NoFap for Women: The benefits, the modes, and how women should do NoFap

When it comes to NoFap for women, there aren’t many online resources about it.

People don’t feel it’s important enough to write about.

So, this article is an attempt to solve this problem.

Also, this post aims to answer some of the most pressing questions that women (and men) might have about NoFap for women.

My data source

NoFap for women
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You might be tempted to ask what gave me the authority to speak for women.

That’ll be a good question.

But you should know that this article is based on reliable data.

Data I’ve gathered over the years from women I know have gone on NoFap.

Over the years, running this website has allowed me to meet women across the world that have shared their NoFap stories with me.

Also, I know women in my life that have struggled with Porn, Masturbation, and Orgasm (PMO) addiction and shared their stories with me.

I know that writing this will help a lot of females out there.

This post will be far from perfect in depicting what women who struggle with PMO addiction go through.

But I hope it will be a starting point as a resource you can consult if you want to know what NoFap for women is like.

But before we get into what NoFap for women is like, let’s look at some myths surrounding NoFap for women.

Myths about NoFap for women

  1. Women don’t get addicted to PMO

If you’re a woman thinking you’re the only one in the universe that’s addicted to PMO, you can’t be more wrong.

NoFap for women

Make no mistake, women also get addicted to PMOing.

And as a direct consequence, a lot of women are doing NoFap.

Most of them might not attach the name ‘NoFap’ to it, but they’re abstaining from masturbating to porn.

  1. Even if there is PMO addiction amongst women, it isn’t a pandemic

If very few women were addicted to porn 5 to 6 years ago, nowadays, the number has quadrupled.

In the past, I’d focused the majority of my NoFap articles on men.

But as the years went by, I noticed that the number of women that were mailing me about PMO addiction was increasing at an alarming rate.

The surge in the number of women getting addicted to PMO isn’t limited to the readers of my blog.

For instance, this study surveyed about 500 women and 73% of them reported internet porn use in the last 6 months.1

This increase in the rate at which women use internet porn can be associated with porn being more accessible and more mainstream.

Although the rate at which women look at porn isn’t up to the rate at which men do, it does not mask the fact that the number is increasing.


While there’s nothing bad in more women watching porn, it’s when it becomes an inconvenient addiction that it poses a problem on the physical, mental, and sexual health of these women.

Let’s take a closer look at how PMO addiction affects women;

NoFap for women: Health problems that PMO addiction poses to women

  1. Desensitization of sexual parts

With increased and prolonged masturbation, your sexual parts (clitoris) become used to the object of masturbation—your hand or your sex toys.

With time, it becomes desensitized to other forms of stimulation.

And not only that, the sensitivity of the clitoris, vagina, and other sexual parts that are constantly stimulated becomes reduced.

This hugely affects the level of arousal during partnered sex. And it also contributes to reduced interest in sex.

  1. Reduced interest in partnered sex

Women can’t achieve orgasm in the same way that men can.

According to the women I spoke with, it’s easier for them to reach orgasm when they self-stimulate than when they’re having partnered sex.

They claim they know their body better.

And as a result, they can easily achieve orgasm on their own.

So, this makes them very susceptible to getting addicted to masturbation.

And with the repeated act of masturbating, a gradual loss of interest in partnered sex is reported.

  1. Reduced interest in relationships

Women NoFap

Dependence on porn and masturbation makes getting in a relationship seem like too much work.

We see this with men also.

Because why go through the hassle of getting in a relationship (and keeping a relationship) when you can just masturbate and please yourself.

This reduced interest in relationships starts by not wanting to get out of the house.

You might notice you start becoming more and more reclusive, and socially anxious.

And with time, you just stop caring about making an effort to date.

Women report being able to go for a long time without being in a meaningful romantic relationship.
While there’s nothing inherently wrong with being single, these women are not single by choice.

They want to have meaningful romantic relationships.

They just can’t be bothered enough to get to know someone and be with that person over a long period (flaws and all).

  1. A distorted sense of self that leads to low self-esteem

NoFap for females

Watching too much porn trains you to compare your body and your sexual performance to that of female pornstars.

And this leads to a false sense of inadequacy when it comes to your sexuality.

What you need to know is that the body of the female pornstar is shot from camera angles that will intentionally leave out the human side.

The human side is the side with all the stretch marks and botched body parts.

These camera angles will accentuate the good parts and tone down the human parts to project false perfection.

When it comes to sexual performance, what you also need to know is that a single porn scene is filled with several cuts in-between takes for the performers to take a breather or orgasm (if they need to).

When you look beyond the camera, you’ll find that some female pornstars even take performance enhancement drugs like Viagra, meth, cocaine, and other hard drugs.

But all these facts are obscured from the viewers of porn.

And people still go ahead and compare themselves with pixels on the screen in real life.

  1. Intrusive sexual fantasies

If you watch porn to a stage, you start sexualizing everything and everyone you come in contact with.

These sexual fantasies start getting more and more extreme with time.

They start taking up much-needed mental bandwidth.

And with time, you start having what is known as brain fog.

  1. Self-objectification

Because of the way porn treats women as sex objects, excessive exposure to it can rewire your brain to see yourself (and others) as sex objects.

This is a devastating influence that porn can have on your brain.

This subliminally affects your relationship with yourself and your romantic partners.


If you are a PMO addict, you would have noticed some of the above changes in your life.

You might not be able to pinpoint where the problem is from, but you’ll know there’s a problem somewhere.

So, when you go on NoFap, you’ll notice some (or all) of the following positive shifts in your life:

Health benefits of NoFap for women

  1. Reclaim your sexuality

The majority of us look to porn to teach us about sex, and our sexuality when we hit puberty—and we found out that we had needs.

The problem is that when we become addicted to porn, it hijacks our brain and our sexual pathways,

So, when you go on NoFap, you’re reclaiming what porn has taken from you: Your ability to get aroused normally, and even orgasm during partnered sex.

A lot of females on NoFap report that they have increased sensitivity, arousal, and sexual satisfaction when they have partnered sex.

They also report that sex is more intimate and more in the moment when they go on NoFap.

This is a far better experience than when they were addicted to PMOing and they had all the porn images flashing before their minds when they had sex.

  1. Better mood due to dopamine rebalancing

NoFap for women
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Because porn had initially hijacked your dopamine pathway, going on NoFap gets this pathway rebalanced.

With this path rebalanced, you become more sensitive to things you’ve been numbed to in the past.

Things that were supposed to lift your mood.

When you’re able to find joy in the little things in life, your mood is hugely enhanced.

As you’ll see with NoFap, your relationship with yourself increases and your relationship with others also increases.

And all these translate into a better mood in your days.

An ex-girlfriend of mine was borderline becoming depressed when she was a PMO addict.

But when she reached the 2-months mark of NoFap, she told me that her mood was significantly improved.

She told me that it wasn’t something much.

That she didn’t make a big change in her life aside from doing NoFap.

But what she noticed was that she can easily get excited, enthusiastic, and happy over the smallest things.

  1. Glowing skin

This is a NoFap benefit that most of the women who go for NoFap swear they get.

They always say that they have better (glowing) skin and are more attractive as a result.

  1. More Energy

Female NoFap
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Masturbating excessively and constant orgasm takes an energy toll on the body in one form or the other.

A lot of energy-zapping hormones are secreted in the brain when women PMO.

So, when women go on NoFap, they often report that they’re more energetic.

And not only energetic, but they also have this urge to use this energy to work on themselves—to become a better version of themselves.

Females on NoFap take up exercising, yoga, and other activities that they use to channel this energy surge.

And their lives often get better for it.

  1. Better relationship with yourself

NoFap for women

Most women report that there’s a feeling of shame they carry around when they were addicted to PMOing.

There’s also the case of mentally objectifying themselves and everybody they come in contact with.

All these mental weights affect the way they perceive themselves, their self-esteem, and their self-worth.

But when they go on NoFap and take PMO out of the equation, the creepiness subsides.

They become more and more confident in their skin.

And the level of social anxiety and shyness reduces considerably.

  1. Better relationship with others

As women on NoFap do more internal work and realize they’re worth much more than porn portrays them to be, they begin to cherish themselves.

This, in turn, starts reflecting on the way they treat others, and others treat them.

Women on NoFap often report that they’re less shy and have more willingness to form relationships with others.


There are a lot more benefits associated with NoFap.

And make no mistake, some of those benefits will also be applicable to women.

So, you can check out the comprehensive list of NoFap benefits here.

But to get these benefits, you need to complete the NoFap challenge successfully.

And to be successful with NoFap, you need to know the stucture of NoFap for women.

What does NoFap for women look like?

A woman willing to go on NoFap isn’t that different from what men do on NoFap.

You choose the mode of NoFap you want to go on, the duration you want to do it for, and stick with it.

  1. The NoFap modes for women

The three most popular modes of NoFap are the easy mode, normal mode, and the hard mode.

The easy mode is abstaining from porn only.

The normal mode is when you abstain from porn and masturbation only.

The hard mode is when you abstain from porn, masturbation, and orgasm altogether.

You choose the mode of NoFap you want to do based on your needs.

You can learn more about what each mode of NoFap means and how to choose one here!!

  1. The NoFap withdrawal symptoms for women

Women also get withdrawal symptoms on NoFap but their withdrawal symptoms might not be as intense as that of men.

Regardless, you should expect some form of withdrawal symptoms when you’re doing NoFap.

Because PMO is a habit you’ve become addicted to and you’re trying to stop doing it.

Your brain and your body will want to get back to doing it. And at a point, they will fight you with all the withdrawal symptoms they can muster.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms that women experience are insomnia, very strong mood swings, and huge cravings to watch porn and masturbate.

You can learn all the withdrawal symptoms associated with NoFap here!!

  1. What do I do when I relapse?

Relapsing on NoFap doesn’t mean you should stop doing NoFap.

As a matter of fact, if you’re a hardcore PMO addict, you’ll relapse.

Relapsing isn’t an issue. It’s how you pick yourself up after the relapse that matters.

After your relapse, don’t binge. Your brain will want to do so.

Don’t feel like you’re weak. You’re on the right path!

It’s when you start feeling bad for yourself and start binge-PMOing that your NoFap progress is in jeopardy.

I’ve listed the things to do after a NoFap relapse here!!

Check it out!! You’ll find some helpful tips there.

  1. When is a NoFap reboot complete for a woman?

NoFap woman

At this stage, I know the burning question on your mind is when will your NoFap reboot be complete?

When will I be done with NoFap?

Should a woman never ever masturbate till the end of time?

Well, the answer to these very important questions is this:

Your NoFap reboot is complete when you don’t have the COMPULSIVE NEED to masturbate to porn anymore.

That is, you’ve been on NoFap for so long that you don’t get the urge to PMO anymore.

Note that I said the urge to masturbate to porn.

This urge to PMO is different from the natural urge we get to have sex.

It’s this urge to PMO you want to burn by going on NoFap.

And with time on NoFap, this urge to PMO will go away. And the natural urge will be the one that remains.

So, when this urge to PMO is no more, your NoFap reboot is complete.

By then, if you get the urge to have sex, and due to one reason or the other, you choose to masturbate (without porn) instead, that’s not a bad thing.

It isn’t a relapse. It’s called a reset.

At this stage, masturbation is serving a purpose. It isn’t a compulsive addiction.

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Sources and Footnotes

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