Will NoFap help me get a girlfriend? 5 Things you must do

It’s important to know the answer to the question: will NoFap help me get a girlfriend? It’s important to get the correct and unbiased answer to this question when you’re on NoFap and single. Because using NoFap to get a girlfriend might be what’s motivating you to continue NoFap—as it is for over 70% of … Read more

NoFap with Girlfriend or partner: you need to read this if you’re in a relationship on NoFap.

You might have believed that if you’re doing NoFap while you’re in a relationship, nothing can go wrong. After all, you can have sex whenever you want—and that would make your NoFap reboot easier. Contrary to this belief, doing NoFap with a girlfriend, or while in a sexual relationship, or as a married man is … Read more