Nofap and Premature Ejaculation: Can Nofap cure your PE?

One of the most frustrating things that happen to men in the course of their lifetime, at one time or the other, is premature ejaculation.

The feeling of inadequacy and embarrassment when you ejaculate too quickly is immeasurable.

Even if your partner was nice about it, and didn’t really make a big deal out of it, deep down, you can still hear yourself judging yourself.

You can hear the inner you calling you all sorts of names and saying things like; ‘here comes the one-minute man.’

nofap and premature ejaculation effects on marriage and sex

If premature ejaculation is your problem, you’ll definitely want to look for ways to cure it.

And as a result of this, you’ll see a lot of products out there that are claiming to cure PE. From the mainstream solutions like drugs to more non-subtle solutions like dipping your balls in ice moments before sex; there are countless of them out there.

And most of the time, when you have this issue, the last thing you want to do is start popping different types of pills like analgesics and antidepressants for their delayed ejaculation side-effects. These can cause more harm than good.

So, some people turn to nofap with the hope that it’s going to cure their premature ejaculation.

The problem is that most of the contents on the internet on the issue of nofap and premature ejaculation are very vague. Most people discuss nofap and erectile dysfunction and they don’t really make a distinction on nofap and Premature Ejaculation.

So, this post is an attempt to answer any question you might have about nofap and Premature Ejaculation.

The things I’ll be sharing with you in this post are drawn from my knowledge of the issue.

But most of that knowledge stems from the personal experience of a close friend of mine, who suffered from chronic PMO-induced Premature Ejaculation for a long time. And how he was able to use nofap and a simple exercise to reverse the condition.

But let’s take it one step at a time. Let’s take a look at what premature ejaculation is in the first place.

What is premature ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation is a condition whereby a man ejaculates ‘too quickly’ when he’s engaged in sexual intercourse.

The widely accepted definition of ejaculating ‘too quickly’ is if the ejaculation is under 2 minutes after insertion into the vagina.

But of course, it’s not only after insertion that a person can suffer from PE. Some people ejaculate after getting too aroused from a simple act of foreplay or any form of sexual stimulation.

What qualifies as a clinical premature ejaculation?

Let’s make two distinctions about Premature Ejaculation before we proceed.

  1. The less than 2 minutes rule is a MUST to diagnose a Premature Ejaculation Condition

a clock showing the countdown

As I said earlier, to say you’re suffering from a clinical PE, you MUST be ejaculating in less than two minutes after vaginal insertion.

Why I’m repeatedly hitting the nail of this point on the head is that we all have an exaggerated opinion on how long we’re expected to last in bed. Also, we have an over-estimated number of how many minutes the average man lasts in bed.

I think mainstream porn has played a huge role in influencing the opinion of everybody about how long is too short, and how long is too long to have sex for.

Most porn scenes last an average of 30 minutes per scene. And the scene is portraying a male performer that’s keeping it up for the whole duration of the scene.

The first thing we often fail to take into account is that this performance is often off the back of different Viagra drugs, ecstasies, and even more hardcore drugs like cocaine that the male performer might have taken before and/or in-between scenes.

And the average guy nowadays is trying to keep up with this type of performer. And he’s constantly judging himself based on this performer’s “abilities”.

Secondly, the statistics on how long the majority of men last in bed will shock you.

In a study conducted by the Viagra Company on over 500 married men from 5 different countries, the researchers gave the men a timer and a diary to log how many minutes they lasted right from vaginal insertion to ejaculation.

After 4 weeks, in the follow-up report, they found that the majority of men lasted for just 4 to 11 minutes. And the median was 6 minutes.

So, before you start freaking out you have a PE condition, maybe you should get a stopwatch and start timing yourself when you start doing the horizontal bogey.

As unromantic as that sounds, I’m sure you might fall into the category of people that do manage to last up to 4 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ll like to increase the number of minutes you are lasting in bed, by all means, go ahead. But don’t approach it from the perspective of suffering from a premature ejaculation condition.

The advice is this; try to adjust your expectation to reality and try to evaluate the exact minute you are lasting in bed.

  1. The less than 2 minutes rule should be a frequent occurrence.

Before you can finally ascertain that you’re suffering from a clinical premature ejaculation problem, the less than 2-minute ejaculation rule, during sexual intercourse should be a frequent occurrence.

How frequent?

According to the National Health Service (NHS), if around half of your sexual attempts are resulting in premature ejaculation, then that’s frequent.

So, if your PE is occasional—doesn’t fall into the category above, it might not be a clinical thing.

You might have days that you get over-excited and the curtain is already drawn before the show started in the first place.

This happens to everybody at a point!!

This can be due to psychological reasons like stress, over-indulgence in sexual fantasy-thinking during sex. Also, if you find your partner too sexy, if your partner does an unexpected sexual move, or if you’re just in your head over-thinking everything about your penis, this less-frequent scenario might happen to you.

These types of scenarios can occur once in a while. Their occurrence doesn’t mean you have a PE condition.

What are the causes of premature ejaculation?

For those that have ascertained they are really suffering from a clinical premature ejaculation condition, these are some of the things that might have caused the condition;

  1. The point of no return

This is one of the most prominent causes of premature ejaculation in men.

The point of no return is that point of arousal that a man reaches just before ejaculation.

People suffering from premature ejaculation are unable to recognize that they’ve reached this point during sexual intercourse.

As a result of this lack of recognition, they are not able to control or hold this state so as to delay ejaculation a little while longer.

  1. Porn, Masturbation, and Orgasm Addiction training camp

What you need to know about PMO addiction is this; as you’re constantly PMOing, there are a lot of psychological and physical conditioning going on in the background.

Porn and Masturbation addiction can cause premature ejaculation by training the brain to quickly ejaculate anytime you’re in a sexual condition.

Think of it as an athlete preparing for a major event. In training, the athlete will be setting different bars and try to meet them in every training session.

As this new bar is met, the athlete’s level of tolerance and adaptability increases.

PMO addiction can train your brain, train the muscles of your penis to quickly ejaculate if you are constantly and repeatedly PMOing in any of the following conditions;

  • Watching porn and/or masturbating to ejaculate quickly; maybe because you are pressed for time, or a lot of people are in line to use the bathroom after you, you start masturbating to ejaculate under 2 minutes. After a while, a habit of this is developed. Your brain builds a strong pathway to this and the muscles of your penis become overly-sensitive and desensitized.
  • Watching quickie porn all the time. If that’s your kink, I’m sorry, you’ve been training your brain to also be doing it quickie-style!!
  1. It can be hereditary

Prematurely ejaculating can be passed down to you through genes. It can be inherited.

The good news is if you inherited your PE, you can still totally reverse it and end up having a healthier sexual life.

  1. Drug side-effects

different drugs and syringes on the floor

There are some prescription and non-prescription drugs out there that one of their side-effects is premature ejaculation.

Consuming drinks like sugar-laden sodas, wine, beer, and other forms of drinks can induce premature ejaculation when you’re having sex.

If this is the cause of your PE, until you stop the consumption of such drugs, the PE might not go away.

  1. Other psychological reasons like;

Stress, trauma, worrying about your sexual performance, emotional issues, and so on.

Is there something like a Porn/masturbation-Induced Premature Ejaculation?

Now, for the main reason why you are here, it’s time to strengthen the causation link between PMO addiction and premature ejaculation.

So, let’s zone-in on PMO addiction and premature ejaculation.

I’ve mentioned some of the ways that PMO addiction can cause premature ejaculation above.

But apart from training your penis to ‘finish under 2 minutes’, there are still other ways that porn and masturbation addiction can cause premature ejaculation.

  1. If porn has rewired your brain, and gotten you too excited about porn, when you’re having sex, you will be busy thinking about your favorite pornstar. This is a highway to a PE.
  2. If you are basing your sexual performance on the performance of a pornstar, then yes, in your head, you are suffering from premature ejaculation. And as I explained earlier, your average male pornstar is doping. Also, there are lots of scene cuts in-between their scenes and a lot of cut-edits—where they take a breather, pop a pill, or even ejaculate.
  3. Porn is constantly redefining what sexual intercourse means and what it should be like. The true meaning and the reality of sex is being redefined for the society day by day by the porn industry. And as a result of this, our level of anxiety about sex is constantly building up. And when anxiety is mixed with sex, that’s a recipe for premature ejaculation. This is perhaps the biggest harm that porn inflicts on society.

Can nofap cure PE?

If your premature ejaculation is porn or masturbation induced, then yes, doing nofap can surely help in curing it as one of the benefits of NoFap challenge.

By taking a break from Porn and masturbation, you’ll give your brain and body time to re-calibrate themselves.

If your PE was formed from habituating quick-ejaculation masturbation rounds, with hard mode nofap, you can stop this habituating process in its tracks.

It’s important to point out that most of the time, nofap alone will not be enough to cure this condition totally.

You might need to physically re-train your penis to take more minutes before ejaculating.

How to use nofap to cure your premature ejaculation

As a recap, let me ask you again; do you really have PE or are you just thinking you are not a male pornstar?

If you last more than two minutes, you don’t have clinical PE.

You could train yourself to be better and last longer, but your problem isn’t clinical.

After those little reminders, let’s look at what type of nofap is needed to cure premature ejaculation.

We’ll also examine the timeline of premature ejaculation during nofap.

And finally, we’ll discuss some basic simple exercises you can do to re-train your penis to last longer in bed.

  1. What type of nofap mode do you need to cure premature ejaculation?

The best mode of nofap to fight premature ejaculation is the nofap hard mode or the nofap monk mode.

The Hard mode of nofap is when you totally abstain from Porn, Masturbation, and Orgasm.

While the monk mode is the hard mode combined with other things like meditation, fasting, totally abstaining from porn thoughts and fantasizing altogether.

Anything less than these two modes might not have the desired effect on your PE condition. To cure PE, you have to totally detox from porn, masturbation, and orgasm.

  1. What to expect during nofap and the timeline to watch out for

When you are on nofap, you are detoxing from porn, taking a break from any form of masturbation or fantasies, these allow you to take the time to re-calibrate your penis.

Going from there, you can try and see what happens when you have sex for the first time while on nofap.

Did the PE got worse or did it get better when you first attempted sex?

If you’re still in the early stages of the nofap (within the first 60 days), and the PE got worse, it’s actually a common thing.

Note that this timeline is subject to any other thing you’re doing with your nofap. For instance, if you’re doing kegel exercises while you’re on nofap, you might see better results in this timeline.

But over time (after 90 days and you haven’t been doing any form of exercise), if you notice no improvement whatsoever in your PE condition when you have sex, you can now take it a step further.

  1. The exercise that my friend used to cure his premature ejaculation

The only way to go about this is to try to do kegel exercises or urinal retraction exercises.

When my friend that suffered from a chronic PMO-induced Premature Ejaculation was on nofap, and his PE got worse, he started doing the following exercise which not only made the PE better but even surpassed his expectation at how much more he could last in bed.

Mind you, he continued his nofap still while doing the following exercise;

The Kegel and Urine exercise to control ejaculation

The idea is if you have a stronger pelvic floor muscle, your ability to control your ejaculation will be greatly improved.

So first off, you’ll need to identify this muscle. To identify this muscle, while you’re urinating, try to hold the urine midway. You’ll feel the pressure of doing this where the muscle is located.

You can go about exercising this muscle in two ways;

  • Whenever you’re urinating, totally hold the urine midway. Then allow the urine to pass out. Aim to do this like 10 times daily. Or,
  • Tighten the pelvic floor muscle. Hold the contraction for 3 seconds. Then release it for another 3 seconds. Repeat this like 10 times consecutively. Aim to do this 3 times daily. You can start doing this exercise in sleeping positions. As the muscle becomes stronger, you can start doing it sitting down or while standing. Note that you shouldn’t hold your breath while doing this exercise. Breathe as you normally would while doing the exercise.

If you have other exercise technique(s) that you’ll like to share with other people, please feel free to use the comment section below.

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24 thoughts on “Nofap and Premature Ejaculation: Can Nofap cure your PE?”

  1. Hello Brother How are You ??
    So I suffer From Premature Ejaculation and I think Porn has Played a Big Role in our Lifes to Make us One Minute Man I tried To Maturate without porn By Just applying Lube on My Penis and Rubbing i Lasted over 10mins but next day i Tested my self By watching Porn and This Made me Fully Aroused and Then while i Masturbated i Realized that i Use to Stretch my Legs fully and then masturbate then i Lasted 10 sec only and my Heart Beat was Also Bumping so I Think That Porn has made a Very Bad Impact on Our lives and way we see World Today After Surveying Lots of Sites and Researches i Red your Article and i was Impressed U are Absolutely Right I am going To NOFAP and Try Kegals For Better Timing in Bed Thanks for Writing This Article I loved Your Throughts and i am very happy u shared ur Friends Problem That made me Satisfied that Thi sproblem can really be Cured Thanks Again Brother and i Suggest All my Brother From Other Mother that Porn has destroyed Our Lifes They have Fucked Our Brains PLzzz Dont Watch Porn And Get Married if U cant Control Ur urges
    Regards Yaseen
    From UAE

  2. I’m a bit uncertain, when I watch porn I last less then 2 minutes, when I do it with just my fantasy I can last up to like 30 minutes. I never had a girlfriend, would my brain consider sex like porn and I would last 2 minutes or would it think that I’m doing it with fantasy in mind, letting me last 30 minutes ?

    • It’s until you have sex and see how long you last that you’ll be able to answer this question for yourself. But in the meantime, you should try to stop all forms of porn or fantasy. They all leave their footprint in the brain.

      Hope that helped

  3. Thanks for this type of articles sir
    I need this at this time
    I am 19 years old boy and i watching porn and masturbate over 5 years . i get strong erection while arousal but i couldn’t last more than 20 secs while doing masturbation. I have some doubt that you should clear it now if i take this no fap challenge is my premature problem will cure ? If it not cures then if i practicing kegle exercise with nofap will it change the time last longer in bed ?

  4. Man literally it gave me confidence to continue my no gap journey I am on my no fap journey from past 1 year and before starting no fap i was suffering from PE and people suggest me to masturbate and stop in between to make it longer but i dont wanna go to the trap again as I feel what confidence and happiness is talked in no fap as I personally experienced a better and positive life after starting no fap and for sure I think trying monk mode will help my brain to control arousal.

  5. I am 22 years old and I have been masturbating for 5 years, although not frequently but Every week. I ejaculate more quickly than before, although I am not married yet, will be in the next 2 years. But I am still scared that I will experience PE and I don’t want to disappoint my future wife.
    So the question here is, should I Undertake the NOfap and kegel exercises now and take them very seriously as a form of precaution for when I get married, or do you think I should wait first and get married after I find out how long I last then I can undertake it?

    I really need your professional advice as I have seen that you are a really great person and nice as well.

    • Hello Khalid,

      Since you’re noticing that the time you’re ejaculating is getting shorter and shorter the more you masturbate, that’s a sign your dopamine pathway is getting desensitized. And that’s a fancy way of saying you’re developing a form of erectile dysfunction.

      My advice is you should definitely cut-back on the masturbation, to see how your body responds to it.

      Also, the kegel exercise can’t harm you, it can only improve your sexual prowess. So, if you feel you still need it with NoFap, you can start doing it now. There’s no harm in it in the long term.

      I wish you the best of luck!


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