NoFap Weight Loss: 4 remarkable ways that NoFap can help you lose weight

You might have been wondering if NoFap and weight loss are related in any way.

But there are mixed opinions when it comes to NoFap weight loss.

Some people claim that NoFap helped them lose weight. And some argue that NoFap actually made them gain weight.

In this post, we’ll explore all the links between NoFap weight loss and NoFap weight gain for you to gain clarity on the issue.NoFap weight loss

How NoFap can help you lose weight

Make no mistake, NoFap in itself won’t help you lose a pound of fat.

You can’t sit on your couch and expect that since you’re doing NoFap, your body’s burning fat.

NoFap doesn’t work like that.

However, it doesn’t mean that NoFap won’t help you lose weight.

As I always say, you should know that NoFap is a platform that can propel you to do great things in your life.

Great things like losing weight.

But that’s if you utilize the platform. If you don’t, nothing will happen.

Now that we’ve gotten that important fact out of the way, let’s look at the ways that NoFap can directly or indirectly help you lose weight;

  1. NoFap improves your metabolism

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns the calories you get from your food and converts it to energy.

The thing about your metabolism and weight loss (or weight gain) is that the slower your rate of metabolism is, the more likely you’re to gain weight.

And the faster it is, the more likely you’re to lose weight.

So, Does NoFap increase metabolism?

What does excessive jerking off and NoFap have to do with your rate of metabolism?

The sex hormones—testosterone and estrogen—play a leading role in determining your metabolism rate.

High testosterone levels mean you’re converting fat into muscles at a faster rate. And this translates into a higher resting metabolic rate.

And what the evidence has shown us over the years is that excessive jerking off to porn significantly reduces testosterone levels in men.

But when you go on NoFap, your testosterone level increases and is eventually regulated.

This is why you see guys on the NoFap forums claiming that NoFap has directly helped them lose weight—even if the loss is small or almost negligible.

So, when you’re on NoFap, don’t be surprised that without a change in diet or doing any exercise, your pants might become a little bit loser.

This is the most direct way I can say that NoFap influences weight loss.

  1. NoFap reduces the need to binge eat

NoFap weight lossThe primary factor determining if you’ll lose or gain weight is a basic mathematics of burning more calories than you’re taking in or vice versa.

This is the major reason why overeating and lack of exercise are the leading cause of weight gain.

And over-eating or binge-eating is a pandemic nowadays.

Because of the advent of junk foods and how easy they are to get nowadays, the inability of people to control what they’re eating is why a lot of people are overweight.

This need to eat more than you need is evolutionary.

Your limbic system is designed to increase your cravings so that you eat more than you need when it perceives scarcity.

And fast foods companies have chemically engineered their foods to trigger your limbic system to always want more—so that you’ll buy more.

The only thing that can control a limbic system in full gear is your prefrontal cortex. So someone with an active prefrontal cortex will be able to exercise control in this sort of situation.

The prefrontal cortex is the seat of your willpower.

This is where the NoFap challenge comes in.

Because the NoFap challenge is so hard to complete, it’s the ultimate workout for your prefrontal cortex.

If you’re able to complete the NoFap challenge, your prefrontal cortex is rejuvenated—it gets stronger psychologically and physiologically.

This is why people on NoFap are better able to control their eating patterns and avoid binge eating, which is the leading cause of obesity.

  1. NoFap gives you the motivation to stick with exercise plans and diet plans

Everyone intrinsically knows what they have to do not to be overweight.

Stop eating so damn much and hit the gym.

Knowing is one thing, but doing is another thing entirely.

NoFap weight gainSo, why is it that a lot of people know what to do and never do it?

Why is it that a lot of people are still very much overweight?

This disparity is due to a lack of motivation and willpower.

The overweight person has tried countless diet plans and exercise plans.

It isn’t that these plans don’t work; they never did it for long to get results.

And this is due to a lack of intrinsic motivation.

They might start a diet plan and stick to it for two weeks, and before they know it, they’ve abandoned the diet plan and reverted back to old eating patterns.

When it comes to intrinsic motivation, dopamine plays a huge role.

Researchers have shown that our dopamine pathways determine the rate of our intrinsic motivation.1

And when it comes to dopamine rebalancing, NoFap plays a considerable role.

Completing the NoFap challenge means you’ve rebalanced a previously damaged dopamine pathway in your brain.

So, it isn’t surprising when people say that they could stick with diet and exercise plans when they are on NoFap.

Plans they would have abandoned after two weeks before, they find that they can see it through.

  1. You can build better habits quickly on NoFap

Speaking of dopamine and willpower rejuvenation, this is another way that NoFap can help you lose weight.

When you can easily (and quickly) build habits like eating healthily, exercising regularly, drinking more water, stop eating junk, you’ll lose weight easily (and quickly).

You have a more pronounced prefrontal cortex which increases your willpower. And you have a better dopamine pathway which improves your motivation.

So, what you’ll notice apart from the ability to easily build these habits is that there’ll be the presence of a need to do it.

NoFap brings a NEED for you to take care of yourself better. A need to be empathetic towards yourself.

So, aside from wanting to build better habits when you’re on NoFap, there’ll be a NEED for it.

Does NoFap make you gain weight?

Since NoFap is a double-edged sword, I won’t ignore its dark side.

I’ve listed all the ways it can work for you and make you lose weight. And it can also work against you and make you gain weight.

How it can work against you is if you don’t do NoFap properly.

And you not doing NoFap properly has to do with your dopamine.

You might binge eat when you’re on NoFap

Because of the massive amount of dopamine your brain used to get from porn, when you go on NoFap, your brain will look for this dopamine somewhere else.

This is where a lot of people fall into the dark pit of NoFap.

When you’re on NoFap, you’ll get bored.

This is because your brain is craving dopamine. Don’t fall into the pit of substituting the dopamine from porn with dopamine from binge-eating, binge-watching Netflix, or dopamine from playing video games excessively.

If you do this, then you’re doing NoFap wrongly.

So, the binge-eating part quickly becomes another habit, resulting in gaining weight in the long run.

Suppose you’re doing NoFap the right way, and you’re substituting the dopamine you used to get from porn with healthy sources of dopamine like exercising, reading, meditating. In that case, you shouldn’t have this problem of weight gain.

NoFap Habits that can help you lose weight

Talking about healthy sources of dopamine and good habits that enhance weight loss, these are habits you need to be doing alongside NoFap if you want to lose weight:

  1. Exercising

Studies have shown that exercising to lose weight doesn’t need to be an elaborate thing.

Just taking walks consistently might just do the trick. Or running for a certain mile every day.

And if you want to take exercise to the next level, you can join the gym.

  1. Get enough sleep

Numerous studies have shown that not getting enough quality sleep may lead to metabolic disorders, which can increase appetite and eventually lead to weight gain.

Although the exact reason why this is the case is still a debate, what’s not a debate is that good sleeping habits have been linked to keeping healthy body weight.

So, what’s a good night’s sleep?

According to the sleep foundation website, an adult requires at least 7 hours of quality sleep every night.

Quality sleep is an uninterrupted deep sleep that you’re able to reach Alpha state.

You can learn all about quality sleep and how to improve the quality of your sleep when you’re on NoFap by clicking here.

  1. Drink more water

Most people don’t stay hydrated.

The logic is that if you wait till you’re thirsty before you drink water, you aren’t drinking enough water.

This is a good habit to have on NoFap because it greatly enhances weight loss efforts.

Drinking water is key to weight loss because it;

  • Boost your metabolism,
  • May suppress your appetite—which makes you eat less,
  • Makes your exercise easier and effective
  1. Stay away from junks

This should go without saying, but I need to inform you anyway.

Because the foods and drinks in the “junk” category will always frustrate your weight loss plan.

These foods have been made with chemicals that intentionally hijack your dopamine pathways and always leave you wanting more.

Final Verdict: NoFap Weight loss

As you can now see, NoFap in itself might not necessarily make you lose weight. But, it can facilitate your weight loss efforts if you’re willing to do the work.

It can make the effort that would’ve otherwise seemed daunting to be a walk in the park.

NoFap can motivate you to stay on that diet plan. NoFap can encourage you to stay on that exercise regimen.

And very soon, you’ll see the results you desire.

How has NoFap affected your weight loss effort?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Sources and Footnotes

  1. The Emerging Neuroscience of Intrinsic Motivation: A New Frontier in Self-Determination Research

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