Does NoFap get Easier: The answer to the most asked question about NoFap

Maybe you’ve tried the NoFap challenge, and you’ve been forced to ask the question of does NoFap get easier at a point?

Maybe every day on the challenge had seemed like a groundhog day.

You’re at the right place for that answer.

And I’m here to tell you emphatically that NoFap does get easier with time.

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But this won’t be true for everybody. It won’t be true for the majority of people.

For most people, the more days they add to their NoFap calendar, the more difficult the challenge becomes.

In this post, you get to understand why that’s the case.

You also get to learn things you can do to make the NoFap challenge easier as you do it.

NoFap does get easier, but it wouldn’t feel like it if you don’t let it

I’ll agree that in the early days of your NoFap challenge, it’ll be difficult.

If we’re being realistic, it’s a tall order to expect your brain that’s hooked on porn to suddenly quit—and be cool while it’s at it.

If you put the request you’re making of your brain in perspective, you’d agree it might take time before your brain fully gets the memo.

But eventually, Nofap’s supposed to get easier.

The problem people encounter on NoFap is they don’t recognize moments in their NoFap journey when NoFap is getting easier.

The reason is that most people are always in their minds.

They’re probably making NoFap a bigger deal than it is.

This happens when you’re always in your mind. Or when you’re using NoFap trackers and counters the wrong way.

You might be so busy wrestling the addiction that you won’t recognize the moments—the windows of opportunity when the addiction wants to be the last thing on your mind.

Moments when NoFap is supposed to get easier

There are times when NoFap is really easy to do.

The funny thing is that it’s these times that people get in their own way and make it difficult.

For you to recognize these moments when NoFap does get easier so that you can take full advantage of it, I’ve listed those moments here;

  1. When your flatline starts

This is the time you’re offered a break from the porn cravings and porn urges.

The flatline period is the time that your libido goes to zero, or non-existent.

At this point, you’re not aroused and things are at a stand-still.

The funny thing about the flatline is that people try to get out of it as fast as possible. So much so that they watch porn just to check if their penis is still working.

But if you get out of your own way, and just ride out the flatline, you’ll see the flatline as an advantage.

During the flatline stage of NoFap, you can put your attention and energy into something else. Something worthwhile.

And if you utilize this time, porn and NoFap will be the last thing on your mind.

  1. When you’re out and about or when you’re busy

If you’re lucky enough to have a life outside of your bedroom, when you’re in this world, NoFap is ridiculously easy to do.

For most people, their bedroom is the room that triggers porn use.

So, during your NoFap, if you have the chance to travel, go out and about, and you’re as far away from your bedroom as possible, at this time, NoFap should be the last thing on your mind.

This period should be characterized by the least amount of NoFap relapses as possible.

The logic behind this is that when your mind is pre-occupied with other stuff, porn and NoFap kind of takes the back seat.

Why people often struggle at these times to keep their minds off of porn and NoFap is their inability to be present in the moment.

Many people struggle with the ability to be present and be with the task at hand.

So, let’s say you’re out with some friends on a Friday night.

During the hours you spend with your friends, porn thoughts shouldn’t cross your mind. That’s if you’re present in that moment with your friends.

When you get home, you should just focus on falling asleep faster using some simple techniques.

If this is an ongoing thing, you should be able to get some NoFap streaks together.

  1. After the first two weeks of NoFap, after one month of NoFap, and beyond

Of course.

The more you do a willpower exercise, the more your willpower muscle gets strengthened.

And there’s no better willpower exercise out there than NoFap.

So, the more you’re resisting the porn urges, the better, and easier it becomes for you to resist the porn urges.

After two weeks (usually), a lot of people report NoFap becoming easier.

After one month, a lot more people report NoFap becoming easier.

The more days you add to your NoFap calendar, the easier NoFap becomes.

Not that the porn urges or porn cravings disappear totally, but you’re able to handle them better when they occur.

But you do need to be aware of this bigger capacity of your willpower center.

If you aren’t aware, your brain might still play the cravings trick on you—secrete a little bit of dopamine in your brain and make you go chasing.

Don’t count on your brain to make NoFap easier

Speaking of your brain playing tricks on you, when you’re on NoFap, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

There are days that NoFap gets really hard.

You get bombarded by a wave of horniness and porn cravings that you might not know how to deal with.

Also, when any of the moments I listed above (when NoFap is supposed to be easier) springs up, don’t count on your brain to make NoFap easier.

For either the hard days or the easy days, the best approach is to be prepared anyway.

When it comes to NoFap, don’t put all your eggs in the motivation basket. Look beyond motivation for NoFap.

Motivation is good and all, but it runs out when the hard days of NoFap come around.

Things you can do to make NoFap easier

  1. Be aware of the most challenging time in your day

The most challenging times of the day when most people relapse on their NoFap is late at night and early in the morning.

For these hard times, here are some tips to deal with them;

Early morning tips

  • Set your alarm at the highest volume and place it at a walking distance to your bed. When your alarm goes off, you’ll need to get out of bed to switch it off.
  • After switching off the alarm, do a round of any exercise you like to get your body awake and get your blood flowing.
  • Immediately after exercising, go to the bathroom, and have a cold shower. Don’t bring your phone, or any device you can use to access porn into the bathroom with you.

Late-night tips

Most people relapse late at night if they have difficulty sleeping.

  1. Porn blockers

Using porn blockers go hand-in-hand with NoFap success.

You need to block your accessibility to porn when you’re on NoFap.

Without porn blockers installed on all your devices, you might as well go on Pornhub right now and relapse.

Because it doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone on NoFap, one day you’ll relapse. Just because you can access porn.

To come about a non-intrusive, effective, and free porn blocker for all devices is quite difficult. But if you need porn filters like the one I just described, you can check out this manual.

  1. Cold showers

When you’re NoFap, cold showers shouldn’t only be limited to early in the morning.

Whenever you’re being flooded with porn cravings, cold showers can help you suppress the cravings.

Cold showers increase blood circulation. This, in turn, helps to improve oxygen intake and use. And this translates to more willpower.

I can personally vouch for the potency of how much cold showers reduce porn cravings.

In the early days of my NoFap, a cold shower is my go-to strategy for overcoming porn cravings.

  1. The NoFap motivation button is your friend

I know I’ve given motivation a hard time and told you to look beyond it for NoFap.

But, on some hard days, when you’re finding NoFap difficult to do, you need to remind yourself why NoFap is worth doing.

For instant motivation, you can head over to the NoFap Emergency button and get an instant dose of motivation.

  1. Distraction is your ally

The major way to make NoFap easier on yourself is to not—as I said earlier, put too much mind into it.

When it’s all you think about all day and night, it can become difficult to do.

But if you distract yourself and your thoughts from NoFap towards something worthwhile (or fun), days can go by and you won’t even know your NoFap streak is accumulating.

Examples of activities you can use to distract yourself from NoFap are;

  • reading,
  • going out,
  • watching an interesting movie, and any other thing you can immerse yourself in.
  1. The blue elephant

If I tell you not to think of a blue elephant, you automatically think about it.

And if I tell you to stop thinking about the blue elephant, you can’t get the image of the blue elephant out of your mind.

The thing with the brain is that for it to not think of something, it has to think of it first to know not to think of it.

And if there isn’t an alternate thing to think about, that image stuck in the brain is all it has to think about.

So, as I’ve been telling you so far in this post not to think of NoFap (all the time) if you want it to be easier to complete, all you think about all the time now is NoFap.

So, how do you deal with the blue elephant of NoFap that’s now stuck in your mind?

As researchers have found, if I want you to stop thinking about NoFap, I’m supposed to tell you what to think about instead.

Hence, the recommendation of distracting yourself with other activities when you’re on Nofap.

And if distractions don’t work, here are things you can do to make NoFap easier by not thinking about it all the time;

  • Relax about it

Yeah! Relax about NoFap.

It’s not something that you should be stressing about. It should be your way of life.

Because in an ideal world, you aren’t supposed to be addicted to porn.

Just relax. Think about yourself as someone who doesn’t need porn to function.

Forget about all the reported benefits of NoFap for a moment.

And just Breathe!

  • Deep breathing

Deep breathing automatically gets you out of your mind.

It calms your mind. It pumps oxygen to your brain and this boosts your willpower.

So, during your day, when you start getting cravings for porn or you keep getting withdrawal symptoms from NoFap, just take a deep breath.

  • Be aware and live in the moment

After taking a deep breath, be aware of your environment and the real task at hand.

Is it the dishes you’re cleaning? Is it the book you’re reading?

No matter what you’re doing, just consciously be aware of it. Consciously be in that moment and immerse yourself in that activity.

If you do this, within a few minutes, NoFap will be the last thing on your mind.

And at this moment, NoFap does get easier to do.

Conclusion: Does NoFap ever get easier

As I said at the beginning of this post, NoFap does get easier with time.

But, don’t get in your own way.

Don’t allow your mind to over-complicate the process for you.

The solution to not allowing your mind to over-complicate NoFap is to be able to get on with your life and not let NoFap be all you think about.

Follow the tips and lessons prescribed and you’d find NoFap’s much easier to do than you initially thought.

If any part of this post has been helpful to you in any way, please share it with others.

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