NoFap and Law of Attraction: How to use NoFap to 10x your manifestation powers

The law of attraction is a real law of nature. And whether you believe in its validity or not, it’s working in your life anyway.

If you look at your life, everything in it—the people, the job, the career, the things you like, the things you don’t like, the device you’re reading this post on right now, EVERYTHING in your life, you attracted.

NoFap and law of attraction a woman holding money

But in this post, I’m not here to give you reasons why you should believe in the law of attraction.

I’m here to show you that if you add NoFap to the law of attraction, you 10x your manifestation power.

But before I can prove this grand claim, I have to show you why you’ve been finding it difficult to manifest in the past—when you were a PMO addict.

And for argument’s sake, if—and this is a man-sized IF—you’re a PMO addict that’s attracted everything he’s ever requested of the universe, you might be tempted to think that there isn’t a connection between PMO addiction and the law of attraction.

IF you’re that guy, understand that I’m not saying because you’re a PMO addict, you’re incapable of attracting anything you want.

I’m just saying that NoFap makes manifestation 10x easier and 10x faster.

So before we get into it, let’s learn what’s been blocking your manifestations in the first place.

And eventually, how NoFap can help you clear those blockages.

Why the law of attraction doesn’t work for 90% of people that apply it

I know I said that the law of attraction works in your life anyway whether you know about it or not.

But, the 90% I’m talking about here are the 90% of the people that are consciously trying to apply LOA to manifest the life they want.

The majority of these people visualize, use vision boards, do affirmations, think positive, force themselves to smile all day, feel good every time, but, they don’t manifest anything.

So, what are they doing wrong?

5 things that block and delay the manifestation of the 90%

Problem #1: People don’t utilize their minds

We can all agree that we have a thinking brain.

The possession of this thinking brain is what gives us a mind of our own.

As a human—with a thinking brain—anything you’ll be or have, originates from your mind.

So, irrespective of what you want to manifest—an ice cream, a million dollars, or the girl of your dreams, the process of manifestation will start with a thought in your mind.

And with time, you start thinking about that object, or the person more often.

You even cut out their pictures from a magazine and paste them on a vision board.

You look in the mirror every morning and affirm having those things.

And just as the LOA guru instructed you to do, you even try to act as if you already have it.

This is the extent to which the majority of people utilize their minds when they want to attract something or someone into their lives.

And this is the first mistake most people make when it comes to using the law of attraction.

The true power of the mind that most people ignore

A magnet is only as good as its magnetic properties—Frank Daemon

Think of the person that’s living the type of life you want to manifest.

Think of that successful entrepreneur, that successful athlete, that award-winning employee, the Dad of the year, the charming Casanova you have his picture on your vision board. Think of them all.

If you were to describe these people to somebody that doesn’t know them, I’m sure you’ll come up with words like; he’s a motivated man, he’s driven, he has a purpose (a reason for waking up each morning and grinding like a mudaf*cker), he’s focused, he’s creative, he’s determined, he doesn’t give up.

All these attributes are states of the mind.

Rarely will you find someone that has what you want with the opposite of the states of mind listed above.

So, why do you need to have these states of mind to attract what you want?

The simple answer is because, in this world, nothing good and worthwhile comes easy.

You might be tempted to think that some people don’t work hard to have all the good things they have in their lives.

Some are born wealthy. Some people are just lucky, while some are born with extraordinary talent.

What you should know is that at the end of the day, the rich kid has to work to retain the wealth.

If luck places the opportunity in front of the lucky Charlie, he has to physically walk the walk.

And, the athlete born with extraordinary talent has to train hard to cultivate that talent to reach an elite level.

Know that the hard work part of life is nothing personal.

It’s just that at certain point(s), the universe will test whether you’re ready to receive what you’re asking for.

You can see the manifestation of this in the distraction-filled world we live in today.

Only the extremely motivated, focused, and those that can delay gratification can achieve something worthwhile.

What you should know is that the circuit of your brain that needs to be firing on all cylinders for you to access these states of mind is your dopamine pathway.

And speaking of cultivating these states of mind, this leads me to the second reason why most people can’t manifest with the law of attraction;

Problem #2: People don’t focus on “to be” goals

Being and having are two different things.

Unfortunately, maybe it got lost in translation, the LOA gurus are always preaching that people should focus on “to have” goals.

Most people are always visualizing what they want to have. They rarely focus on who they want to be.

For instance, if your goal is to sell a million copies of your book, ask yourself who is that person who’s sold/sells a million copies of their book.

Who is this person? What does this person do daily? What are his daily habits around selling books?

Most likely, this person has a habit of writing, or a habit of marketing aggressively, or both.

So, until you become a writer, best believe you aren’t selling a million copies of a book that doesn’t exist.

And until you become a kickass marketer, you aren’t selling a million copies of a book nobody knows exists.

This is where habits come in.

Habits are the determinant of the kind of life you’ll have. Your habits are the way you ask the universe for something.

The best thing your visualizations and affirmations can do for you is to push you to take positive action. (That’s if you’re using LOA the right way!)

And as you repeat the positive action, over and over again—on days you feel good, and days you don’t feel good—you build neural pathways to the action. Eventually, habits are formed around the action.

As the habits are formed, so do the states of mind we talked about earlier.

This is when you manifest what you want.

For more context, take a look at the contrasting illustration below;

  • Jack wants to lose weight and keeps visualizing having a lean and fit body. After a week of intense visualization, affirmations, and thinking of nothing other than losing weight, Jack saw a diet plan on social media that seems to be working for everybody that uses it. He instantly got excited about the plan, so he bought it and started using it.
    After a month on the diet plan, he had a craving for what he’s not supposed to eat. Sadly, he gave in to that craving. And that was the extent of his action toward his goal of losing weight. At the end of the year, the truth is Jack wants to have a lean body but isn’t willing to become the person that has a lean body. So, he failed to attract that lean body.
  • Jones also wants to lose weight and keeps visualizing a lean and fit body. Everything that happened to Jack also happened to Jones. The only difference is that Jones knows that it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit. 1 So, he doesn’t give up on the first month. He did it for three months, four months, and then a year. Until the diet becomes his habit. After a year, Jones is definitely closer to having that lean body than Jack.

Problem #3: People have too much subconscious emotional garbage

The LOA gurus tell people to always feel good. That when they feel good is when they’ll attract what you want.

But in the name of feeling good all the time, people have become disconnected from their negative emotions.

In my opinion, this is the biggest misinformation about the law of attraction.

We can all agree that life’s shitty at times.

But if you’ve been told that the negatives of life are bad for attraction, that’s when you start suppressing, repressing, or distracting yourself from them.

And just because you repress, evade, or suppress these negative emotions doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

These negative emotions go down to your subconscious and they sabotage you from there.

These subconscious emotions stop you from having confidence in yourself, stop you from having long-term motivation, stop you from being truly happy, stop you from truly feeling good, stop you from building better habits, and ultimately they stop you from building the state of mind of champions.

So, you become an apple that looks all good on the surface, but rotten inside.

All because you’re trying to manipulate yourself into feeling good every moment.

Problem #4: People can’t let go and trust the universe

The need to trust and let go isn’t emphasized enough.

Letting go is you trusting in the process of attraction.

It’s you realizing that success is just a side-effect of becoming the type of magnet you’re supposed to be.

When I say people can’t let go, I meant that people are always too attached to the results of their actions.

People don’t focus on the purity of the process. The purity of being in the present moment. Being ONE with your purpose and the value you’re giving the world.

Rather, most people’s focus is on the outcome.

Jack follows a diet plan for one month and goes, “where’s my lean body?”

At this stage, Jack’s become outcome-oriented rather than being process-oriented.

Jack’s situation was shown in a study where a group of students was told to mentally simulate the process of getting good grades and another group was instructed to simulate the outcome of getting good grades.

The group that focused on the process did significantly better in the exam when compared to the group that focused on the outcome. 2

Falling in love with the process is you telling the universe, “irrespective of the outcome, I’m happily in love with the process either way.”

At this stage, you have no resistance and you’re ready to receive what you’re asking.

Problem #5: People aren’t aligned with what they’re asking the universe for!

Talking about falling in love with the process, most people don’t choose their struggles wisely.

Being obese is hard. Being lean is hard. So, at the end of the day, you need to choose your hard wisely—a woman on social media

Most people don’t have the deep-seated knowledge that life is filled with trade-offs.

To have something (either good or bad), you sacrifice something.

You’d think that most people will align their hard with something that gives them joy.

But no!

They choose the hard that makes them feel good for a very short time and makes them feel like sh*t the majority of their days.

This creates a misalignment with the universe. And this makes manifestation very difficult for them.

My Financial life after college

For instance, after two years of finishing college, I got a job at an IT company.

The pay was good, but I was miserable at that job. I hated working for people, I hated that I had to wake up early in the morning, I hated that I didn’t have the time to do what I cared about. In summary, the job was hard!

Before I got this job, I was into trading the sports market on Betfair. I loved doing it! I could happily sit down and learn about trading for hours. I could trade for seven hours at a stretch. But one caveat to my trading was that after three years of doing it every day, I was consistently losing money. At that stage, I had lost up to the tune of $15,000. In summary, trading was also hard!!

So, here I was, with two hard endeavors to choose from because my working hours were clashing with the time I’m supposed to trade.

But since trading was more aligned with my personality, with my soul, I saved up three months’ salary from the job, and I resigned.

It took me two years after that to finally crack trading Betfair. But it was worth every pain I had to endure.


Based on what I’ve written so far, if I were to summarize the things that block people’s manifestation powers, I’d say;

  • A messed up Dopamine pathway
  • Bad habits
  • Subconscious emotional garbage
  • Lack of purpose

5 ways that NoFap can solve these manifestation blockers and speed up the Law of Attraction for you

To deeply understand the concept of the law of attraction, I want you to think of a magnet.

A magnet is an object that possesses a certain force (or an energy field) that’s capable of attracting other magnets and certain metals.

The force that the magnet possesses is what’s known as its magnetic properties.

It’s the potency of a magnet’s magnetic properties that determines the size, the type, and the quality of metal it’ll attract.

In essence, a magnet is only as good as its magnetic properties.

Human beings can be likened to the magnet when we’re trying to use the law of attraction for manifestation.

Doing NoFap is you taking your magnet to the shop, have it repaired, and have its magnetic properties tuned up 10x.

NoFap does this in the following ways;

  1. NoFap rewires your dopamine pathway

One of the most important circuits in the brain is the dopamine circuit. This circuit is our reward pathway.

It’s the promise of reward encoded in the dopamine circuit that keeps our existence going.

Without this circuit, we won’t have a reason to wake up in the morning. There won’t be a need to eat or procreate.

And when this need is taken out of existence, we just wither away and die.

This is the circuit that controls (or has a part to play in) our level of motivation, focus, concentration, happiness, pleasure, drive, grit, and so on.

The biggest problem that this generation is currently facing is the problem of dopamine addiction (inability to delay gratification).

And this mostly stems from a messed-up dopamine circuit.

Nowadays, we’re all like that little rat in Kent Berridge’s experiment that doesn’t mind the electric shock, as long as he gets that dopamine hit.3

We get our dopamine hits from different sources; PMOing, video gaming, hard drugs, sex, excessive eating, social media likes, YouTube videos, and all the dopamine rush sources we usually seek pleasure from.

The biggest behavioral dopamine sources that satisfy our cravings in a BIG way are those related to sex (PMOing) and food.

As I said, for the sake of continuity of species, human beings are wired to seek sex.

That’s why we derive so much pleasure from anything sexually related—intercourse, porn, masturbation, and so on.

That makes it a natural reinforcer for us.

PMOing cripples our dopamine pathway like no other behavioral addiction.

So, completing the NoFap challenge is you rewiring these messed up chemical processes which rewires your dopamine pathway in a big way.

This is why guys that go on the hard mode of NoFap for a long period report having renewed motivation, drive, focus, and concentration on their life’s goals. 4

  1. There’s no better habit generator out there than NoFap

Picking up good habits is integral to successfully use the law of attraction.

One thing about habits that you should know is that when you successfully pick up a difficult one, it becomes easier to pick up other ones.

So, when you complete the NoFap challenge, you’ve attained mastery over that integral part of your existence.

And your willpower system has just gone through an intense workout.

Your prefrontal cortex becomes bigger psychologically and physiologically.

What this means is that picking up other good habits becomes easier.

You see a lot of people that report on the NoFap forums that they’re able to pick up good habits and drop bad ones.

  1. NoFap gives you emotional stability

Most PMO addictions are driven by subconscious negative emotions.

PMO addicts use porn as a coping mechanism for a spectrum of both conscious and subconscious negative emotions.

These subconscious emotions are similar to the ones that often block manifestation power.

So, when you go on NoFap, you take away what you use to repress, suppress, or evade these negative emotions.

As a result, these negative emotions start coming to the surface and you start dealing with them.

This is why a lot of people on NoFap reports different emotional highs and lows. Their subconscious negative emotions move through them as they’re supposed to.

  1. NoFap helps you to be present in the moment

The ability to just let go of all expectations and be present in the moment is a good way to lower resistance to what you want to attract into your life.

When you’re on NoFap, you have more testosterone—and this is a hormone that grounds you.

Coupled with the fact that your emotions are not all over the place, you’re able to be present in the moment.

The ability to be present in the moment will help you stay with difficult tasks longer.

And doing this over and over again will help you build resilience, persistence, and grit.

And just as I’ve said earlier, you need all these mental attributes to get the law of attraction to work for you.

  1. NoFap can help you find your purpose

Just because what you do is your passion or purpose, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to work hard for you to manifest the life you want.

The hard work can be in trying different things to know what sticks, or in making what you’ve chosen work for you.

Maybe you already have something you feel is your purpose in this world, or maybe you haven’t found one yet, this is where NoFap will be of great help.

When you’re no longer spending hours of your day ejaculating to internet porn, you have the time to explore other things.

These things would have seemed boring in the past, but with your rewired dopamine pathway, you might start enjoying these things.

It’s the things we enjoy doing that we become passionate about.

And structuring your life’s purpose around things you’re passionate about can put you in a state of flow with the universe.

When you get into the state of flow, you’re ONE with the universe.

At this stage, your vibration is as high as it can be.

And this multiplies your manifestation power by 10x.

To learn about more amazing NoFap benefits, click here!!

Summary of NoFap and Law of Attraction

The more you do NoFap, the more you realize that there’s nothing you can’t be, do, or have.

NoFap makes acting on your life’s goals easier.

NoFap gives you the energy, time, and focus you’ll need to work on those goals.

And as you start working on those goals ceaselessly, tirelessly, you’re giving the universe no other option than to oblige to your habitual request.

If you found this post helpful or not, share it anyway. You don’t know that person, somewhere, that this post might change his/her life for the better.

If you have any question or any contributions you’d like to make, please use the comment section below.

Till the next time we speak again, STAY FAP-FREE, KEEP MANIFESTING!!

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Sources and Footnotes

  1. Phillippa Lally, a health psychology professor at the University College in London conducted a study on 96 participants and found that the average for a new behavior to turn into a habit is 66 days. Although, the days the participants were able to pick up new habits range from 18 days to 254 days
  2. From Thought to Action: Effects of Process-Versus Outcome-Based Mental Simulations on Performance
  3. Liking, Wanting and the Incentive-Sensitization Theory of Addiction
  4. Different guys testifying that NoFap helped them reverse major attention and concentration problems

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