactin hormone to kill-off the excitement of dopamine.

With these constant high prolactin levels, your body reduces the level of androgen receptors.

So, when you go on NoFap for a while and stop frequently ejaculating, your body makes more AR.

Suppose your pattern-baldness is a result of AR dysfunction—causing your body to secret DHT disproportionately. In that case, you’ll see a better result with your hair loss by doing NoFap.

This is why you see people with great results with their hairline and hair re-growth and giving all the credit to NoFap solely.

These results might be minimal, but they’re not making those results up. NoFap has really helped them with their hair loss.

  1. NoFap will help you retain critical nutrients for hair loss

Since lacking some key nutrients like Zinc and Magnesium can result in hair loss, having more of these nutrients in the body can help reverse the condition.

Your semen contains a ridiculously high amount of Zinc and Magnesium.

And when you ejaculate two to three times in a day, you’re losing these nutrients more than you’re making them.

This puts your body in hyper-drive to make more of these nutrients.

But, if you practice NoFap or semen retention, you aren’t losing these essential nutrients. And they return to their normal functioning—including helping you stop losing hair and growing thicker hair.

  1. NoFap will help you with your self-esteem

If you’re suffering from hair loss at any age, it’s not a good thing.

But it’s not the end of the world.

Sadly, the society we live in has exaggerated the negative impacts of having male-pattern baldness.

Also, watching porn all the time contributes to the anxiety of losing hair.

Most times, it’s your brain creating a devil that doesn’t exist. It’s your brain over-emphasizing the effects of your hair loss.

“I’ve seen all those little digs where they try to make you feel less of a man because you’re losing your hair. I’m a man, and I will kick anyone’s butt who tries to tell me I’m not a man because my hair is thinning. Hair loss is God’s way of telling me I’m human.”
— Bruce Willis

And always feeling bad about your hair loss boils down to;

  • already having low self-esteem,
  • or end up having low self-esteem because you’re losing hair.

One of the benefits of NoFap is an increase in your confidence levels.

With the increase in confidence, there’s a better perception of yourself irrespective of whether you’re bald or not.

This increase in confidence drastically helps you play down the over-emphasis you’ve been placing on your hair loss.

I’ve seen people losing hair and decided to shave it off entirely, and they ended up rocking the bald look.

It all depends on how comfortable you are in your own skin at the end of the day.

If you think about it, there are cool people you know that are bald. And this baldness doesn’t affect their social and dating lives.

Examples of guys like these are; Jason Stratham, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson (the rock), Terry Crews, Bruce Willis, to name a few.

2 Ways to improve your hair loss situation while doing NoFap

Having good self-esteem and self-confidence doesn’t mean you should give up on NoFap, give up on trying to stop your hair loss, or give up your efforts to re-grow your hair.

It doesn’t mean you should let go and not try your best to look your best.

Having a good self-image of yourself means not being bothered by the result of whatever it is you choose to do with your hair.

Having good self-esteem means—after all efforts have failed—being okay with your hair.

That said, there are things you can still do while you’re doing NoFap that’ll help you stop hair loss and grow more hair.

And while you’re about to go through the list, I should give you a heads-up that one of the items on the list contains an affiliate link. If you buy through my link, you’ll be helping me out in keeping this NoFap site afloat.

So, let’s get to it.

  1. The No 1 all-natural product; if you want the fastest results

Since we’ve established that the cause of more than 95% of men suffering from hair loss is the DHT hormone, it’s time to find out how to block this hormone and regulate it to stop hair loss entirely.

After more than five decades of research on hair loss in men, scientists have concluded that there are ONLY four ways you can truly stop hair loss.

  • The first way is using a prescription pill called Propecia—which blocks the production of the balding hormone called DHT (which we talked about earlier).
  • The second way is to apply Minoxidil—a form of oil that you use which thickens the hair and slows down it’s shedding.
  • The third way is laser light treatment—which exposes your head to radiation.
  • And the fourth way is PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) injections into your scalp—which goes to the hair follicle to stop it’s shedding and stimulate growth.

Suppose we take the radiation exposure and the injection to the scalp parts out of these ways of curing hair loss. In that case, the first and second methods are the most painless on the surface.

You take a drug, and you apply oil.

Pretty simple right?

The only drawback to these two methods is that since these drugs and oils are synthesized in the lab (not all-natural), they come with a LOT of side-effects.

Side-effects like erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, male breast cancer, swelling in different parts of the body, headaches, dizziness, decreased libido, and so on.

Now, imagine having an all-natural product that doesn’t have any known side-effects in over twenty years of usage among millions of men—all of whom had seen a remarkable improvement in their hair loss.

The name of the all-natural product is profollica.

Profollica was the best product of 2020 in the hair loss category, and it’s been doing that consistently for years.

Profollica comes in the form of a capsule that you use, which blocks and regulates DHT, and oil you apply to your hair, which thickens your hair and stops its shedding.

In all the years profollica’s been in the market, there’s never been a complaint of a side-effect.

This is because profollica is an all-natural product containing herbal extracts, amino acids, a water-soluble vitamin called biotin, enzymes, and nutrients that are proven to block and regulate DHT levels in the body.

You can give the product a try here. There isn’t any harm in trying.

No harm in trying out the product because the product comes with a 67-day ironclad money-back guarantee.

  1. These foods are suitable for growing strong hair

As I said earlier, diet is an integral part of our hair formation.

Aside from magnesium and Zinc, there are other vital nutrients that you need to consume to have healthier hair and help the hair re-growing process;

  • Eggs: contains a high amount of carotene and biotin. Especially the yolk.
  • Vegetables: especially spinach has vitamin A and C in it.
  • Fish like salmon has Omega 3 fatty acids—responsible for reducing hair loss.
  • Avoid processed food as much as you can. Processed foods can trigger the production of the hair loss hormone (DHT).

All these nutrients are already available in this all-natural product. Try it out, and if you aren’t satisfied, you can always ask for your money back.

Conclusion: NoFap hair loss

Now that you know what’s causing your hair loss and what you need to do about it, I hope I’ve helped you put the controversy to bed.

If you found this post helpful, please share and comment below.

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Sources and Footnotes

  1. This statistic is from research conducted by the American Hair Loss Organization
  2. Had to do that calculation. The math geek in me came out swinging!!

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